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Is-it Love? Colin: Choose your story - Love & Rock Android Gameplay

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Love, Romance and Rock! 💖 🎶 🎙️

Is it Love? Colin is an interactive story in English.
Like in a TV series, new episodes (chapters) are regularly released.
You can download this love game for free. Will you find Love? Will you make it in the musical world?

"You come from a small town, you have a well-ordered life: Basic studies, a very respectful boyfriend and parents who decided on your future. You've always dreamed of becoming a pianist, But your father didn't look on it with a favourable eye, so you did what was expected of you. And then, one day, you felt trapped in your monotonous life. So you decided to leave it all behind and move to New York. But, after so many years, having put your dreams aside, your piano gathered dust and your mojo disappeared. At the Carter Corporation, you found a stable office job and good friends. And one night, Matt invites you along to a rock concert. A concert that changes everything. Your encounter with Colin, the leader of the group, turns your world upside down. This black-hearted character as stirring as he is inaccessible will awaken that old fire that burned in your heart: your love of music... "

Main points:
✓ Experience a true love story
✓ Your choices influence the course of the episode
✓ 100% in English.
✓ Become a rock star

An Otome is a visual novel type game in which you are the heroine about to live true romance (love story) with possible twists (Love, seduction, betrayal, marriage...)

Download this seduction game with the rock theme, if you:
✓ Love animated love stories
✓ Watch romantic movies, shows and even musicals.
✓ Want to live a love story with a singer
✓ Play a new interactive story in English
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Is it Love ? is free to download. It is possible to purchase bonus points. To deactivate the purchases integrated into this otome game, please go to your device settings.

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Miyuki 4
My first review was long-winded,but you really should take heed about the complaints and fix that horrible energy system. This is why I remain loyal to companies like Voltage, I get VALUE FOR MONEY!
dex 4
Stop interrupting please, there's barely enough energy to re-engage with the story and constantly interrupting asking for rates or adds isn't helpful, ask this when I'm out of energy. I think the prices are much too high compared with other sims, I prefer the pick a character and buy their story format as Adam should definitely be an option here. Otherwise it's excellent.
Gabby 5
Love this story! I only wish that it was more like episodes and had all the guys on there, instead of having to download each story separately. The only thing that I don't like about this game is that the energy is lower then I would like.
Steph 4
I love the game but you need to sell the chapters not the energy. I have purchased some energy but once I change my mind and want to pick a different decision; I have to buy more energy again. The best way is to pay the same price for a chapter or a larger price for a bundle. I bet you would get more regular paying customers like Voltage and most of the other otome story games. That being said, I like the writing and how it's paced which makes you really have to work the relationship. The artwork is good too! For now I will only play daily with the 300 energy and the minigame (thanks for that!) . Keep up the good work !
Kristina 5
Colin's story is my second best after Ryan's, mostly because Colin's character is what drives the story here. He's impossibly irresistible, especially if you like quiet but passionate love interests. He has a hot/cold personality that I personally find very attractive. As for the 450+ free daily energy, it's just enough if you combine it with reading all the other stories at the same time. I do pay for the secret scenes, though! Thank you for this wonderful game!
Gail 2
Its way to much to buy energies and the energies do not roll over if i dont use all my energies today i lose them thats no good change that the story is good so far!! But their to many doen sides i think im deleting
Jimmy 1
Worst game ever, they want you to spend money to read a story! Don't waste your time!
Genea 2
I've played games that require the use of energy to get through, but this is ridiculous. I play for maybe 3 minutes, then I'm out. I play the minigame for more and that lasts all of 30 seconds. It wouldn't be so bad if the energy came​ back gradually, but to wait 24 hours and it refills all at once is stupid. Not to mention only getting 300 in the first place? I've played 2 days on 2 of these games and am not invested enough to continue.
Jill 4
I like the game, but I have reached chapter 8 and it is not finished. I have been waiting for the next chapter for 3 weeks now. It would have received 5 stars if the story had been finished. Please finish the story!!
Stag 5
I love this game and the characters are very likable. I would like it if there was a way to get more energy with less interruptions from rating the game. Hopefully Adam will get his own story too.
Victoria 3
All in all a pretty nice game, but the downfall is you don't have enough energy to play the game. I'm hoping they fix that and add more to each story.


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