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You are in a house where autumn leaves, mushrooms and squirrels are lived.

You are in a house where autumn leaves, mushrooms and squirrels are lived.
Find and combine items, and solve puzzles, then just Escape!

After ending, you can play hide-and-seek with animals!?
Can you find them all?

・Enjoy kids! There are many cute animals!
・Easy to start for first players. Let’s challenge!
・There are Hints, so Don’t worry!
・Auto-save function!

【How to play】
Very easy operation method!

・Search by tapping the screen.
・Change the viewpoint by tapping the button on the bottom of the screen.
・Double tap the item button, it will enlarged.
・Keeping the enlarged item, you can tap another item, and then compose it.
・There is a hint button from MENU which is the upper left corner of the screen.

・It’s FREE!
・Let’s enjoy the escape game!


programmer:Asahi Hirata
Designer:Naruma Saito

Produced by two of us.
Our goal is to produce a game that would be fun for the users.
If you like this game, please play other games!

Music is VFR:
Pocket Sound :

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Latest Ratings

Pete 5
Jammsworks games are free, great to look at, and satisfying to play. The autumn theme here is a delight: it's a world of acorns, golden leaves, pinecones, and snoozing squirrels (the innocuous red ones, not the grey vermin variety). The puzzles are beautifully judged. Many answers are hidden in plain sight, and the use of parts of the app that are (apparently) nothing to do with the game is seriously sneaky. Sneaky is good. A puzzle app shouldn't be 'do-able' with your brain in neutral - that's what makes Kotorinosu so good. There's a nice Save function that safeguards your progress; there's perfect music... And the integral mini 'arcade' games are magnificently, spectacularly, gloriously AWFUL! (Yay for the angry bears!) I also loved the way that the extra 'Where's Squirrel?' challenge had been worked into a complete game in itself, rather than tacked-on as an afterthought. Excellent app. Highly recommended.
Robin 4
The smart phone is a horrid joke! Geared as though I really could wiggle my phone, and win-NOT! NOT DAMN CHANCE! Make the smart game possible to complete-over, and over nothing I did would keep my pine cone dweeb from landing on the ground! Can't move on! I'm pissed!
Gerik 5
Great little game. I love that the ads are not invasive and I really liked that they extended it a bit. There was only one clue that was a "think outside the box" type thing, but overall good and just a fun game.
Tom 2
Couldn't get past the "smartphone game". So there was no way to complete the full game. Therefore, I give it a low rating. Developers: most escape games either offer you a walkthrough to a puzzle, or more importantly sometimes, allow you to by-pass a puzzle or challenge.
bella 5
Great game , tough at times but just have to think , if you get stuck you always have the option of using a hint. The squirrels are cute too!
Robyn 3
Could not navigate through the mobile phone games. Running guy wouldn't do anything but jump. Kept freezing at the end so I couldn't throw pinecones. Also couldn't get the sharpener to work at all.
Asia 3
The game on the phone was confusing,it was telling me to tap it repeatedly and I did but some how it wanted me to give the girl SOME acorns instead of ALL,I LOOKED AT IT ON YOUTUBE and it was freezing like the bear game.
Louisa 5
Although I enjoy the other games from same company I think this is one of the better ones, especially the 2nd game of finding the squirrels. Thanks for another fun one. Great puzzles, makes sense. Good length.
kaen 4
Very beautiful game, just challenging enough, but the banner ads at the top and bottom were annoying.
Shirley 5
This 64 year old lady enjoyed this game. Logical and makes one think and recover memory. All along a fun game!
Katherine 5
Challenging puzzles but not impossible, though I had to use a few hints... but it was an awesome game!!

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