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Description & Details

This application is operated in a cycle of any vibrator.

It is an application to work with the time period of any of the vibrator smartphone.

It is the improved version of the free version "Shift_Vibrator".
Difference in behavior and negative shift reaches the lower limit, this time I will plus shift to the upper limit. I will repeat this behavior.
You can be made to shift operation vibrator within the period as improvements, you have set.

I think it is an application for the purpose of practice of rhythm sensation, and can be used for various purposes by the idea of ​​a user.

Authority of this app is only control the vibrator smartphone.
Use it in peace because we do not collect personal information and net connection.
■ How to use
- ▼ Enter a number to any item, starts operation on start button, it works stop at the stop button.

※ 1000msec = one second

▼ Vibration time (msec):
It is time that vibrator vibrates in a single vibration.

▼ Number of vibrations:
You can set the number of times to vibrator vibrates.

▼Vibration cycle (Upper limit) (msec):
I set the upper limit of the period band.

▼Vibration cycle (Lower limit) (msec):
I set the lower limit of the period band.
In addition, when the shift time is "0" setting, individual setting is ignored.

▼ Shift time (msec):
It is time that the oscillation period is shifted each time of one vibration.
In addition, "0" vibration period is no longer shift and set to, and will continue to work with the oscillation period (upper limit).

■ Other
- Please adjust the brightness of the screen if the remaining amount of the battery of the smartphone is a concern.
- Sleep mode is disabled for a screenshot of the present application.
- Vibrator will stop sleep mode is enabled when you close the screen of this application.

■ Notes
Please take your responsibility on the use of this application. Use with an understanding in advance.

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