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Northern is the largest rail operator in the UK, with more than 2,500 trains every day. We are proud to provide local and regional train services across the North of England.

Our mobile app helps you to travel in the North of England and even elsewhere in Great Britain if you want. You can:

- Plan and buy tickets for any train journey
- View information for any train service

When you buy tickets with our app there are no booking fees, no credit card fees and no delivery fees. You can reserve seats on longer journeys and can now have many tickets delivered straight to your phone, or collect them from over 1,000 stations. It’s easy and they’re ready to collect within 15 minutes. We’ll even remember what you looked at to make it easy next time.

Our real time information comes fresh from National Rail Enquiries and lets you check any train service in Great Britain, including ours. You can see the departure times, platforms (for most places), and check how trains are running at any National Rail station.

We will continue to develop our app to make buying a ticket and travelling on our services as easy as possible. Please let us know if there’s anything that you’d like to see in future versions.

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loredana 2
It doesn't work! Look I don't mind the new design. I find the mTickets work better, they are more stable once downloaded and activated. BUT purchasing the ticket is a real pain!!! It doesn't work!! I have to try several times before the purchase goes through. Tonight I tried 10 times and I haven't yet managed. This is really important, you can't ruin this feature!!
Emma 1
Rubbish upgrade. It won't allow me to login. Doesn't even given an option to register either. For those that don't have national rail account. And I had to search for ages to find out its my national rail login. Without logging in it won't allow me to purchase tickets. I have searched live times and it doesn't work. I prefer the old version!!!! Least that worked !
P 2
Unreliable Works intermittently, charged me for a journey last night despite the app crashing twice. Spent 26 minutes on the phone to customer services who couldn't resolve the problem or refund the cash. Not impressed.
Jimmy 1
Why change?? Why would you update to another version that is less useful? The one and the most useful feature is, it shows the live train time as you open the app. Why did you take it away? It's not getting better. You're just making it worst.
Andy 1
Complete rubbish! The last version was brilliant and I used the dashboard every day. The update doesn't seem to have it...pretty useless to me now :(
Helen 3
Needs more development The new app promises a lot. However several problems...1. You can't register via the app only from the website which us annoying. 2. Need to be able to change email addresses for tickets (so I can separate work and personal tickets. ). 3. Can't choose the location of the seat for reservation (aisle table etc.....) This is important for those of us who travel for work and need to work on the train near a plug socket. 4. Should have the option to have a printed ticket on all routes not just mtickets.
Liam 1
What the hell Northen, have you lost your minds or something, when I opened to app to check my train time and was presented with this horrible interface which I honestly thought you was trolling us or something to realise this is your update to the app. It's been completely destroyed and looks like a app from 1990s. The previous version had a modern, material design look but this is just terrible. Cannot belive what you have done, uninstalled and going to have to use Train Line. What have you done!!!!
Andrew 1
Upgrade? More like downgrade Absolutely nothing useful about this app now. No live train times, favourite journeys or quick ticket purchase. Interface also looks horrendous now, why on earth would this be classed as an upgrade?!
Jon 1
Terrible update What the F is this? It's like you took a great app that worked perfectly and replaced it with something a student knocked up in the late 90s... So awkward to use - saved live times hidden away. Anyway to roll back to an older version. I'm not sure what feedback you was listening to but it wasn't someone who used the app
Martin 5
Works really well I have an LG G4 and it works brilliantly on that in fact i use this app every time i board a train. Much to the annoyance of one of my local station's staff members.
Oliver 1
Crap. Unreliable. Poor interface. ("Do your want to return to the main menu?" - Really?). Frequent "connection" issues. Fails to price journeys. Crashed during purchase, only to discover that the transaction had gone through. I only use this app in emergencies to avoid the queue to buy tickets on arrival at Manchester if I know I'm in a rush. The old app was clunky, a least it worked. Should have spent a lot more time on design and user feedback, then more time in testing.

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