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Feedlot app to plan feed sessions, calculate feed mixes and optimize delivery

QuickFeed helps the feedlot manager to plan feed sessions and deliver feed instructions to feed mixers and delivery machines.

The app allows the user to define 'Delivery Points', 'Machines', 'Feed Resources' and 'Feed Rations'.

'Rations' are made up from mixing Resources in a specific order and in a specific ratio proportionate to the total mix.

Delivery Points are defined to be in a natural ascending delivery order.

Machines have attributes to define their maximum capacity and also the order in which delivery to the Delivery Points will take place i.e. Machines which deliver feed on the left hand side will deliver in ascending order to the Delivery Points and visa versa.

Furthermore to Machines, the app allows the user to define the mechanism in which a Feed Instruction will be delivered to the Machine. This depends on the type of equipment on the Feed Mixing Machine. This delivery mechanism is constantly being developed and expanded to cater for new machines and equipment. Currently WIFI file transfer, email and serial port communications are available to deliver instructions to mixing machines.

The feed allocation module allows the user to create feeding plans or templates to be reused. A feed plan will contain all the delivery points, the amount of feed and the ration to be delivered. Once the plan has been completed the user turns the plan into a delivery instruction. At this point the app will calculate the most efficient utilization of the available machines in order to minimize the number of trips necessary for the delivery and also the best utilization of the machines.

After the feed instruction has been generated, the app will create a machine instruction for each machine being used, which can now be sent to the individual machines via the pre-declared transfer mechanism. This machine instruction will contain the exact amount of each resource to be loaded (based on the prior definition of the ration) and the exact amount to be offloaded at each delivery point.

Various settings are available to the user to manipulate the optimization calculation for when a feed instruction is being created.

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