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Tile and complete the word puzzles with drag-and-drop gameplay!

Tile and complete the word puzzles with drag and drop unified letters.

With the backpacking concept, playing Wordpack is really enjoyable. Visit up to 7 cities and play 15 city levels on each city to unlock the next city pack! With hand crafted 100+ challenging puzzles, you will never get bored!

✧ Does not require internet (offline playable)
✧ Unique and different gameplay (drag and drop)
✧ Backpacker concept with 7 international cities. (wordpackers)
✧ From simple to difficult levels and word puzzles.
✧ Non-distractive adverts
✧ Tablet compatible (7" and 10" tablets)

The object of the game is to tile words together to form a word related to the category of each level (puzzle). Categories range from animals, colors, furniture, continents, sports, etc.

Anyway, drag the tile groups at the bottom of the screen and drop onto the puzzle screen which already has tiled word segments to form words specific to the category of the level. You can only complete words in a horizontal and vertical orientation. Diagonal doesn’t work. At the top of the screen, you will notice a series of white “bullets.” These indicate how many words you are to find in the puzzle in order to succeed and move to the next level.

Wordpack is designed for anyone who likes word puzzles and word games. With this game you can easily improve your vocabulary, concentration and spelling skills.

Once you complete a word, the puzzle will highlight the word in color to indicate whether your move is correct or not. If you get stuck, click on the light bulb icon in the upper corner for a hint. You will initially get fifteen (15) free hints, and any more will be at cost. I am about three cities into the game and have yet to use all of my free hints, although, it is indeed getting harder.

*Wordpack Game DOES NOT REQUIRE THE INTERNET and COMPLETELY FREE and this game does not require unnecessary permission from your phone.*

Get your backpack ready, and start playing!

** Featured on ProductHunt 29 October 2017 **
** Featured on Google Play Indie Corner, February 2018 **

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Nick 4
Nice, but placement of tiles is too finicky. You have to place a piece VERY precisely on the board. It feels weird how almost never are matches the exact word with nothing extra before or after.
Thorin 4
Great UI and well designed. Starts easy and ramps up quickly. I would love to play more though I run into a nasty bug where within a few minutes of play it either crashes outright or the title flash blank then turn black when trying to move them.
Debra 3
Very basic gameplay. Stops music. Cannot listen to own music as it stops it.
Betty 5
First game I ever finished on my smartphone! I can't wait for the new wordpacks!
Tanya 4
Is Amsterdam the last level? I have completed all levels in this city pack and cannot go any further. Additionally, even though I have finished all levels the overall progress is showing as %87 (% appearing before the number). The app seems to be stuck.
c 2
game is decent enough, but gameplay isnt enjoyable because of the constant glitch of the letters placed not responding properly, even when the letters are correctly placed. user would have to constantly try to reset the pieces. and it isnt fun.
Kaz 3
Lots of bugs, like previously completed words being removed when placing another piece down somewhere. Other than that it had a decent amount of content and was really fun and simple.
Aman 2
Words are not appropriate according to categories and dragging and dropping words into board is not very responsive sometimes words don't stick on the board.
Tess 3
It was going great until it stopped accepting words that were the answers. Mostly I had to back out and undo the word and redo it. Now I can't even pass the matrix
Angela 3
Beside letter connection issues. I got to the New York level 14, and there's a typo that won't let you pass the level.
Ashley 3
I am enjoying the game but also stuck on New York level 14 due to a spelling error.

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