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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Dr. Peace's strange hotel!

Million Onion Hotel is a feature-packed action puzzle set in a mysterious world of crazy sounds and unique pixel art and animations!
**Winner Media Highlights BitSummit**
**Bit King Popularity Awards**
**IndieCade Official Selection**

***An infinitely replayable action puzzle game?!
Complete lines horizontally, vertically and diagonally!
The simplicity of bingo meets

· 30 enemies and gimmicks created by Dr. Strange
· 70 story cards to collect
· 30 hidden characters
· And a bizarre story with a shocking conclusion!
· Plenty to enjoy after the ending too!

The weirdest puzzle game you could imagine has finally been unleashed on the AppStore!
Enjoy a plethora of performing pixel patrons!
Indulge in an onslaught of bizarre aural ecstasy!
Headphones are highly recommended !

***Mysterious story
A long, long time ago, there was a tiny country between that country over there and this country over here.
In that country was a strange hotel. This hotel’s specialty was "magical onion soup".
They say many famous and great people came to taste this soup, though apparently not one of them thought to describe the flavor to anyone else. Maybe it’s because the soup had a hidden power. Yes . . . a secret power. One night, some esteemed guests found themselves suddenly sucked into a far- off galaxy!
Maybe that is because they . . . drank too much of the magical onion soup?

***Welcome to the doctor’s strange hotel!
An action puzzle with a mysterious story!
What does fate have in store for the hotel’s mysterious guests?
Don’t miss this unique puzzle/pixel tapestry and the unique tale its characters weave!

***This game is for you if you’re...
· A pixel art fan
· A fan of jolly game music!
· A person with very individual tastes!

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4.4 and up
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Latest Ratings

Emily 5
It's rare these days to find a mobile game with no stamina bars, no random draws, and no microtransactions whatsoever. This game is well worth the price, the music is lovely, the graphics and characters are charming, and most of all, the gameplay is engrossing and only gets deeper and more challenging the longer you play. Highly recommended if you're looking for a fun, addictive puzzle game that doesn't hold any of its content hostage behind paywalls.
Namisar 5
It's hard to give you a good idea on what the game is like because part of the appeal is figuring out the puzzles. I can't really explain the mechanics of the game without spoiling the solution to some puzzles. The game is time based, when your pool of time runs out, that's game over. Hell there's actually a story to this game that the it tells you in short little cut scenes after every other level or so. Each step in the story gets sillier and crazier. It also does this charming tight rope walk between being charmingly cute and seriously adult. ONION TIME
Matt 5
An absolutely mental, deceptively simple game for which something new reveals itself to you every time you play, be it new gameplay mechanics, new tactics, or new story. Even after you beat it there's much more to do, and it's a credit to the developers that they've put so much passion into this weird little game when they could have just upped stumps once the groundwork was laid. Instead they chose to go that extra mile and create something that is both a mindless diversion, and something that you want to keep coming back to again and again. Peace peace, yay!
Jamie 3
It's far too short! I bought it after seeing Jim Sterling play it. He got to a point where things started getting a bit crazy and that made me very interested. Little did I know that after the boss he fights is basically the end of the game. That's it. I love the style and the storyline to a point, but it's so short that it sort of ruins it all for me. The unlockable character stories are very well written and very funny. The general feel of the game is brilliant and the controls are spot on. Sadly, due to its ridiculously short length and low replay value, I'm having to give it 3/5.
Chris 5
Deceptively simple, addicting gameplay, gorgeous pixel-ish art style, and thematically something a little different. Also... No lives, no wait times, no IAPs... need I say more? The only issue I have is that it can't run on my x86-64 tablet.
Daniel 5
Fun and quirky take on whac-a-mole. I love this dev for their original take on things, funny writing and crazy characters. Follow Onion games on twitter and buy this game. It's lots of silly fun.
Alex 5
Reaches nightmarish levels of weirdness then keeps going. Only bad point is sometimes it's hard to play whilst you're laughing so much
Sam 4
Unusual and fun. I'd like to be able to find and compare scores with my friends, but it's a very small complaint of a terrific game.
Jeff 5
I would say ABSOLUTELY try it immediately...if it were free.. but it's hard to say confidently that this is a game EVERYONE should buy.. I think the game is well worth the $3.00. It's a lot of fun, fast, exciting and strategic once you figure out what you're really doing. That being said, this is a game that I can see plenty of people bouncing right off of, because it's very different. At it's core it is a fill in rows to score points. But there is much more to it than that and part of that takes some trial and error and learning as you go. This is not a game that holds your hand as you play.. it takes some thought and recognition of what is happening on screen which, in reality, isn't for everyone. But it is definitely a game I'm having a blast with and one that I wish was getting more attention. PLUS...there is a wacky and intriguing story that I'm very interested in finding out more about. In summary, this is a great game. I give it a 5 out of 5 because I think it's a mobile game that breaks the mold of your match 3 style games that are flooding the market, it's a one time buy and it's worth every penny. But if you want a game that is like candy crush or clash of clans or something mindless.. this game is probably a little over your head, so I wouldn't recommend it. For everyone else.. give it a few runs and you'll find yourself loving it.. I promise.
Dynamic 4
It's whack a mole for your phone, with a weird, unique sense of humor and addictive, one more time style gameplay. Peace peace, yes yes. ONION TIME!
Tweek 5
Jim Sterling sent me. I play a lot of mobile games but this feels fresh and so wonderfully Japanese I can't not give it 5 stars. Lots of fun!


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