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The best anime RPG, Ninja Heroes: Storm Battle! Gather your ultimate ninjas now!

The best anime RPG has arrived – Ninja Heroes: Storm Battle! Gather your team of fantasy ninjas, legends, and heroes to join millions of other players in a worldwide cross-server battle!

A ninja storm is brewing! Unleash ultimate blazing skills with tactics to crush opponents and monsters! The power of ninjutsu is yours to control. Build your own ultimate ninja saga, and become a legend in Ninja Heroes: Storm Battle!

☆ An Epic Ninja Saga RPG ☆

The story might have ended, but the saga lives on! Fight against the latest threat to the world of ninjutsu, including clashes with ninjas from other countries worldwide. The true final battle is arriving in the ultimate anime RPG!

☆ Hundreds of Ninjas and Shinobi to recruit ☆

Battling against the rising threat means you need the help of others! Recruit from hundreds of ninjas and shinobi to form your team, including legends which you could only dream of! Together with your tactics, blaze through the world of ninjutsu and leave your mark!

☆ Unleash Blazing Ninjutsu Attacks with Tactics ☆

Gain access to new and more powerful ninjutsu attacks as your ninjas level up! Offensive, defensive, and support skills are at your disposal. Deploy your tactics and time the usage of skills wisely on the battlefield and PVP arena. Each wrong move could lead to your loss in this intense world of ninjutsu. Become the most powerful ninja team today!

☆ Cross-platform Adventures ☆

Ninjas from all over the world on both iOS and Android devices are connected to the same fantasy world of ninjutsu. Challenge each other in the PVP arena, or form shinobi clans and participate in epic raid battles! Join millions of other players in Ninja Heroes: Storm Battle right now!


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Latest Ratings

Tan 1
Don't be fooled by the game's rating as people gave them 5 stars for a gift. Most of them probably quit playing and didn't bother to edit the rating. I'm fine with pay2win but it's a whole new level in this game that I do not have words to describe. Other than that, I think guild war can only be participated by top 3 guilds which is ridiculous.
Farhan 1
Guys.. This is my sincere review.. Please do not download this game.. Or you will regret it later.. I spent more than usd300 just to make my character strong.. But in the end, my opponent still overtake me easily cause they are big time spender.. Not sure either they are genuine player or only one of devs staff.. But in level 56 l, come from no where in one day got 5 stars madara, jugo, zetsu, rinnegan sasuke, and hashirama.. Seriously?? What the hell.. I felt really down.. I take my decision to uninstall this game after this.
Wilson 5
I have been playing for 3 weeks and today I can't even log in, and they deleted the Facebook page or they blocked me... I am really upset because I spent more than 40 USD, I feel robbed
Amr 2
After playing this game for a month now i have problems in stamina, it's always not enough. Also gold is never enough in this game you're pushing people to pay real money to enjoy. It's a shame how great game like this have to be about money when you almost love it and play it everyday. Your game is becoming more like pay to win everyday. Many people can't pay they're here to enjoy the game and still all you care about is collecting money money. Please take in consideration that many people can't pay like other people.
Darkus 5
Still connection error. You can't ignore customer services because it's new year holiday. It will be 1 stae till i can login again. Great game tho
mattygstroud 1
Can someone please tell me why my account has restarted from the beginning? I'm fuming I really like this game especially when I just spent money on the weekly diamond pass. HELP Please....
Shamil 5
Man.. My connection problem and i lost my id.. I already reach lvl 75man.. How do i fix this.. I already link to my fb email but keep on saying connection error.. Someone please help me
iEternity 1
Worst game ever. Luckily i didnt topup more than 10 dolars. Been played for 2 days and suddenly the game start all over again although i have been playing it until my acc is lv12. Dissappointed
Csalamata 1
Playing this game for a few days, one day when i woke up i've just entered this game, i was around level 25-27( i don't remember exactly), and evwrything just disapeared.. my characters, my level, also the server i was joined in.. i was logged in with my facebook, tried to recover, but nothing ...
Eric 1
how come my diamond from 1600+ become 300+ i didn't use any of it. is it bug or what, give my diamond back and i'll give u 5 star for the service. it's to shame if this such great game get low rating because this issues. my IGN : Einel
Remy 5
I think this game so interesting to play, i really enjoy this game. Its killing my time to play this game very much haha. Hope this app can be first grossing games to watch:)


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