Anti Clash ⛺️ Tower Defense Offline Orc Clans War

Anti Clash ⛺️ Tower Defense Offline Orc Clans War








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Description & Details

🌬Sick an Tired of 🦉Waiting for Days for your Buildings to finish? Real Time TD

Do you want to break your Clash of Whatever 🌋 addiction? then play Anti Clash TD

What if you could play Clash of Whatever as a real time arcade game 🕹??? No more waiting days for buildings. Build your towers and village 🌇 like in a classic Tower Defense game. No more waiting, no more crystal rampage, just lot of fun 👍.

Guard Your Base in this tower defense games against endless waves of enemy, enjoy the non-stop action, always construct and upgrade your base in real time. Re

This app work offline so No Internet, No Worries you can still build Your Kingdom and rule the world with your army.
Download once & play anywhere without Internet

Experience the Medieval Age by building your dream city and defend against the orc hordes. So young lord are you motivated enough to become a King on hardcore mode?

This game was inspired by Clash of Orcs. While playing it, I had a question. How would be to be able to play a Clash of whatever game without having to wait days for your buildings to get done? And this is how the game was born.

You are welcome to experience the war in a mix of the best gaming genes: City Building, Tower Defense, Real Time Strategy, Massively Multiplayer Online Game.

Pr3t3nd3r the developer of Clash of Orcs presents: Anti Clash Tower Defense Offline: Clans of Orc War featuring:

★ Super Fast build of the city, not having to wait days like in other defense games
★ Next generation 3D immersion experience
★ Build your village and improve the defence against the invading hordes.
★ Defend your base with towers, bombs and strategic placing
★ Upgrade you town to level 30
★ Constant updating and improving the game play based on players input
★ Epic clash of forces in a battle for supremacy
★ Helps you with your strategic planning abilities since you have to think how to set up your base and what tactics to use
★ Big armies , strong defenses ,very much fun playing & great time killer
★ A game for those people who like a real war.
★ Heavy siege units
★ Not defending with towers only but also with troops
★ Become the ultimate War Chief!

Future Plans - To Do's
- Powerful Heroes with powerful abilities

Development focused on Gameplay!
This game is a great combination of tower defense and tower offense. Upgrade different troops for raids, build different towers and path designs, the options in war are endless, and only a skilled tactician can find them

Before rating please remember that I'm only one developer and I do my best to develop, Improve and fix the game. But I don't know exactly what your problems are. If you contact me with bugs and game suggestions I promise they will be fixed fasted than in any other game
Internet access is NOT required all the time to be able to play!

The Horde need a strong chief! are you up to the challenge ?

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Latest Ratings

Durga 1
You should probably let us attack as well and add more defences troops and buildings.
tay 1
Boring and so many ads it's worthless don't even download, uninstalled 5 minutes into the game with 3 ads
James 1
Control is fugly and ads so intrusive
My son loves this game, easy to play and you can enjoy it offline
John 5
Nice game offline....please make a game like dota but offline
Vilaphone 5
Amazing Game Moblie , tablet , Thanks , offline is Epic
Love this game offline, thank Humans People,
Gurke 2
Umm maybe before you invest the time to add all the advertising create a working interface? I like the idea, but this isn't even in alpha stage.
Allan 1
Ad galore,controls are bad... overall a total piece of shit
Matei 5
Amazing, clash of clans offline tower defense
Woah i found app like coc but offline

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