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Let's get this, if you're fan of Kairo !Trial and mini game are also included.

Kairo Land, the portal-like to Kairo's applications has arrived !
With the function of Kairo club as it is, it also has a new function that let's you play the games in this app too !

Gaming may be more interesting than usual when you get a Kairo account !?
Let's challenge ranking and play the game with your friends !

Current included applications are・・・
 「Grand Prix Story」「The Manga Works」「Venture Towns」「Pocket Clothier」「Pocket League Story」「Kairobotica」

As the number of compatible applications will slowly increase in the future, so please look forward to it.
※ Note that if you have already purchased those applications described above on the market, you will need to purchase a new one again in this application.
※If the screen turns black, please turn off the your device and restart it.
※Game data is saved in the device. Data transfer is not supported if you have delete application, reinstallation, or change of device.
※ In order to use all functions, in-app purchase is required.

Try searching for "Kairosoft" to see all of our games, or visit us at http://kaipa.jp.
Be sure to check out both our free-to-play and our paid games!
The 2D dot style game series from Kairosoft .

Follow kairokun2010 on Twitter for the latest Kairosoft news and information.

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Latest Ratings

Azure 1
So, Kairosoft now wants us to repurchase every game that we already own, just to add what should be core features (leaderboards, save transfer, etc.), all wrapped in a microtransaction-based demo app? I don't know what happened to this company, but whoever is in charge has lost their mind.
Iryna 1
Rip off, asking to repurchase all your games. Kairsoft is going down the drain gradually.
Gacilas 5
I think a lot of people misunderstood. This app is for us to finally record our high score and link the save file game by making Kairo account. And to easily transfer the save file unto new device. It's an app to link our Kairo games. And i think it's not perfect yet but a good starting effort for us to finally store our save file game.
Maxim 1
What is wrong with you guys? Why your app redirect to jp games? Why did not you link our google store accounts to your new "fancy" account?
Alexander 1
Some years ago Kairosoft was one of the best studio on mobile market. With some last releases last year or two it turn in total trash.
Anna 1
greedy cashin that doesn't respect your previous purchases of kairosoft games
aayush 1
I love kairosoft games. I hate the kairosoft company.
Nikkita 1
Why would I want to pay for games I already bought in Play store?
Pinkus 1
You've got to be F****ing joking! You expect us to pay for games AGAIN!??!? Not only have you been trending towards ridiculous freemium subscriptions, but now you have the nerve to try and make us PAY FOR GAMES WE'VE ALREADY PURCHASED! Why in the hell don't you link this app in a way that CREDITS US WHO HAVE SUPPORTED YOU BY PURCHASING YOUR GAMES OVER THE YEARS! We, your fan base, are no longer amused! Alienate us at your own risk!
nickname 1
what is the point of this app i dont get it
Cataberry 3
It seems like a decent idea but having to re-purchase apps I've already bought is a turn off. If they figure out a way to sync my already purchased kairo games then it would be worth reevaluating.

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