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Daily fun with cats...in death

A flash of white light, and whoosh! Turns out you're now a ghost! You don't know how to pass on, so you'll just pass the time instead — with the adorable little cats who visit your house each day!

■ Game Summary This fun, adorable title will have you:
・Feeding the cats who drop by your home
・Buying scratchers, towers, and other items to keep your kitties entertained
・Redecorating your room with a host of colorful, unique designs
・Enticing a variety of Rare Cats to come visit (spawn rates vary by item!)
・Achieving goals in order to unlock cute manga-style cutscenes (both the main story and mini-stories!)
・Learning more about your feline friends and the phantoms who care for them

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4.1 and up
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Dervla 5
Such a cute and original story. The gameplay wasnt always that interesting but it was the first mobile game Ive played in years where I could get every item and finish the game without needing to spend any money to do it. Finished the whole game in about 3 days and wish I could play it now for the first time again for the cute storyline and adorable character. Also tells you lots of random facts about owning cats and looking after them which is fun. A real gem find. :)
Tom 5
A truly weird Japanese game with cute characters and best of all cats. Why ghosts should have to care for cats has not been explained yet. Perhaps the 'wiseman', whoever he is, will elaborate, but probably not. Why do Japanese films and games have characters with such ostentatious titles and often little to no back story? Still in a weird way I love the quirkiness of the culture and don't get me started on the food. Love sushi. Anyway I digress. The game is good.
Orb 4
Cute and easy to play at work without being too distracted. My favorite part is the story section. I feel bad for the spirits who died but I'm glad they have each other AND cats! Is there a way to look at your house and all the cats in it without them running away after a few seconds? I want to look at the kitties hanging out. I wish there was a way to get rid of advertisements completely since they take me out of the calming nature of the game. I would pay $2-$7 for it but I'm not sure how the catnip would work. Great game nonetheless. So much more interactive than other cat collecting games like Neko Atsume.
What i like: graphics is good , cute cats , fun to feed them . Need Improvements : 1st moving key like if i want to move the furnitures . 2nd make the furnitures available right away at the shop cause how can we design our place if we cant buy stuff? 3rd i dont like the writings on the screen's giving me a trivia or just saying anything. Please remove it.
kimber 4
I like it, I really do! It def will grow on u, right from the start. Not quite positive if what they are saying is true about it being the next "neko atsume" but it def has its merits and possibilities! I've thoroughly enjoyed it thus far, even tho it gets borderline overwhelmingly busy at times, what with all the cute features and stuff. No worries tho-- I'll learn to assimilate and since I absolutely adore the kittehs, it should not be difficult! 😸😸
Karen 5
I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!!!😂😍😘💖💖 It's really a cute game.. Cute graphics and gameplay. I learned a lot about cats because of the trivias and everything popping up. By the way, please have a button feature that all of the trivias are in there and it's proof and evidences about it.📋🤔 Uhm, I'm having problems with the Silverines because I have to watch an ad or use tickets, and there's only 3 tickets.🌿😑 Please add some mini games to earn Silverines because not all of us can buy tickets and have internet connection.😣🙏 Well, I don't know now what to do because I'm already done playing this game. 😢😭 Hahaha😂😂 love this game so much especially because I love cats💖💖
Shiori 5
Super cute game. Good time waster too. Would be nice if there is a way you can leave some cat food over a few hours or a night so you still generate coins and stuff like in Neko Atsume. Also the ad is kinda obtrusive. Would be better if it fades in and out. Ooor give photo options without the ad or menu(maybe there is and I just haven't found it yet. Just started). Other than those it's SUPER cute and we'll made. Love the story
the 3
Purrfect spirits is a strange little ride. I had to play through it because of its fascinating and quirky plot, I just had to know all of the spirit's secrets. The cons; you have to watch ads or pay to progress the game, also on my older tablet there was a bug where the menu button didn't do anything, making me wonder what I missed out on since sometimes I would receive a "new" tag for a menu with no effect.
My 4
*Stress reliever* This game is a stress reliever. It helps me to be happy a lot. It's really cute, fun, simple and enjoyable. I also love how the sentences come out every second on the screen. *But, one problem.* Sometimes when I open this game on my phone, all the save datas are gone. The funiture, the rare cats- all gone. This one problem needs to be fixed.
De'Tavia 5
Love the game. Love everything about it. However, there is 1 bug. The menu button doesn't work when clicking. It would say "new" next to it, but nothing happens. And it's like, am I missing out on vital attributions to the game? A menu on a game is pretty vital. Would love if that got fixed, thanks for the game!
Avery 5
Cute and Addictive! I really can't stop playing this game! Its so cute and fun to play. It really reminds me of Neko Atsume but this is better! you get to see the cats play and collect new items. Its also really fun to watch the cut scenes. Really good game, i recommend it.


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