Super Atomic: The Hardest Game Ever!

Super Atomic: The Hardest Game Ever!








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WARNING: This game will drive you crazy! DO NOT PLAY!

Super Atomic is pure, minimal game about a incredible test of patience & reaction!

All who have attempted Impossible Games will know the pleasurably painful twitching you are about to endure but with added vertigo.

Each exciting tap requires quick reflexes and super fast decisions. Super Atomic is also fulfilled with Neon & Dubstep.

Warning: Speed Limit will be raised after each level!

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Latest Ratings

Jarret 5
Pretty challenging, well played
ruffneck 3
For how simple the idea is, its a really challenging but addictive game. Really enjoying it so far, at lvl20 and hoping it won't run out of levels soon. Why isn't there an option to sign in every day to collect extra lives? Being the hardest game ever, I need them........ really is now the hardest game ever, level 31 and the ball starts glitching slightly, making it impossible.
Argothiel 5
Should be "the best game ever". Seriously, it's one of my favourites. I love it and I love that most people would just give up at some point. One thing -- I have to play offline, because of the annoying ads, which run even in the middle of the game. Non-disturbing, text-only ads would be so much better! EDIT: Now I won't know, if you fixed the ads, because I've bought a full version. Lots of love too!
Robin 4
Simple and good game. Maybe too simple. Played to a point like level 60 where i got bored but didn't feel like it was the hardest. I guess it would get very difficult at like level 100.As constructive criticism: Game could use some kind of competitive aspect to play with friends. Ads are not at all subtle but ruin gameplay. They could be more subtle. I don't mind watching ads but i think they shouldnt just ruin gameplay. Music could vary for feeling less repetitive.
bigmike1547 5
This game is really REALLY fun and highly addictive. Once i beat a level i wanted to know how the next would be. The graphics amd shapes spiraling behind as you make a full rotation amd the audio that goes with it is really creative and super trippy. Play this while your blown would achieve maximum desired effects. Good job app developers.
Harman 4
Very addictive game BUT i hate that resume button which is placed wrongly.. Because it works suddenly with touch. Infact resume button is not needed in such a fast action game. Hope u will understand...
Randall 1
This game would be great if the touch sensitivity worked. Doesn't respond half the time. It starts to bog down and lag so your timing gets messed with.
Archangel 5
Rage inducing crack. It may not seem difficult.. But you'd be wrong.. And I still can't stop playing. Good job guys.
Anurag 3
A good game plagued with ill timed advertising. I swear that at least once in 20 games an advertisement will pop up after you have started the game an that just pissed me off.
Radai 5
Its not hard at first but I quickly gets to you with the simplest mistake you make then it seems impossible unless you calm down. Ps it wont happen any time soon. Pss this game still rocks!
Aciank 4
Simple gameplay, cool mechanics, nice to waste time on this. Challenging while you progress through the game. If u have ads just disable internet and u wont have problems. Suggested.


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