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Our flashlight features the only task it's required to do, to provide light.

Ever downloaded a flashlight with so many features that you can't even trace the switch and all u needed was just light from your torch? Ours is simple, large button for operating the application and low on clutter. It has a single on and off operation.

Our app features a bright battery saving flashlight at the touch of a button in your phone which is ecofriendly taking into consideration that it’s installed in a rechargeable device. Our flashlight when installed in your mobile phone will assist you in low light conditions or complete darkness.
The flashlight operates through the camera LED flash.

The flashlight prevents the screen from locking when light is on. To save battery during the use of the torch, pressing the power button once or pressing the back button allows the screen to lock without switching off the flash light.
Flashlight also features a short clicking sound during light on and light off. The sound can be activated or deactivated using the sound button on the flashlight.

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Latest Ratings

Liz 5
Love it. My phone's flashlight broke down and this is a life saver!
amalina 5
My previous torch light application is heavy and it is always lagging, and it has other stupid unnecessary function.But this app isn't space consuming, and just requires a tap to turn on or turn off. Just what I needed. I love it and highly recommend this app to others who wants their lives to be bright like a sun.
Margareth 5
Very simple and easy to use. If you need a real working torch, this guy nailed it. I've jumped from phone to phone and this one does better than the flashlight that comes with my phone. Fancy!
Nida 5
Very basic App. Don't take much space. Light is good. It has option to mute the sound of on and off. Light is great in darkness. Five stars.
Sudheer 5
The LED light glow is strong enough to make the darkness go away ,so no need to be afraid of darkness anymore just install the app and glow your heart with light.
Mary 5
A must have app, the luminance of the app is strong enough and occupying a greater area than the other apps I've installed before it. I love its simplicity and efficient functionality.
Arjun 5
This app may take the prize for interface and functionality. The user interface is designed to resemble a basic handheld flashlight and a simple slide on screen to turn on the beam.This app is worth a download.
Ashish 5
Good app not lagging.. just give awesome graphics so that people will love it
আমি 5
when I was fall into dark, it show the right way. just love it.
This is the best app ever it work effectively.you guys should download it
madhan 5
Just simple lite app works smothly

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