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Your ABC's are your music notation and your phone keyboard is your instrument


- Easy to read Musitude music notation: if you can read your ABC’s and 123’s you can read Musitude notation.
- Easy to play: your phone’s on screen keyboard is your instrument.
- New pieces added every day
- Thousands of pieces of music
- One log in to rule them all: a sign in with our mobile app also works on our website and vice versa.

Musitude is a revolutionary music system that allows anyone to read music and play our musical instrument (your computer or phone QWERTY keyboard).

Only 3% of people can read traditional sheet music and play an instrument proficiently. But most (almost all actually) of the 97% of us who are not musicians want to have this experience but don’t have time to spend a year or so taking music lessons to learn an unfamiliar and strange looking notation and a difficult to learn instrument and tapping a screen with a rhythm game maybe fun but is ultimately unfulfilling.

So instead of you having to learn the traditional system, Musitude has adapted music to skills you already have.

If you can read and you can use a QWERTY keyboard (either on a computer or mobile phone) then you are already a musician with Musitude because our app (and website) adapt your phone or computer keyboard to become your musical instrument and your ABC’s and 123’s to become your music notation.

We translate existing music into Musitude notation and you do the rest – that is, just play, have fun and be awesome.


- Musitude news page
- Music genre selection
- Search for your favourite music pieces or artists
- choose your instrument
- Musitude notation appears on your screen
- Your mobile phone keyboard becomes a musical instrument
- Play the music you see on the screen
- Listen to the piece or play along with auto-play
- For duets or multi-part pieces, have the Musitude app accompany you as you play your chosen part and the app plays the other parts along with you.
- Manage your profile
- Many new features to be added

About Musitude

Musitude is a London, UK based music tech startup.
We are passionate about music and dedicated to making the joy of music notation reading and instrument playing available to everyone.
We recognise that learning to read traditional music notation and play an instrument is extremely difficult and can take years to get to the point where the activity becomes joyful; especially if we didn’t learn that traditional system as children. That’s why only about one in twenty attain this goal even though almost all of us have a desire to be a musician.
The musitude team have been working hard to adapt music to you and the skills (reading and typing/texting) that you already have.

Download our completely free app here on the Google Play Store.

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