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Swipe on Your Lock Screen,Earn Points,and Redeem for Load and GC!

You Swipe, We Pay!
Get Free Load and Mobile GC from PERA SWIPE!

PERA SWIPE is a Lock Screen Rewards App that gives you Free Load and Gift Certificates.

* Get P300+ per month from just unlocking your phone!
* Get 555 points per referral for both you and your friend!
* Win smartphones, GCs, power banks, and many more from our events!

1. Just unlock your phone! Get 3 points for every swipe.
2. Swipe up and down 100 times a day on lock screen and get 100 points the next day.
3. Engage (Share, Like, or Install) to get more points.
4. Refer your friends and get 555 points for both you and your friend.
5. Participate in events to get extra points and prizes such as smartphones, flight tickets, GCs, power banks, and many more.

1. Go to Store tab in the app.
2. Redeem points for instant Prepaid Load or Mobile GC.

* PERA SWIPE supports GLOBE/TM and SMART/TNT for load redemption.
* Redeem Sodexo Mobile GC accepted by The SM Store, Rustan’s, Bench, Shopwise, Wellcome, Kenny Rogers and many more merchants all over in the Philippines.

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You Swipe, We Pay!

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from 5 star to 1 star! at first i thought it was the best so i downloaded bacause of reviews! but i was very wrong! i just found out na kaya puro 5 star karamihan sa review is they offer them a points in exchange of 5 star ratings! pahirapan na nga maka earn ng points from unlocking na pdi pang ikasira ng phone mo! pahirapan pang mag redeem!! always try again later tas kapag nag try again, ssabihin try again ulit ! lokohan ganun? much better na i uninstall na lang!
Gillianna 5
Ang galing na advertising idea on mobile, you can be informed about promos of foods, etc. All you have to do is swipe right to unlock or swipe left to read more. It pays you every time you swipe your screen. Can't make you rich but it's Worth to swipe! FEEDBACK lng po: evertime na magshare ako sa fb ng events for points, tinatanggal ni FB Spam daw. What should I do?
Some may say that Pera swipe seems too good to be true but its actually a win-win solution for both users and advertisers. The points can be redeemed for rewards is the main reason why I should downloaded the app. Akala ko peke ito pero wala namang mawawala kung susubukan diba? Noong sinubukan ko TOTOO pala! And there are several ways to earn points aside from swiping. I can say that getting rewards is very attainable. Just remember to always check the events tab in order to participate in diiferent promotions to earn additional points.
jkelvin 5
C'mon guys what a great app you made, this makes us easier to acquire Load and you know what it made the awesome app for me it's a great time killer. It really suits to those people who always procrastinate. You all just need to swipe left, right and a little bit of patience and you're good to go.😁😊👍
lemuel 5
I gave 5 stars to this app. have you experienced getting a load for free just by doing the usual, you can make your cellphone earn money for you! I earn prepaid load just by swiping the lock screen and scanning through various adds to earn points. you can earn 500 pts a day and in a week you can convert it to load. Not just that, you can also earn gift cards like sodexo and more. you have to have this app!
Rosedeth 5
At first, I thought this is not true, who would give money just by swiping? But I tried, wala namang mawawala. It's very easy to get points. I am so happy, I just redeemed my points to load. Di na ko nagdadalawang isip to refer this to my family and friends. So far, sa natry ko na reward apps. Ito ang pinakalegit and generous. If you have problem regarding this app, just pm their fb page, nagrerespond talaga ang admin. God bless you and more power Pera Swipe!
Lynd 5
I saw this app on an advertisement as well and no one forced me to install and join this app. the pera swipe ad may not appear as easy at it is. I learned also that it's hard to earn points and you need to earn quite much which will be equivalent to load redemptions or GC's with low amounts. Even though I find it hard to earn, why not give it a shot. after all, I installed this just so everytime I unlock my phone will have points. It may took a while, at least I'll earn without even knowing it. It sounds interesting that there are events to join to win points. It's challenging and it's definitely worth a try. Let's face it people there's no easy way to earn money. After all we will still be locking and unlocking our phones multiple times in a day so why not try this and make your unlocks paid.
Ritsuka 4
Edit(DEC 27 2017)- Thank for your quick response😊😊 I was able to sign up now. I just needed to change my name, I dont know why. When I used my name it didn't work but when I changed it to my other name, it worked (weird). But anyways, I'm glad it works now. (DEC 26 2017)-Why can't I sign up??????? It just says that some data can't be sent to server. Please Help
this is awesome kasi, you can used your points in case of emergency. if na trap kayo sa isang lugar and you dont have load. and pwede din syang pag simulan ng business. life changing talaga this pera swipe. ill recommend this app to my relatives and friends. billions of thumbs up pera swipe. POWER!!! :)
Jade 5
Just tried to see if this is true, and tadaa! I never expected to accumulate points so fast. Swipe and get paid! You should try this too. This is legit I swear. Use my referral ID - jidkristala - when you sign up and get 555 points instantly! Looking forward to you signing up and together let's enjoy the perks in Pera Swipe! 😉
Aicramier 2
From 5 to 2 star. Im so disappointed of this updates. So hard to redeem load when the 2.1.7 is released. Please mas maganda pa ang dating pera swipe. Alam namin na kada swipe namin, kumikita kayo. Please make it fair. Thankyou

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