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Fat burning, muscle building & power training plans. Home workout; no equipment!

ManFIT is a FREE app developed especially for men demanding for fat burning, muscle building and power training plans. It has courses for abdomen, chest, back, legs&gluteus, arms&shoulders and full body. All workout plans can be done at home with no equipment.

💪💪Join ManFIT💪💪
✔️Especially for male - Courses designed for male,get customized workout plan with no equipment at home.
✔️Customized Reminder - Unlimited customization of your own workout reminder.
✔️Comprehensive workout plan - Draw up your workout plan according to your specific demand.
✔️Daily Workout Track - Synchronized workout record automatically, get you into a good workout habit, and plan your exercises more reasonable.
✔️Instruction with animation & voice guide - Combine realistic animation and voice, get your free private education.
✔️Health Report of Your Own - Record your BMI, see your workout achievement directily.
✔️7x4 Workout Plan - Accept the challenge of a whole month workout plan.

💪💪ManFIT Course Arrangement💪💪
⚡️Fat-Burning - Stop being flabby and reduce body fat. Complete weight reduction targets through low and medium level of strength training!
✔️FULL BODY: Burn your body fat, activate body vitality,enhance your cardiopulmonary function and physical fitness.
⚡️Muscle-Building - High intensity training,realize muscle-building and body –shaping through abs, chest, upper limb and leg training.
✔️ABS WORKOUT: Let you have beautiful abdominal muscle and a stronger waist.
✔️CHEST WORKOUT: Enhance the chest strength, improve breast shape, have an iron-like chest.
✔️ARMS&SHOULDERS WORKOUT: Strengthen your upper limb, optimize the shoulder and arm lines, and get the deltoid
✔️BACK WORKOUT: Tighten the muscles of the back and straighten your body up with bare-handed training.
✔️LEGS&GLUTES WORKOUT: Improve the strength of the lower limbs, strengthen the muscles and muscles of the legs, and stretch the lines of the buttock and leg muscles.
⚡️POWER-TRAINING - For those who have workout experience, and need to enhance strength. Improve stamina, explosive strength and leaping ability through intensive training.
✔️ENDURANCE TRAINING: Improve muscle endurance, enable the body to work longer under fatigue.
✔️EXPLOSIVE FORCE TRAINING: Heavy load training, increase maximum strength and explosive force.
✔️VERTICAL JUMP TRAINING: Strengthen the buttocks, thigh and leg, the core group of leaping ability force.

Contact us:
Shall you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to let us know via email:

APP Language:
Our app is currently available in English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese; Arabic, German, French, Italian and Portuguese versions are on the way!!

ManFIT is compatible with most of the Android mobile phone, including but not limited to:
Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy A8+ , Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge;
Huawei P10 and P10 Plus, Huawei Mate 10, Huawei P9 , Huawei Mate 9, Huawei Honor 8;
HTC U11+, HTC U11 Life, HTC Desire 10 Pro;
OnePlus5, OnePlus 5T;
OPPO Find 9;OPPO F5;
Xiaomi Max2, Xiaomi 6 ;
Honor 7X, Honor view 10,Honor 9 Lite;
Google Pixel; LG S6.

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Latest Ratings

Amin 1
Changes the lock screen to it's ads with no permission. I mean I get it ads are source of income but This app crosses the lines
Anthony 5
So far so good. I just started, so I'll see how this program fares over time.
Izzy 5
It helps a lot and my workout...
Cameron 5
Great app this is really helpful
Gabriel 4
I haven't started but it seems like it will get me to start a regular workout. The only concern that I have is that for someone that has never set up a regular workout routine, I would like to know what do I workout on what days. My reminders are all set up for all routines everyday of the week. Do I do all the exercises all 7 days of the week? Thanks!!
Nick 3
The app it self is real good. The pop ups and reminders are annoying as he'll! It even took control of my lock screen not allowing me to get into my own phone without swiping away their ad!!!! I'm about to delete it altogether
Vlad 5
I like this app but i think an option to set a weekly program would be so helpfull. Like there are 4 types of building muscles + burning fat+ training. I wouls love to be able to progem like every week monday is leggs thusday is arms and like that for every day every week.
Harry 2
Ad was popping up on phones lock screen when it was in sleep mode. This will drain the battery. It's one of the very few app I have every downloaded that the ads pop up when the phone is locked and/or in sleep mode.
umiyan 5
App is best source for our finess at home.. Takes good care of our health by regular notifications. Very helpful for our busy scheduled life. The only thing annoys is the screen lock. Rest all is 👍 up...
Eddy 3
It's awesome for exercising and I understand the use of ads to allow a free app but each time I unlock my phone? Really? Ads in the app = okay but anywhere else it's invasive and very annoying, fix that please
Douglas 1
hated the ads. always popping up on my phone and pissing me off. love the app but uninstalling it cause if soooooo many ads.

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