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The Q is a live trivia game show where users compete against the world!

The Q is a live trivia game where contestants tune into the game when the game is live and answer real trivia questions with a live host over a certain number of rounds.

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Android Central

Android Central

phone Arena

phone Arena

  • Android gets its own trivia game: play The Q, earn real money

    (5 months ago)

    HQ is a trivia game that has been blowing up in popularity lately. Why? Because you can earn real money, mostly. But it's also well-made — the game actually streams live with an actual host speaking to you live. For all intents and purposes, it feels like you are playing one of those trivia games that they used to show on that old thing you had in the living room... What was it called? Ah, yes, the TV.

Android Headlines

Android Headlines

Droid Life

Droid Life

  • The Q, Another Live Trivia Game, Swoops in on Android Before HQ | Droid Life

    (6 months ago)

    Last week, I wrote about HQ Trivia teasing an Android app launch. That news was a big deal because the game has been exclusive to iOS users since its launch a few months ago. Unfortunately for them, another live trivia show called The Q, has swooped in and launched on Android. The Q is much … Continued



Latest Ratings

Carlos 2
It was fun, and still can be, but this new update is frustrating. I tried to check this new leaderboard to understand it better, but it crashes Everytime I pull it up. Also, I want to add an avatar pic to my account, but it keeps asking me if I'm signing out. Finally, please consider giving this the option of sharing to friends to give us extra lives, because playing this game can be difficult when you only have 8 (nano) Seconds to answer these somewhat difficult Questions.
Brit 1
Was waiting to play when it started freezing. Then when in the game on one of the questions I got it right but told me I was eliminated, and yes I got it before the time ran out. Such a fake game
Melissa 1
You should tell your hosts to make sure & read the question right. He said the largest mammal ON LAND but the actual question was the largest mammal in the world.
Paul 5
I like it its cool i like the host a lot more then that chump on hq. !!!!! This is my new fav game
Adrian 3
Notifications need time stamps. Next game is in 30 minutes? 30 minutes from when?
Hiii friends its very untreated app please download 😘😘😇😇👧👸👸
Popular 1
How to delete account from the q
Tim 5
They are giving away free money.. aside from the sometimes shoddy app and technical difficulties, why are people complaining? Why are they obligated to respond to reviews? Devs don't have to respond, and there are plenty that choose not to. As far as I can tell, they aren't earning anything in return.. and if they do run ads, I haven't seen a single one.
Gina 3
Great questions. Awesome hosts. Still some glitches. Still booted from games for no reason as well. Hire capt. Obvious plz.😎
George 1
Host JMO can't read questions properly, most of the hosts are fun but they read the questions wrong half the time causing people to get questions wrong because they ask 2 different questions essentially by leaving words out.
Rebecca 2
2 stars...firstly: noticed you guys dont respond to ANYONES reviews, not even one, so with that, second: Someone reviewed saying slurpees are from 7/11. If you guys can NOT write back to your "customers" to let them know THEY are correct, then....Third: it safe to say, if I tell you on HERE that I just played your 5:30pm pacific time game and got ALL answers correct but recieved no pay out, AND i CAN recite all answers in order, then you WONT write back to reassure me that you have the funds to cash out to people who not only answered correctly but answered ALL of your questions correctly???? ....sad. You guys can do better.

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