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Description & Details

a pixel-art simulation game, together with RPG elements.

● Introduction
This is a pixel-art simulation game in which the player runs a shop, together with RPG adventures.

In Goblin’s Shop, the player is a goblin who has been bullied by humans and he always wants to get it even. Unfortunately, however, Mr. Goblin realizes that he is too weak to beat any human soldier. Then the idea of opening a shop occurred to him, so he decided to sell weapons, armors and potions to other monsters. To take revenge against humans, he puts together an adventure team with other monsters.

In the game, the player has to undertake adventures with his customers constantly, to acquire better crafting materials. During any adventure, the player might face fiery counterattack from human soldiers, so it is imperative to craft better equipment for customers, and then the customers can kill humans more efficiently. The ultimate goal is to attack humans’ castle and gain victory in the end.

● Features:
- More than 100 items for crafting
- Shop facilities with unique functions are accessible to set up
- Various monsters are available for the player to adventure with
- Skill tree for the player and random talent systems of the monsters
- Random events and adventure quests
- 44 territories for adventure

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4.0.3 and up
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50000 - 100000
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Latest Ratings

Joe 2
Waste of data to download. Cool idea, but not fun at all.
Rycoge 5
I didn't notice how I played it through 3 hours straight. It's addictive. Love it
Andrew 5
Love this game! Some great ideas well implemented.
Harvey 3
It's not that bad but it NEVER WORK:)
Clarice 5
Edited: thank you for all the updates! They actually make a difference and keep the game from being stale. Thanks for actually listening to the players. I like this game. It's cute, engaging and it's fun to discover new stuff. I do have a few concerns. I also wish our little shopkeeper can play a more active role when in the field. He doesn't need to be offensive but could be more on the defensive side. Helping with power ups or taking his potions into battle. And I'm wondering if there will be more to unlock in the shop after I hit level 30. But this doesn't mean you aren't doing a good job! Please keep up the good work!
Amy 5
Ok, but can we talk about how amazing this game is? I loved Recettear on the PC. I've been DYING to play another game in that style. This is that game. I'm 100% hooked. Fun doesn't even begin to describe it. I put a stupid amount of hours into the game yesterday, when I downloaded it, and planning on putting 100s more hours in. THANK YOU FOR THIS GAME
Julie 5
Really fun!! My only complaint is that the game gets repetitive. It gets boring to collect materials after awhile. I ended up deleting the game after 2 weeks of gameplay.
Deanna 5
It's a wonderful and simple game that with it's simplicity is complex but I have no idea what the redeem code is for, can't figure out what it is any where! I tried the Facebook to see if you guys do it similar to how battle cats did it but I (a one laguage individual unfortunately) couldn't read any thing on the page because of the language barrier so ..yeah great game!
Jordan 5
Best mobile game I've found thus far. It has both vending (or "tycoon") AND action/RPG elements, but in unconventional ways. Only playing 3 days and then new update adds the joystick and minimap I thought it needed. 11/10
Nicole 5
Immediately addicted! I love it. Unlocked it (to lose the ads) after only like three minutes of playing.
Marcus 5
Updated my review. Wished for virtual joystick and devs added it wow, that's what I call dedication to listen to the customers 5/5


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