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[NOTE: THE MTA DOES NOT ALLOW FOR ADDING TO YOUR METROCARD VALUE OVER THE INTERNET. This app tells you how much to add to your Metrocard so you don't have a remainder.]

Don't want to pay $1 for a new metrocard? Having trouble figuring out exactly how much to add to your NYC Subway Metrocard in order to end up with an empty balance after the MTA's bonus?
No problem! Just type in how much your current balance is and you'll get options of how much to add so you don't have a leftover balance! Works quickly and requires no internet connection so it'll work underground; just fire up the app when the MTA machine tells you your balance.

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Thundervore 4
Great app but I moved on EasyPay Xpress! No more trying to figure out how much to add, no more standing in line to refill a card, no more inserting cards, and the best of all no more touching that filthy touchscreen or keypad. Auto refill is the way to go if you live in NYC and take public transit.
Kia 5
Perfect This is all one needs for the times you don't need to a monthly pass, but still have to travel in NYC. For the complaints of how it doesn't "refill" your card. Well, you'd have to be pretty stupid to go with an app not created by the MTA, even if it were possible to refill from your phone.
An 5
Best app w/ no pop-ups that really works! Tried 2 roll over my 3/31/15 for new cards. MVM said "Not Eligible". 2Token booth clerks said they couldn't do cause of "New Software". Have to mail in/wait for over $50 worth of cards. Who in this recession can wait 2months for $50??? For now on I'm only rolling over cards w/ $0 balance. THANK YOU 4 THIS APP!
Kyle 5
It's great, For those who don't want to get an unlimited every week or month. It's a great way to save money.
Rai 2
Hard to understand I just tried this app and I selected reduced fare and I hoped to see how many rides with bonus not having any luck.
Amanda 5
save money from the stealing MTA This is a godsend app. with this bs 11% courtesy and having the MTA steal your leftover change, this app helps save money. Just put in the amount it says to put in. The MTA machines don't show the true end amount you'll get. I was confused by this the first time. Just another way you're 'donating' to MTA.
Jeuris 5
Saves me money $99 a month vs $116 just to go to work . I only take one train.
Zach 5
Perfect Works like a charm. Can't emphasize how convenient it is
Gail 4
The Best AT What It Does!! OK. This app is perfect. It helps the rider accurately calculate monetary additions to their Metrocard.
Harry 1
Great if it works There is no menu button
Joëlle 5
Amazing! Exactly what I needed. Simple, straightforward and takes the guesswork out of the way! Tks :)

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