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By CAPCOM CO., LTD. Category Adventure

Description & Details

"Objection!" Battle in courts at home and abroad in this 6th Ace Attorney entry.

For a limited time only, purchase Ace Attorney titles at a discounted price!

There are no "Objections!" to the latest entry in the Ace Attorney series! Join Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice as they tackle cases at home and abroad!

With a colorful cast of characters, including the return of fan-favorite Maya Fey, this full-length game is packed to the brim with all-new mysteries and unforgettable courtroom drama.

*In addition to the main game (Episodes 1 through 5), the Special Episode and Costume Set add-ons are also included with the purchase of this app.

*Notice: Please read the new "About This App" section at the end.

◆Point Your Way to Victory◆
Simply tap the screen to play. The intuitive interface includes useful features such as a backlog for you to re-read testimony and story dialogue.

◆Immersive Investigations◆
Freely explore 3D crime scenes for evidence and speak with witnesses for information that you can use in court.

*Forensic Investigation Gameplay Returns in 3D!*

Forensic scientist Ema Skye is back, and so are her many forensic tests! From fingerprinting to luminol testing, try your hand at discovering clues at the crime scene and on pieces of evidence in 3D!

◆Fast-Paced, Entertaining Trials◆
Dismantle lies and resolve contradictions between witnesses' words and the evidence. It’s going to take a keen eye and an even sharper wit to solve these cases!

*Divination Séances*
In place of witness testimonies, the Royal Priestess of Khura’in offers the court her divine Insights, which are her interpretations of a victim’s final memories. Find the flaws in her Insights by comparing them to the Séance vision and the evidence, and reveal what really happened!

◆Colorful Cast of Characters◆
Phoenix Wright and his junior lawyers confront an all-new cast of interesting, amusing, and sometimes outrageous characters. Fan favorites also make their return under some unusual circumstances!

◆Surprising Twists◆
Delight in solving the mysteries and smile at the characters' often ridiculous shenanigans. The drama and dialogue will keep you laughing, crying, and guessing until the very end!

◆Lighthearted Extra Content◆
Dress the three protagonists up in costumes and use them in the main game for some unintentionally humorous trials!

Also included is a bonus, special episode, “Turnabout Time Traveler”. This post-game story features Phoenix’s childhood friend Larry Butz, longtime rival Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, and former legal assistant Maya Fey. With the gang all together again, you know that mischief and mayhem can’t be far behind!

◆Google Play Games Support◆
Transfer save data between devices with ease via Google Play Games to play at home or on the go!

※The story in this game is the same as in previous releases.

◆Supported Devices◆
◆◇ Setup and Environment ◇◆
・Supported OS versions:
Android 4.4 through 7.1.1

・Minimum Hardware Requirements
2GB of RAM
(Intel processors are not supported)

NOTE: You can purchase and run this app on a device that does not meet the requirements listed above, however, we cannot guarantee that it will run properly. Additionally, we cannot provide refunds in those cases where the device does not meet the above requirements.

◆Device Support Inquiries◆
To find out if your device is supported, please inquire here:

・Download Size

Due to its large size, we strongly recommend that the app be downloaded via Wi-Fi.

◆About This App◆
・Launching the game while in silent mode
This app will start in silent mode if your phone is already in silent mode. To adjust the game's volume, please use the phone's volume slider. This does not apply if you are using headphones.

・Online authentication
To guard against piracy, this app will attempt to authenticate your device when the app launches. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

More Capcom Games:
https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=CAPCOM CO., LTD.

