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Claim Free Bitcoins! Win up to 300 satoshi every spin + 100 satoshi sign bonus.

*This application is only available in US Play Store. We only support US based users*

Folks, Here's Your Free Bitcoin! Coin Spinner gives you CONSISTENT earnings from day one! You only need a Coinbase account so we can send you bitcoins without having to pay a transaction fee of 50,000 satoshi. Coinbase is the #1 bitcoin wallet in the world. There's no scamming here There'll be a registration link inside the app, and it only takes 5 minutes to setup, and yes, it's 100% free.

Fast & Real payout! via Coinbase You get some bitcoins INSTANTLY after literally 5 seconds of your first use. You can request payout any time. However, to prevent spams we only allow one payout per 3 days.

Never runs out of Energy You always have an option of watching a video or completing simple tasks to replenish the energy.

Let's be honest and set some expectations here. No bitcoin faucet app would ever make you rich, or even allow you to quit your full-time job!. It's just impossible. However, we find a way to consistently reward you with some bitcoins every day. The amount will add up, and you can spend it on online shopping, buying tokens at ICO, or whatever you like.

This app will help you get started with Bitcoin technology for free without you having to invest any money of your own.

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Gary 5
Works like it says. Easy payout to your coinbase account. No mimimum to cash out. I've cashed out 4 times. Ads not too bad, some 30 sec but others less then 10 or can close instantly. Have had a couple of lockups where I had to delete data in app to fix but reenter gmail address and back in business with no loss of satoshi previously earned by spins.
Nate 5
Thank you thank you thank you for being an amazing app that actually pays out the satoshi you earn!! I recommend this app to everyone!! I wish you guys all the success for not waisting my time like many other apps I've tried. I've added your link to this app in all those fake mining apps negative comments i leave. Thanks again!!! Nate
Great app. It's not going to earn you millions, but it's a great way to passively and easily earn a few pennies worth of bitcoin here and there. Eventually it adds up. I barely started recently and so far I've almost earned a dollars worth of bitcoin, which could potentially grow higher in value later down the road. All my withdrawals have gone through and it works perfectly with Coinbase.
Chris 5
Pays out and keeps doing it. 3day delay between withdrawals to not flood them. Ads can be annoying but your not going to get something from nothing
Rose 2
I would love this app it actually paid my for joining and the first claim but that's it I've claimed twice now and haven't got anything. I would really early like this fix please. I can't even get help by the people who made this app I've emailed them an see that my post wasn't helpped but someone's else posted the same day as me was help!!!!!
Cameron 5
Finally an app that actually pays out to my Bitcoin Wallet! It's just penny's or Fractions of a penny but its better than most apps that just waste your time and never pay out or have unrealistic withdrawal miniums.. 5 stars earned..
It doesn't get you alot of money but it does add up in the end. Very good concept. I don't like the 3 day wait but it's understandable
Robert 5
Unlike many other bitcoin apps, this one pays out, and pays out easily. There isn't much that needs to be done to get Satoshi, and it's free to use! Very good app, I recommend it.
Alexandra 5
The first app I've downloaded that acctually let's you take your winnings! It's not much so don't expect to be a millionaire but it's a start!
hockey90 5
This surprisingly works. It doesn't give you much, but if bitcoin ever takes off it could be worth a lot
Robert 5
Does exactly what it says, payouts verified as well. Takes a while to stack up, but you dont have payout limits. But you are limited to withdraw every 3 days. Not bad at all.

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