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Chefdom Cooking Simulation Gameplay Part #3 ( Android / iOS )

Description & Details

There’s a chef hat just your size in ChefDom! Cook your way to the top!

Create your very own kitchen and restaurant! Cook, build and decorate your star diner in a brand NEW cooking game for girls, boys and adults, available for FREE! Join this world of food fever today!

Here’s the deal. A quaint little restaurant has fallen on hard times. It’s up to you to make it successful again and help its peculiar customers!

But you won’t just be taking up the duties of a chef and restaurant manager, you will also have the opportunity to engage in the interesting world of your customers’ daily life adventures.
In ChefDom, running a restaurant means more than just preparing exquisite food. We have come up with the perfect recipe for fun. Managing your restaurant, producing your own ingredients, preparing delicious recipes, picking out the perfect decorations - it’s all a part of this mouth-wateringly entertaining cooking game!
What are you waiting for? Tasty food and even juicier ingredients are calling your name!

There’s nothing like cooking with fresh ingredients! Fresh vegetables, succulent meat, wonderfully comforting baked goodies, fun and delicious sweets, luscious fruits and many more - make them at various production spots around town!

From hearty soups, colourful salads and dessert delights to grilled feasts and spicy delicacies - we’ve got them all! With each new oven there are so many new recipes to try out! We bet you won’t be able to pick just one favourite!

With the customers as eager to try your awesome food as yours are, every order has to be prepared with care! Just follow the recipe, add a pinch of love to each dish and they’ll show their appreciation with tips!

We know you’re just bursting with creativity and will be able to create the perfect dining ambiance with all the great decorating possibilities ChefDom has for you! Pick your favourite tiles, wallpapers, tables and chairs, personalise your restaurant to your heart’s content with gorgeous wall and floor decorations and enjoy your creation!

Why are you still reading when you could be playing this amazing game? An exciting adventure is waiting for you, be a part of this story and we promise you won’t regret it!

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Latest Ratings

Katrina 4
Love this game and it's truly addictive. It would easily be 5 stars but for some reason for over 12 hours I can't get the game to load. It gets stuck at 25%. I've restarted my phone and opened the game back up several times. I don't want to uninstall and reinstall. I had to start over at level 1 a couple of weeks ago already after getting a new phone. Please fix this bug.
Becky 4
Would give the game 5 stars if you could earn coins and gems easier. Love the game over all. Wish it moved a little faster. Takes too long because you can't have enough tables. Storage is too small and near impossible to get the paint and things to build the specials or upgrade tables.
Akita 5
Make it into a city where being a chef and other skillful career like market school, garden school, sort of make it like sims. If task often take to long people get bored and move on to another game.. But with a few graphic changes and upgrades this would before the top played gamer of 2017...Please email me If have ideas
Aimee 3
This could have had higher ratings from me, requires real money to make progress. For instance, in order to add a snack bar or whatever, one needs a "like" but you can my get a like if you expand that item, but you can't expand without a like...I will uninstall it, too bad, it is a cute game, but I can't get invested in it for reasons stated.
Tiana 5
This is an addictive game. It does have its draw backs because it does move that fast, but it does give you 5 to 6 free turn to product items free, that is on everything. I would like to be able to put in more tables at one time, as well as, buy the equipment needed to break rocks or cut down bushes and trees to expand the restaurant. I lone playing the game....
Natasha 5
Game wont download no more..had to delete..made it to level 24 now i cant get back into the game and this game was my favorite game spent money for nothing smh...ok i went ahead and uninstalled the game and than installed it back and was able to get back in..
Angela 4
Nice game, but wish the tables had two chairs. Only one table has two chairs and it doesn't look right. Things are still a little glitchy, with a little lag but enjoying so far
I just upgraded the game just now.... but cant open again after it. Whyyy? Its loading halfway then suddenly turned blank! Please fix the problem a.s.a.p!! I cant end the game just like this! Old comments:: 1 -It would be nice if there is a Chat wall specially for us (all chefdom players) to chat to eachother/be neighbors and can visit their restaurants.. 2 - I often accidentally touched the 'add slot' on the ovens and my gems automatically deducted. Supposed bfore deducting, there must be a next step on asking first wether we really want to add the slot or not. I already had a total of 33 gems accidentally lost on it *sighhh*... 3 - Its loading too long.
Necole 4
I've just downloaded the game so far I like it but I've noticed a couple glitches and it takes a very long time to load. Other than that I feel the game is quite well
Christiana 5
Fun game. Need to make it easier to friend others just not based on Facebook. Could add help where friends can do 5 things which would reduce time or give extra ingredient.
Heather 4
Cute game i like that you grow your own ingredients and can expand.i do have a problem loading sometimes thou. But this game is really well put together and fun.

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