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By Iván Melenchón Serrano Category Video Players & Editors

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The easiest way to control your music.

Note for Samsung users: some Android versions on Samsung devices have an issue that makes MusicShaker to not work properly. Last Android 4.4.2 version for Samsung Gsalaxy S5 works properly as it does on Samsung Galaxy SII.

Play next or previous song just by tilting your phone.
The easiest way to control playback of your music.

Now that you should protect the information in your phone with a password or pattern, you do not have to unlock it to skip a song.

You can use it in three ways:

- Whenever you tilt the phone, no matter the screen is on, off or locked. The song is skipped then the phone returns to vertical position to avoid undesired skips.

- Only with screen on: song is only skipped if the screen is on, even with phone locked. In this mode the song skips immediately when tilting the phone.

- Even with the screen off: the song skip is not performed immediately by tilting the phone. The skip is performed when the phone returns to its upright position. This prevents accidentally skipping a song when carrying the phone in your pocket. The movement should be performed in less than two seconds to consider it an intended action.

Music Shaker can indicate with a sound when a skip is ocurring.

It can be also set up to not skip songs if your phone is unlocked. This allows you to rotate the phone to landscape to better view othe applications without skipping any song.

If your music player can not be controlled by Shaker Music email us and we will support it.

Languages: english, spanish, catalan, galician, french and y Portuguese. If your language is not one of these let us know and help us to include it.

Note for Samsung users: currently Samsung Music Player Player always captures "play" command (and provably "next" and "previous"), so no other music player will work with MusicShaker nor headphones with integrated controls. The bug has been already sent to Samsung.

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