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Secret High 8 is back! Does Zac have another girlfriend behind Bella’s back?

My name is Bella Olsen. I turned into a vampire after a car accident. I kept my secret and went back to school. Later, I dated a new classmate, his name is Zac, and I found out that he is a vampire, too!

Things got different after that. My ex-boyfriend, Spencer, came back to town and wanted to get back together with me. I never could imagine that his true identity is —— a werewolf!

And that's not all, a new girl showed up at school, her name is Vicki. She asked me about Zac. I brought Vicki to Zac's home, and she told me that they had a relationship for a hundred years!

A hundred years? Does Zac have another girlfriend behind my back? Is Vicki a vampire, too? I need to find out the truth.

- Let's light up the room! Clean up the spider webs! Wow, it’s a secret old house behind our high school!
- Zac and Vicki are disappeared, the house is scary. Help Bella to open all the rooms in the house!
- The first room is a dressing room! Wow, look at all the vintage jewelry! Look, a piece of an old photo is there!
- The second room is a study room. Fix the lamb, sort out the book shelf, change the old sofa cushions! Wow, some more pieces of the old photo are here! And also an old diary!
- Bella finds a diary here! There’s a sketch of a young couple in the diary, it says “Z&V, 1918”. What was happening here one hundred years ago?
- Bella is so upset. The photo and diary, maybe Vicki really is Zac's girlfriend! But the date says 1918, and that was a hundred years ago. Zac is a vampire, he can live eternally, is Vicki a vampire, too?
- The third room is a bathroom. Bella’s hair and face are covered by the dust, let us help her to freshen up a little bit!
- Oh no! Bella uses a silver comb to brush her hair, she turns into a vampire!
- The last room is a bedroom! Zac is here! Somebody attacked him! He is very weak at the moment, please save him!

And so much more are waiting for you to find out at SECRET HIGH SCHOOL!

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Bubblegirl 5
I feel SO sorry for Bella that she has to go through all this drama in her life. I've played all the secret high school games that were released, but when are we going to see Ashley again? I've only seen her in episodes 3, 5, and 6, and I can't wait for the next episode!😄
jai 5
Such an such an such an amazing game...... It is such a cool... The story turned very quickly.. I am in very much suspense that what will happen next.. Want part 9 now.. Please make fast all the games.... Just can't wait for the next app.. 😘😘😘😍😍💗💗
AllthingsTv 5
Vicki and Zac was in the picture and vicki brother came to the old home. Vicki is a werewolf and a vampire. Stay tuned for our next app Bye see you soon And rate 5 stars. In secret high 8 April 9th
Do you have brains because in the first one a girl is in a car axedent and she turns into a vampire what wher you thinking?🤔🤔🤔
Melinda 5
I love this game I can't wait plz male it sooner than April nineth I dont want u to rush but could j make it March 30 plz and thx
Yanglem 5
My daughter loved this game. There is lots of mystery and jealousy between the two man. Its amazing. You plz download it.
It is awesome. I've read all of them! I can't wait until there's a part 9 of it
Srishti 5
It's going very good like the story... please give us the new part of secret high soon
Sulaiman 5
Is very cool! L love it! l very sad to bella. Please have athoher Episod
This game is awesome,Olive it cool but now,I want secret high school 9 please make it fast throw 😉😊☺👧👸
Hagar 5
This game is so AWESOME!! It is one of my favorite games on Android♡♥ I cannot wait to see what is gonna happen in the next episode! I hope u release Episode 9 ASAP!!!♡♥♡♥♡♥


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