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Diamond Diamond Slots - Free Pokies features an exciting hunt for millions of spectacular diamonds and huge GLITTERING JACKPOTS. Play anytime and anywhere to discover the absolutely LAVISH WINNINGS that this Free Slots has to offer while enjoying the best authentic Las Vegas style casino slots experience available!

★★★★★ Game Features ★★★★★

►Select up to 5 bet lines on the Classic 3 Reels Slot Machine for lots of FLASHY wins!
►Sit back & Auto Spin for easy play while you admire the sparkling HD Graphics & great HD Sound!
►Be smitten with the Bonus Coins that surprise you every 4 hours!
►Hunt up Wild Symbols that replace ANY Symbol for the chance of GLISTENING payouts!
►Be dazzled by the Multilingual UI & play in your own language!
►Imagine yourself at your favorite casino when you use the 3D slot machine handle!

Diamond creation occurred hundreds of miles underground under conditions of extreme heat and pressure when carbon was crystallized into rough diamonds. Diamond mining is a difficult process but not in this Slot Machine. Glorious diamonds are simple to mine in this Free Slots and are always right there in the palm of your hand. Diamonds are the hardest natural substances on Earth but also the easiest things to find in this Pokies. There are two types of diamond mining—pipe mining and alluvial mining. Workers at screening facilities hunt for rough diamonds in raw ore. This Slot Machine is filled with good luck and it finds the diamonds for you. The longer you play this Free Slots, the more brilliant jackpots you win. In diamond mining, sometimes hundreds of tons of raw ore only yield a single carat of gem quality rough diamonds. This Pokies has heaps of shimmering diamonds, sevens, and gold bars itching to align into gleaming treasure. Diamonds found in nature are billions of years old. It takes virtually no time at all to win a sparkling fortune in this Free Slots. Bonus Coins are generous and simple to find in this double diamond Pokies. A bounty of Free Spins makes this Free Slots tremendously fun. Winning is easier than real diamond mining in this excellent Pokies. Start winning dazzling jackpots today with Diamond Diamond Slots - Free Pokies.

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Go nuts for this game Wow, this one pounds the competition. Best way to entertain yourself after a long hard day i love how absorbed I get playing this. You guys are master game developers, thanks for a great experience
Lavish extravagant fun What a captivating game. I have won so many jackpots playing this. Makes my heart race never seen better, thank you for making this great game
Jacked up jackpots Real casino action with great graphics and sound exotic locales make this super fun this game is really marvelous, I can thank you enough for it
Fantasy wealth jackpot I am so hooked that I can't stop playing delighted with how many bonuses I keep getting. I love this game, really puts me in a good mood it's so exhilarating when I win, I love the game you've made.
Winnings fun trimmings State of the art game that doesn...t disappoint. Beautiful mood and atmosphere, I love spending time in this game.
Wendell 4
Uncommonly good game Wicked odds mean you might stay up all night long like me. This game astounds me with its odds, it's my favorite to play an intoxicating thrill ride, I love it.
Leonid 5
Exhilarating powerhouse escapade Pure, effortless enjoyment. Spectacular odds keep me playing this gem of a game absolutely delightful making games like this is going to make you famous, thanks.
Killer magical odds This game is sublime you can start a conversation with almost anyone about this game. Enormously fun, great way to spend your day
Upper class treasures This is a gorgeous game I recommend highly. Makes my heart race.
Number 1 winner Lucrative game with lots of exciting features how do you guys keep coming up with these great games.
Carefree casino riches The frequent free spins and bonus games are fabulous wow, this game never gets old

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