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3D mobile game based on Tokyo Ghoul.Officially authorized by Studio Pierrot!

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is an anime ARPG mobile game offcially authorized by Studio Pierrot and launched by GameSamba. In this game, experience the original story from Tokyo Ghoul, collect your favorite characters, face exciting challenges, battle together with other players and attend PVP events.

- Especially designed for mobile devices!
Enjoy a fun and simple mobile operation experience, simply touch the screen and play the game.

- Next-gen graphics, delicate music and original sound effects will completely immerse you in the Tokyo Ghoul world!
The game features stunning graphics and character skills. Travel through the dark Tokyo streets, Anteiku, CCG Laboratory and other familiar settings from the anime. Original anime clips will be used for game scenes, and the English-dubbed version of the anime will take you back to the Tokyo Ghoul world.

- Choose your favorite characters! Select different Ghouls and CCG Investigators to fight together!
Ken Kaneki, Touka Kirishima and other popular anime characters will appear in the game. You can choose from over 50 different characters. Even if characters belong to opposing sides, they can fight side by side on your team as you build the strongest combinations!

- Multi-dimensional character growth system to develop characters in different ways!
Collect, raise, grow, upgrade, equip, and choose different character combinations to make the best team. Create a unique formation of your own!

- Rich solo and team gameplay!
Besides the traditional solo challenge, the game also offers high level dungeons that requires team cooperation. If you love PVP mode, you will enjoy playing the MOBA mode as well. Call up your friends and fight to your heart’s content!

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Derek 3
Decent game. Same game play as Marvel Future Fight. Graphics are decent. Maps are way too bland and boring though. Also feels like its too big compared to the characters. Lacking auto sign in. when game starts, maybe only gor Goggle accounts, havent tried with facebook login. Otherwise a decent game for TG fans.
Un1versed 1
I already download the data file, it keep infinite loading nothing happen cant even play a game. Some review said so lag and too many bug and crash all the time. Fix this and i install again.
Brendan 2
Nobody will ever understand how hyped I was for this game. Been following updates since I first heard rumours of this game being in development quite a while ago. The gameplay is decent, the action is fun however I am so saddened to see the pay to win structure so strong in this game. You have absolutely riddled this game with purchase "options". You give a crate for levelling up and other assorted things, yet to open it I have to purchase a key with premium currency? This game structure is beyond belief, I'm so disappointed in the cash grab that this game is. Thank you for absolutely crushing every piece of hype I had for this.
ObsGames 5
I've been eagerly waiting for this game to come out ever since I had caught wind of it awhile back. Playing the game now I have to say that I'm definitely not disappointed. I haven't spent a large amount of my time in this game but so far I've been having fun with it. As of this review I haven't encountered any real bugs in the game but I have crashed a few times but it's been sparingly. My one complaint with the game so far is that it cost an exorbitant amount of the premium currency in the game to make an organization. The game overall is amazing though from the cutscenes from the anime to the graphics and gameplay. It's a solid game overall that is definitely a must play for Tokyo Ghoul fans even if you don't end up liking it I would suggest trying it for yourself.
Its a good game, but the game is kinda laggy.... And my patience is being tested because of the Very Slow Loading. :-(, im quite disappointed. Please improve the game.... Then ill rate 5 stars
Will 1
The game is a huge pay to win kind of game, you can't do anything without having to pay absurd amounts of money. Plus the lag issues are ridiculously bad in some areas. I don't recommend playing the game even if you're a fan of Tokyo ghoul like I am.
Eminent 5
DONT trust other comments because chances are good they have an old phone or new one that isnt powerful enough to run this;) Everyone has been waiting for this game to hit the plays store!! Finally this is going to be one of the top played games just wait! MUST HAVE a phone with (Quadcore) or better, (2G RAM) your internal space doesnt matter much its not a big game.... Controles are smooth the graphics are great. The buttons dont respond by touching them at times but it is a very small issue, quick fix just hit your back button then retap on the screen and itll work. other than that this game is the best. Great job devs!!!!! huawii, Octacore snapdragon,3G ram.. No issues like others have posted.
Kozoro 3
It's a good game. Just a little buggy and laggy. It's pay to win but hey it's a Tokyo Ghoul game so I can't complain. I'll come back in a few months and see the game when it's updated.
Javen 5
This game is amazing if u like Tokyo Ghoul ( which I love!) But it's very laggy and slow but besides that its awesome please playn
nina 5
I love tokyo ghoul (the anime one) and then when i saw this damn. Its sooooo amazing! But sad to say its online. I wish it can be offline too.
jintapat 1
This is a good game but i CANNOT play the game after i played for 4 days. The screen is freeze on initialize screen. Luck me that i didnt wasted any money in this game yet...

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