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Listen Quran offline - Audio Quran - Holy Quran offline - Listen Quran - Quran

Now listen Full Quran offline without internet connection.
Full mp3 quran for listen
Listen Quran offline without any internet connection. Just open the Quran and tap to any surah of Quran.
Mp3 file will be play and you can listen Holy Quran for long time.

Every Surah will be played back to back automatically. Don't need to tab again and again on every Surah.
In this way you can listen Full Quran offline.

This app has following Features:

- Flexible and Responsive UI
- Abdul Basit Abdul Samad
- Qari Syed Sadaqat Ali
- Qari Waheed Zafar Qasmi
- Listen Quran
- Quran in English
- Quran in Hindi
- Quran in Arabic
- Best gamesandappsforworld
- Quran in Urdu
- Recitation of Famous Qurra [Reciters]
- Saad Al-Ghamdi
- 15 lines quran
- Audio Quran
- Mashary Bin Rashid
- Ahmad Bin Ali Ajmi
- Mp3 Quran Audio
- Quran with Urdu Translation
- Quran with multiple reciters
- Al Quran Arabic
- Read & Listen Quran offline
- Holy Quran (HD)
- Read and Listen Quran
- Holy Quran with Tafsir
- 114 Surahs of Quran
- Alquran (Full 30 Juz)
- MP3 Quran
- Quran Karim - the Koran - the whole Quran
- Offline Quran (Audio) availability anytime anywhere
- AbdurRehman As-Sudais
- Ali Abdur-Rahman al-Huthaify
- Abdullah Basfar
- Clear, Best Quality and Loud Audio
- Work online and offline
- Use “Go to” option to find a specific ayah.
- Search for Surah using search bar.
- Read full Quran on your smartphone anytime
- All 114 Surahs of Quran are in order.
- Listen and Learn Quran
- Free Quran Mp3 Audio Tilawat
- Holy Quran (read and listen)
- Holy Quran (16 lines per page)

Surah List:
- Surah Al-Fatihah (The Opening) audio
- Surah Al-Baqarah (The Cow) audio
- Surah Al-'Imran audio
- Surah An-Nisa' audio
- Surah Al-Ma'idah audio
- Surah Al-An'am audio
- Surah Al-A'raf audio
- Al-Anfal audio
- Al-Bara'at / At-Taubah audio
- Yunus audio
- Hud audio
- Surah Yusuf audio
- Ar-Ra'd audio
- Surah Ibrahim audio
- Al-Hijr audio
- An-Nahl audio
- Surah Bani Isra'il audio
- Surah Al-Kahf audio
- Surah Maryam audio
- TaHa audio
- Al-Anbiya' audio
- Al-Hajj audio
- Surah Al-Mu'minun audio
- An-Nur audio
- Al-Furqan audio
- Ash-Shu'ara' audio
- An-Naml audio
- Al-Qasas audio
- Al-'Ankabut audio
- Ar-Rum audio
- Luqman audio
- As-Sajdah audio
- Al-Ahzab audio
- Al-Saba' audio
- Al-Fatir audio
- Surah Yasin( Surah Yaseen) audio
- As-Saffat audio
- Sad audio
- Az-Zumar audio
- Al-Mu'min audio
- Ha Mim audio
- Ash-Shura audio
- Az-Zukhruf audio
- Ad-Dukhan audio
- Al-Jathiyah audio
- Al-Ahqaf audio
- Surah Muhammad audio
- Al-Fath audio
- Al-Hujurat audio
- Qaf audio
- Ad-Dhariyat audio
- At-Tur audio
- An-Najm audio
- Al-Qamar audio
- Ar-Rahman audio
- Al-Waqi'ah audio
- Al-Hadid audio
- Al-Mujadilah audio
- Al-Hashr audio
- Al-Mumtahanah audio
- As-Saff audio
- Al-Jumu'ah audio
- Al-Munafiqun audio
- At-Taghabun audio
- At-Talaq audio
- At-Tahrim audio
- Al-Mulk audio
- Al-Qalam audio
- Al-Haqqah audio
- Al-Ma'arij audio
- Surah Nuh audio
- Surah Al-Jinn audio
- Al-Muzzammil audio
- Al-Muddaththir audio
- Al-Qiyamah audio
- Al-Insan audio
- Al-Mursalat audio
- An-Naba' audio
- An-Nazi'at audio
- ' Abasa audio
- At-Takwir audio
- Al-Infitar audio
- At-Tatfif audio
- Al-Inshiqaq audio
- Al-Buruj audio
- At-Tariq audio
- Al-A'la audio
- Al-Ghashiyah audio
- Al-Fajr audio
- Al-Balad audio
- Ash-Shams audio
- Al-Lail audio
- Ad-Duha audio
- Al-Inshirah audio
- At-Tin audio
- Al-'Alaq audio
- Al-Qadr audio
- Al-Bayyinah audio
- Al-Zilzal audio
- Al-'Adiyat audio
- Al-Qari'ah audio
- At-Takathur audio
- Al-'Asr audio
- Al-Humazah audio
- Al-Fil audio
- Al-Quraish audio
- Al-Ma'un audio
- Al-Kauthar audio
- Al-Kafirun audio
- An-Nasr audio
- Al-Lahab audio
- Al-Ikhlas audio
- Al-Falaq audio
- An-Nas audio

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Latest Ratings

marivic 5
It's best a benifecials for all learning surah like me it's big benifets fo can contenue learning to follow in my memorisetion even I don't have internet.. May Allah rewards all of you Ameen Jazhak Allahu khairan
Imran 5
It's great app. I'm really thankful of that team who made this. I recommend to everyone that they sure download this and mus listen.
I can listen to this beautiful recitation of the holy Qu'ran with no WiFi may Allah bless who made this app
saba 5
Masha allah the app is great.. The voice is clear Great quran app Ive ever seen. But the advertisements disturbs
Anisuddin 5
Thankful to him who created this offline apps and it's amazing apps when I am feeling alone then I am listening the Qur'an. And feel better. Once again thanks to him....
Mashaalah.....I from the beginning love the voice of mishary........hearing Quran from his mouth it's the biggest ever pleasure..........I didn't love anyone's voice more than him....
Engineer 4
Good Apps but when I was online there are so many Adds.. This not fair..
Jewel 5
Mashallah I think that is great. My fraviout riciter is mishary rashid and I like that you can use it in the background
Tasnimah 5
To the developers of this app, may Allah grant you more ability to share brilliant work like this... Very nice, masha Allah. May the Almighty bless us all always.
Mohd 5
Assalamualalaikum Mashallah very good app to listen Quran with beautiful voice. I recommend to all..
Thanks a lot for making this application and sharing with us. May Allah blessed u always

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