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Description & Details

Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of augmented reality that surrounds you!

Build your very own collection of winged horses, vampires, unicorns and other magical creatures. If your adventures and battles prove successful, you will ultimately be able to tame even the superior beasts - the Dragons of Elements!

Have you ever dreamed of commanding mighty dragons?

Can you picture yourself taming a dragon? It might be a huge dragon or a small drake — no one knows, since all of the creatures in the game evolve and change, and it’s up to you whether your pet will be a cute little creature, a frightening beast, or something completely new. The choice is huge with 125 unique creatures, each of which can be upgraded.

Various game events to keep your adventures fresh and exciting

· Regular quests will allow you to find scrolls for new spells and start your quest for the Golden Egg!
· Portals to the world of Arcana will unlock for you a new element of creatures, and help you find the path to the Mother of Dragons. Only she can hatch ancient eggs.
· Most spells are unlocked after your character reaches level 7. You will be able to enhance your creatures or throw your enemies out of the arena by using the most powerful spells, together with your friends!
· From level 9, you will be able to engage other players in duels. But you’ll need to make sure you’re well prepared.
· The Ancient Libraries will allow you to change the skills of your creatures, but before you can do that, you’ll have to fight the opposite faction.
· Watch out for attacks from wild monsters at all times! The winner will get runes for spells.
· Discover all of the treasure chests in the area. If you’re lucky enough, you might find in them artifacts that will unlock new options for your character.

Video game or weight loss regimen?

GPS navigation and an interactive map allow you to explore your city and see it under a completely different light. Ordinary places that you’ve walked through a thousands of times, will now hold magical and wondrous secrets. This game will get you to walk and enjoy the outdoors, as well as meet and interact with your friends a lot more, which is far more exciting and fun than going to the gym.

What to play it on

You can play DraconiusGO on your favorite device, but you will need Android 4.4

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Latest Ratings

Hani 5
Niantic needs to get a good grip on their pants Competition is everywhere. My comment about this game: great game if only pokemon go were like this. Arenas close by and not to far of a walk. Easy leveling up method. Throwing the ball is not very fluid feels strange, when im walking sometimes the avatar is stuck in one place then runs to my location.
Kratos 2
Game is good for rural player like myself but there is to less building here and there so if there us more building that be great also the lack of spawn of dragons. When I first started I get around 3 spawns near me but haven't get almost any spawn later,lastly the game graphics is good but the control seems a bit lagging if u can fix that it be all in all a great game
Olivia 1
Ability to log in via device ID seems to have been removed at some point. Can no longer access my account. The extra features that pogo didn't have are nice, but throwing mechanics are poor and some very iffy decisions going on (bot champions, removing a login method, randomised locations with no way to report dangerous or illegal to access ones)
Lee 4
Edit: changed to 1 star. Seldom see anything to catch. Worthless. This is what pogo should be. Much more responsive, less bugs, better graphics, and many of the features pogo has been promising since release. My only problem, and it is a big deal to me, is that I very seldom see wild creatures. Maybe one wherever I am, but often none in sight. Add more spawn points, and increase rates please!
Daniel 4
This game has tons of cool features that are sorely missing from PoGo (quests, spells, artifacts, duelling and so on and so on), and the density of buildings to interact with is amazing for a rural player like myself. But... definitely needs more spawns and no champions before it counts as properly fun and a serious competitor to PoGo.
Ol 1
I had a lot of fun playing it back in October, for about a couple og weeks. But then a lot of things were changed by the creators and it got less fun. Now it's only fun if you're investing $$ in it, but I'm not sure about that. I only know that I'm not gonna spend money for the crappy game, because all I see is crappy beasts and Quests with crappy rewards. The game used to be fun.
Denis 1
Looks like they are already pulling a Niantic, reduced coin payout of arenas. They have also created their own bots to kick you out of arenas and capture the arenas with much higher level creatures than you have. The bad thing about this is the bots have unlimited creatures and healing potions which is not really fair. This game but supposed to be a PvP game but is now turning into a PvE game since you are now have to fight against Elyland's bots for control of arenas.
Jorge 2
Started out interesting. Unfortunately spawns are really far in between and only near posts. After collecting over twenty creatures all you get is the same ones over and over. No variety at all, got boring quick. I'll stick to Pokemon Go
Mark 3
I like the game for the most part. My family plays the game and we all notice that there are very few monsters around compared to another Go game. It'll take forever to build rare monsters up because there are none to get stones. Good luck.
Neil 1
I really enjoyed the game until the introduction of the Champions. Please let me know if you ever remove them and I will probably play again. Until then I am uninstalling. Bots ruin the game.
Kayla 3
{Edit: Champions update broke the game. It has placed 2300+ cp creatures in most of the arenas in my area, making it impossible for real players to actually capture and retain arenas. Constantly faced with 2000+ cp opponents when I cannot get any of my creatures CP over 800} I am obsessed with this AR game. It loads quickly, the location is accurate, the creatures are amazing and there's more to do besides catch, collect, and battle gyms. There are a few things I don't like however that applies to everything. I wish the portals, pillars and obelisks were more road based because most of them end up spawning on private property. I love the speed limit to discourage driving, however this game says youre going to fast if you're simply running so I wish the limit was 20-25mph.


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