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I have had people ask for resizing on this. I enabled resizing which works fine on my Lenovo tablet but people are complaining about it not working on their phone. The widget is already four icons wide and the ratio of the screen is what it is. If your phone is also four icons wide, your options are, of course, limited. If you have an idea what you want, tell me what it is and I'll probably see if I can implement it. Otherwise, as far as I'm aware, resizing works as expected and simply complaining won't help anyone.

GOOD NEWS! No need to update to plus. I found the key. New update uploaded

Note that this is a widget. Once installed, you will have to add it to your homescreen, it won't do it automatically! You may need to reboot your phone before the widget shows as avalable (this is a known issue with Android).

Newschannel5 Storm Tracker radar watching app (Neither this app nor company are associated with Newschannel 5 in any way). Updates every 20 minutes unless refreshed manually.

A couple of my commenters don't seem to get the widget thing. Constructive comments would be appreciated (It's free, no ads after all)

It appears that at least one ad blocking application, Adaway blocks the site that provides the images. If you are not getting a display, consider disabling the ad blocking or add the site to the whitelist. The site is ftpcontent2.worldnow.com

Update, 2nd March. Images have not been updating since the 2nd of February. Looks like Newschannel5 definitely changed their site this time. Please stand by.

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Joshua 4
I like this radar widget But I wish you had one for my area! I'm on the Mississippi coast.
Mark 2
Pretty cool (when it works) This is the second time that this radar widget has frozen on a date (Oct 19) and will not update to the current day (now Nov 20). I have cleared the cache and have uninstalled and reinstalled it, no change. Too bad, when it works it's pretty handy....
Elvis 2
Note 4 I changed my rating I previously put 4 because resizing did not work and still does not work but I'm getting to the point of installing this app I did love it was the best one out there especially for my area plus it was from channel 5 .. now resizing still does not work get all this room on my phone and a little bitty tiny widget you can resize it if you only want to change position of where widget is not size and why do I have to take it off and put it back on my screen because its stuck on previous image
Allen 1
Used to be a great app but no longer works. Beginning last week would not update. Updated the app still doesn't work. Uninstalled.. reinstalled.. No luck..on droid x
Steve 5
Fantastic App with no ads and no intrusive permissions!!! My only complaint is that the claim is made you can resize it. This is false. You can resize a nice square around the 2x4 widget, but the image remains the same. I have the Samsung Galaxy S5. Still a wonderful app! Thank you!!!!!!! NOTE TO DEVELOPER: You cannot just add resizing. You must add a second widget and/or widget option with 4x4 for full screen. Check out other widgets, even the Android Alarm Widget is this way. You may be more familar with Iphones.
Adam 2
Resizing does not work on Samsung S6 Got new Samsung S6 Edge and resizing does not work. Uninstalled!
A 5
Great app Worked great for my Droid X and Droid RAZR Maxx. Now it works great on my S5.
Amy 5
Best app ever!!!! Seriously, its all you need, accurate.... So convenient! Saves so much time. Takes 2 seconds to connect to the internet and click to play the radar. I'd give it a million and a half stars. If the electricity goes out you got this on your phone and the 4warn app you're super covered! This is way easier than 4warn if you need to know at a glance! Excellent!
Andrew 5
Great App! I rarely watch TV, so this app comes in handy!
Aaron 5
Great widget! I love this widget, how can I help to get a larger tablet version?
Michael 5
Worthless Doesn't work I give it five stars for waste of time

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