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[For high-end models released in 2016]Single player strategic dual action game.

Multiple death battles displayed with beautiful graphics.
This is the story of how an indomitable soul fights his way through the fallen hell known as Shurado and .
He managed to get up a number of times where he attempted to climb the stairway to Shurado.

Shurado is a game that involves heavy slashing and players can enjoy battling against strong opponents using weapon characteristics and reading of enemy plays.

Enjoy intuitive operations and tactical bargains
Tap on the right half of the screen to attack.
Tap on the left half of the screen to defend.
Activate sword skills incorporated in weapon by tapping two points on the screen.
You can obtain new weapons by opening chests.
Collect spiritual fragments to strengthen weapons and win against death battles with formidable enemies.
More than 80 types of weapons available currently with more to come!
(Shurado is playable without any payment until the end, but there are some In-App purchases.)

[System Required]
Android7.0 or more
(There are some non-compatible models.)
(This App recommends internet connections.)  

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7.0 and up
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Rated for 12+
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5000 - 10000
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Latest Ratings

R 5
No lag here whatsoever. I'm using mi6 with snapdragon 835 and adreno 540 and it's buttery smooth.
Jacky 1
Low framerate on Samsung A8 plus. Unplayable...
Rian 4
Its a good game, but so laggy on s7. Please fix it
Aragos 1
Needs optimization, game is unplayable, other that that, love the concept.
Andreas 2
Beautiful atmosphere but bad framerate...runs in slow motion on my s7:-( Please optimise.
GMkamo 1
Very LAG and unplayable on my Galaxy S8, Optimize your game and fix this problem.
วรพงษ์ 4
this is good game but still have to fix about framerate.( I use samsung s7e but the framerate of the game so delay)
Arisu 5
Great game but need to be optimized. It is running at 5-10 fps on Samsung Galaxy S7...
LiSt1l1nČiĆ 3
Graphic is great but dude,game lags alot...needs optimization...good potential tho. Keep updating! 🙏
Jeremy 4
Graphics good, but low framerate because of it. The combat system is very intelligent for mobile. Slow, requires patience and skill.
WingZeroGameplay 5
The games is gorgeous...the sword the environment is gorgeous.., but the tempo is very slow.. btw i'm still like the game 👌


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