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Latest Ratings

Alexander 5
I really love this game series. But i have a problem with the purchasing. I purchase it once and then refunded it. But i didnt get my money back so i try to purchase it again thought that since i didnt get my money back it wont charge me again. Turns out it charge me again! I really need help guys.
Rafael 5
The game plays smooth and looks amazing , but there is heavy stuttering during the videos. I dont experience such issues with Dual Destinies. UPDATE: Issue disappear if Sony's X-reality image enhancement is disabled.
Cameron 4
An excellent port of the best phoenix wright game since Trials and Tribulations. While it does have the dlc case, it's missing the asinine attorney dlc! There is also an annoying DRM check that requires WiFi every time the game loads which loses a star from me for it.
Greg 1
Not compatible with 18:9 displays. Part of the screen is cut off on the Pixel 2 XL, rendering the game unplayable. Please fix and I will rate 5 stars!
Quoc 5
The graphics are smooth and beautiful on my Galaxy s8. Have not encountered any bugs. The auto saving is great, but don't rely on it and don't force close the app. I liked how it has a bunch of characters from the other games and you use their abilities.
Chuan 5
I just finished chapter 3, here's my thoughts so far: 1. The insight machanic is a lot more fun than the gimmicks introduced in AJ and DD. 2. The first two chapters have very predicable progression, mainly because vital evidence is given way before they are used in court. 3. I play the game on a Google Pixel with the latest Android software and I encountered frequent OS crash(every 10 minutes or so, crash occurrence seems random) in the second half of chapter 3. This also caused me to lose progress since last save. If you played any AA game, you'd likely save a lot. This is still incredibly annoying.
Cuong 4
Works great on my Galaxy S7. Very sharp, crisp, and haven't run into any technical issues. Same engaging story, but in quad-hd. Controls actually work really well on a phone's touch screen. 3D models look as good as the 2D artwork on the older GBA\DS Phoenix Wright games in my eyes. But one very unfortunate thing is that this game requires an online check (not true on the iOS version from what I hear) to even get started playing, so for me it losses points there. I am going to be taking a trip soon and worry that I won't be able to play it on my near 12 hour flight. If there is no WIFI, I'm out of luck and can't play it. Depending on how this affects my experience, I may update this review. Still it is step in the right direction for these full-fledged titles are coming out on Android, so I'll still support it. But I may hesitate on making purchases on future games if they have the same type of DRM. Maybe if it checked every 8 hours or once a day, I'd be fine with it. As is though, I'd say if you aren't going to be around internet, I can't recommend it. Otherwise if you don't care, it is probably the best version of Spirit Of Justice available and still a fantastic experience.
Logan 5
As someone who's played the original 3DS titles, this measures up wonderfully. The performance of the game- from the graphics to the music to the flow of dialogue and so on- all stack up to the original- is at least as good, or may even be better on Android, considering it looks just as good when run on my tablet as it does on my phone. Moreover, while this ISN'T the place to start if you're new to the Ace Attorney franchise- though the story is stand alone enough and doesn't on the whole spoil any other titles-,f you HAVE played the rest of the series, this will be a treat. The new overarching plot, cases, characters are all as wonderful as you've come to expect from the franchise as a whole. So in short, I'd argue there's absolutely no reason not to pick this up if you're an Ace Attorney; even if you're already an owner of the 3DS version, the increased portability having it on mobile offers you makes it worth the price of admission on its own, and this is a VERY good port. :) P.S: GIVE US THE AA TRILOGY AND GHOST TRICK ON ANDROID CAPCOM! Sure as someone who owns the games already I could play it on my 3DS or play my backed up copies via emulation, but it's not the same as the high quality IOS ports. Thus having the games available legally puchaseable on android- and in better quality then it would be for DS emulation- would be fantastic. P.P.S: Also, since I'm making selfish requests anyways, having the Investigation games on mobile would be nice to. And the Great Ace Attorney, period.
Brandon 5
I've always liked the Ace Attorney series on DS & 3DS. This is an excellent release with the added convenience of being on Android. Price is steep for Android, but it's the best $20 I've ever spent on a game. Top notch graphics, music, story, and characters. Zero ads. Console quality game. 100% recommend. Sincerely hope Capcom continues to localize more Phoenix Wright games on both 3DS and Android.
Seung 1
Doesn't work for 18:9 displays! It complete cuts off the right side of the screen, making the game unusable. Please fix!!!
Aaron 5
Solid port of the 3DS game with all DLC included. Feels like a natural fit on my S6. Now if Capcom would just port the classic collection, Investigations (1 and 2), and the two prequel games over...


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