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Recruit the best heroes - Build advanced defenses - Defend your frontier!

This is really a Tower Defense being upgraded with RPG elements, the most easy to play but also hell to master Tower Defense ever in mobile! Are you tired of watching your towers and do nothing to sercuce your victory? Let's Frontier Defense give you a whole new picture of a creative Tower Defense game ever on mobile.

Frontier Defense introduce a unique gameplay by letting you simply HOLD a button to perform a crazy attack on monters:
- HOLD to crazy attack & Tap to activate devastating skills!
- Recruit heroes (like RPG Games)! Build Defensive Towers (like Tower Defense)!
- Upgrade towers! Level up heroes!
- Unlock Relics! Spin the lucky wheel!
- Open mystery chests! Defense Tower to WIN!

What made Frontier Defense becomes a MUST-HAVE Tower Defense game?
- This is where idle game (clicker) perfectly meets tower defense!
- This is where RPG elements do exist! Recruit heroes with their own unique abilities!
- This is where you can control up to 3 HEROES at the same time!
- This is where you do all can to push back the enemies!!!

*** All cool features that people ever wanting in a idle games & Tower Defense games, Frontier Defense has them all ***

- 10 unique defensive towers with endless upgrades! (More to come in updates)
- 6 unique heroes with endless upgrades! (More to come in updates)
- 50 beautiful, hand-crafted environments.
- More than 100 Relics to collect!
- Many types of destructive monsters are ruthlessly outnumbered!
- Many quests with awesome rewards.
- Lucky Wheel to brings great items.
- Leader-board.
- Achievements.
- Data syncs across multiple devices.

Tower Defense Game Fans! RPG Game Fans! Where are you?! \\ ( ^ o ^ ) //

Thanks for playing Frontier Defense!

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Mr 5
As some game but came you ad more heros
Pon 3
I'm at 179 and I feel it's long enough to write a review. First, only two towers worth upgrading, twin towers and Phoenix. Twin tower to take out air units, Phoenix for ground. All other towers don't do nearly enough damage. Second, the last two towers (drsgon and chimera) are useless. The chimera keeps lifting monsters with the tornado making my Phoenix miss. Phoenix should be able to hit air units. Third, heroes are useless except for Santa since he can stun lock monsters indefinitely. Hero's do negligible damage after 100. Gameplay is definitely stale at this level. I did not spend any money so I guess thats a plus to get this far...
Jonathon 3
Game crashes frequently. Claim rewards, get a notification, play longer than four minutes.... Everything causes it to crash. At least it does for my Google Nexus. Otherwise it's great.
Jasmine 1
I was liking it fine until I purchased my third hero and it turned out to be an awful, racist stereotype of a Native American. I'm uninstalling immediately. What a terrible thing to include in a game.
Mark 3
My main issue with this game is the ads. I have no issue with image ads but a video ad that's forced for at least 5 seconds every time a chest drops? No thanks. I listen to music while playing and this is really annoying as stops my music everytime!
Anthony 4
Love the game, but it crashes before a full battle is over making me redo it, just to crash again. I'm playing using the Samsung Galaxy S8. Hopefully that helps in fixing the crashes! Very fun game! :D
For the past two days cant play as the game crashes as soon as you log in. Finally got one time after numerous tries tried to collect 15 daily gems then crashed again. Not a game worth worrying about keeping and if it can't be fixed, will be uninstalling.
Brenden 2
The combat in this game isnt satisfying or fun. Also the game tried to force me to buy $20 worth of gems, which sucks if your kid is playing this. *more info* I barely played anything past the tutorial and the game automatically went to the shop and had an arrow pointed to the $20 gems. It wasnt allowing me to go back to the normal menu or do anything except click it. Had to exit the app.
Richard 1
Awesome game just keeps continually crashing. Miss out on gold and gems all the time and it crashes and resets the auto bar.
Alex 5
I wanted to wait a little before making a review. But now I have prestige and now I'm at battle 31. Now I haven't paid a dollar yet and also haven't had a payment problem. I can understand what other people mean when they say they have accidentally bought something because it's "too easy to click". The reason being is that the buttons to buy are on the right when you are scrolling, so sometimes it might happen. It happen to me where I spent in game money on something on accident. But that's my own fault. So a lot of people who complain so far are stubborn and uninstall the game after something doesn't work out for them. Great game 9/10 in my book I'll say. I'll gladly buy something in the game to donate to the maker's.
Warren 4
UPDATE 9: Right now, I'm on Battle 176,and I feel like some of the bosses have way to much health. It can take a very long time to defeat them and this can be an issue if you are only checking in on the game, as closing the game resets it back to wave 1 of theater Battle.The gold is also still a problem. Gold earned from monsters is too low, as well as that earned from Prestige. Also, the special skills of Santa and Doctor Brown should get a buff in damage. The skills deal very little damage and make almost no difference in higher battles.


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