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One Watch Face For Every OccasionOutdoors, Office, Sports, Health

One watch face for every occasion.

Use it for office and productivity, outdoors, sports or health.

Huge amount of features:
✔ 18 built-in complications that can be put on up to 8 dials.
✔ Full AW2.0 external complications support
✔ 25 built-in presets and possibility to share and import presets.
✔ Each dial can act as a shortcut to a watch app or a Tasker activity.
✔ Watch face designer. Make your own watch faces using either built-in components or make your own static background designs and import.
✔ Snap pictures with your phone camera and have it as background on your watchface in seconds.
✔ Show post-it notes on the watch face. Use voice command ('make a note') or watch (or phone) keyboard to enter note.
✔ Use Wear 2.0 complication as background. Can be used to show album art of currently playing music in phone or watch.
✔ Use Wear 2.0 complication as note. Can be used to show information on currently playing music in phone or watch.
✔ Support for analog as well as digital time
✔ Built-in Heart Rate app with continuous heart rate measurements and on-watch chart analysis of heart rate + full integration to the heart rate complication on the watch face.
✔ Built-in Timer app with full integration to the timer complication on the watch face.
✔ Voice command support for Heart rate ('show my heart rate'), Timer ('start timer'), Notes ('make a note').
✔ Extensive calendar and agenda features: Automatically popup details of upcoming or current events in the agenda in the watch face. Show today's calendar events as semi-circles around the watch face.
✔ Full bothway Tasker support for automation.
✔ Customizable logo and logo text (can also use external complication as logo text)
✔ Unread notifications indicators. Don't miss any unread notifications. Support for unread counters for up to 10 different apps ( including Gmail, SMS, missed calls etc).
✔ Extensive configuration options of dials, including 5 different built/in dial types.
✔ Full Google Fit integration for heart rate, steps, distance, calories, active time.
✔ Extensive Google Fit statistics analysis in phone app.
✔ Works as stand-alone app as well. Most of the feature work in stand-alone mode so you can use it even if you have an Iphone.
✔ And lots more..

If you have any questions or problems please contact us for support before giving a bad review.

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Latest Ratings

Jason 5
This application is fantastic. The watch faces are beautiful and the customization and functionality are equally great. I especially love the altimeter complication. I was a little intimidated by the customization interface at first but after a few minutes it was easy to figure out. I even sent the developer a question that was promptly and thoroughly answered. Again, I am very impressed. This was definitely money well spent and I highly recommend this app.
Who 5
Great app, great communication - the issue I had I'm not sure why it happened but this seemed to fix it if anyone ever gets the problem - essentially swap to a different watch face (possibly even a watch reboot fixes this) - this retriggers the app to ask for permissions - I had authorized the heart rate permission but not the weather permission, unsure how that could affect the heart rate but again must have been some odd hiccup that once I restarted the watch face it asked again and I hit check then went in and enabled HRM and it is now working! Truly a great app and I appreciate the quick feedback from the developer even though I ended up figuring out the problem as I was sending them an email! (this was when I re-opened the watch face, it asked for the weather permission and I accepted and the Heart Rate feature started to work)
O. 5
Love the customization options! Finally got a watch face set up just like I want. And it is really pretty as well as functional. Now if someone could write a decent in-call management AW app that really works my Pebble replacement would be complete.
Zoltan 5
A full 5 stars. Beautiful, customizable, supports everything I need and beyond. Best buy, and so far the best watchface regardless of price.
Matti 5
Brilliant watchface for AW2! Really nice design and great presets to play with!
Simon 3
Doesn't work with Google Fit 2 watch so requesting a refund otherwise looks amazing!
Kyle 5
Beautiful minimal and functional that doesn't rip up your battery like other faces!
Sergiy 5
The best looking, functional, and customizable watch faces I've used so far.
Brad 5
Everything I am looking for in a watchface. Excellent customization and options. Thanks dev!
Wissam 4
This is the second best watchface for me. Although it is a bit complicated with all the user setups which I didn't master yet, however I thunk it is missing one major functionality which is the ability to assign shortcuts anywhere else than the dials. Im the developer will add soon as I see him active in responses and updates.
Jim 5
Wow! This app is amazing, not only in the broad variety of watch faces it offers, but in the vast number of configurations and complications it employs. Most other apps offer far less for considerably more money. In addition, I had a few questions about some of the features, and received incredible technical support from Stefan. He was very persistent in helping me understand the best way to accomplish what I was trying to do. I'd give this app 10 stars if I could. Buy it Today!!

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