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Screen Master, no rooting required, powerful screenshot & image markup tool

Screen Master is a easy-to-use, no rooting required screenshot & image markup tool, lets you take screenshots on your tablet, phone or other Android device the easy way!

Screen Master also provides a variety of annotation features such as crop, add text, pixelated image, draw arrow, rect, circle and so on. Allows you to easily edit and annotate your pictures and quickly share it with your friends!

► Advantages:
1. No in-app purchase
2. Small size, less than 5MB
3. No rooting required, No restrictions on use
4. HIGH-QUALITY screenshot, saved without any loss
5. A variety of capture screenshot and image annotation features

► Key Features:
★ Capture Screenshot:
Depending on your device and system version you can use the following triggers:
- The Phone Keypad
- Floating button: An easy to capture button that is displayed on top of everything
- Shake: Shake the device to take a screenshot

Support Android 7.0 Shortcuts and QuickTile features, you can quickly turn off/on the screenshot service

★ Image Markup:
- Image cropping, rotation: can be cut into rectangular, round, star, triangle and other shapes
- Blur Image: pixelate the image to cover areas you do not want to show
- Add Emoji sticker: Make your pictures look lively and interesting
- Add text on picture: can be customized text color, background, shadow, stroke, style, size and so on
- Annotate picture, all tools you need: Arrow, Rect, Circle, Pen
- Large picture can be directly annotated and do not have to be cropped first
- Not only screenshots but all pictures are supported, you could import photo from gallery, HD save and share with your friends

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Latest Ratings

This is the BEST screenshot app. I needed it because the free "Screen Write" app on Android couldn't draw proper arrows or straight lines at all, and I want accurate arrows when annotating chess position screenshots that I share with my friends. Freehand arrows look aweful!! Love the fact I can save as PNG instead of JPEG (lossless compression). Also love the design - this is an absolute pleasure to use! Skipped the free version and bought it because had highest average rating (4.8 stars). At only around $3 for the best app, it was an easy choice. You'll love it.
Nick 1
why after screen shoot cannot save
Trevor 5
Great app. An eraser selection tool would be handy
dr.sreenivas 5
Excellent & one of themust have Android app
Shannon 2
It was great when it worked on the first day. It allowed me to capture screens of maps that I would need later when I'd be without Wi-Fi access. But after a day it's stopped working. Apparently there's a bug that they're working on.
This is an excellent app, the best of all I have tried! I use this on the job to communicate with clients and contractors - perfect! The developer quickly responded to a question sent via email and helped me resolve my issue.
Kiloe 3
Please ad more sticker options. How is there no 💩 emoji?
Antonio 5
FANTASTIC SCREENSHOT TOOL! I have a GOOGLE NEXUS 6P. I do not have root access and I don't want to. It is the way it came from factory. I have tried a lot of others tools but this one impressed me! It works without root that is the first point. It is BLAZING FAST!!! I was amazed by the speed of the capturing. That was the second point. The third point is it has a very nice on the screen point / button that enables you to capture the screen. Press once and it shows Edition options. Press twice fast and it just saves the picture. Fourth point: it has amazing editing tools! Unbelievable! FIVE STARS!
Michael 5
Absolute best mark-up app I've found! Fast, efficient, and a great UI. I use it at work on site to mark up photos sent with status reports to the main office.
This app works great and provides a simple, easy, and clean interface, that truly has a "one press" screen capture function, which works! Within the "Screen Capture Editor," the "font formatting" options (outline, drop shadow, and background, highlight) are very useful for editing! You can also select the exact color with the eyedropper tool color, for the font formatting options, the background, and the drop shadowing, too. Excellent app!!! I just purchased the upgraded version. Highly recommended to everyone :)
Matt 4
Great editor, but when using the share function it sometimes gets stuck on old screenshots and tries to share them to the Android share API instead of the new one you are actually trying to share. If I save instead of share then it saves the new one. Dev is incredibly responsive. Answered email in minutes and is investigating.

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