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Experience an elegant way to track and smash through your life’s objectives.

Life's Game gives you the complete power. Categorically input different objectives in your life, and receive encouragement as well as a vast number of statistics on your progress. Setup different rewards for yourself to work towards, so when you earn them, you can experience the true value of their cost. Life's Game is the perfect way to turn your life into a game, and motivate yourself to accomplish anything.

» Todo’s
Multiple categories (called Todo’s) such as dailies, goals, and more to organize different aspects of your life whether it be short term, long term, or both. Beautifully designed and crafted categories so you’ll be able to clearly distinguish and make use of all the categories! Best part, there’s no bound on how many things you can track (and gain statistical data on) for free!

» Statistics
Lots of statistics to track your daily, weekly, and monthly improvements within the app! Track your completed Todo’s, silver growth, and event improvements in different todo sub-categories within the app. Gain percentage and graph based statistics on many different aspects of your life!

» Rewards
No improvement should go unnoticed, however within our case we’ll make do with rewarding ourselves! With Life’s Game, you gain silver for successfully completing todos. With that newly found silver, you can treat yourself to custom or preset rewards within the app! Let’s face it, we all deserve to treat ourselves! Just remember, with great power, comes great responsibility!

» Pomodoro
Make use of a beautifully crafted Pomodoro timer with notifications built in! No more procrastinating when you have a timer to keep you focused and on track, all within the app!

» Beautiful and Simplified
Beautiful and completely simplified UI that is designed to give you a fantastic goal tracking experience! Just look at the screenshots, we believe they speak for themselves.

Build yourself up within the app, and you’ll see the reflection it makes in your real life!

Time to get out there and make a change! :D

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at! Also, if you enjoy our app, we would really appreciate it if you could leave us a review.

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Latest Ratings

Stephanie 5
This app is great! It's got different kinds of task tracking, a built in pomodoro timer, and a customizable reward system. The UI is good looking and clean, and easy to use right off the bat. There's a couple things I'd like to see made available (like editing/deleting entries after creation) but the developer seems responsive and I have confidence any issues will be addressed. Definitely give this one a try.
James 5
Great app! Helps me remind myself of daily tasks to accomplish and goals to strive for. One addition I would like to see in future updates would be having the option to choose certain days for daily tasks. ie. Go to gym (Mon-Wed-Fri) rather than have it be an everyday task.
Daily 3
The UI needs a big overhaul. Images and certain elements stretch strangely. Or it may just need optimization for larger devices, like my Note 8.
Erica 4
I think this app can be something great with a bit more work. Really enjoying it so far.
Natalie 5
This app is amazing! It makes setting goals and doing chores a blast. I use it everyday. The company is very open and receptive to suggestions from the users and is fast and responsive to emails. I've tried other apps that are similar and this is by far the best!
David 4
Good app. Needs better instructions. Some functions can be easily guessed, others are less clear
fatima 5
I really like the app! It has categorization, neat UI, and everything I'd want in a task gamifyer. I suggest creating some sort of Challenges section with great rewards, and these challenges would be automated or created by other members of the app. Great job on creating Lifes Game!
S. 5
This is an incredible app that can work for many. My therapist suggested doing what this app makes easier. Great for any procrastinator
Shawnta 5
Love it & thank you for the quick response back to my email.
Billy 5
Love the app! Always wanted something like it and this has executed it brilliantly. The support team are great and very happy to help with any enquiries. The app isn't set behind a pay wall, with the premium features only adding more depth to already available features. The app is very easy to navigate and understand, and overall has a lot of potential to be great.
Angela 5
A night mode setting would be a cool addition and also an explanation of what to do when first opening the app would make it better.

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