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Stay connected with your friends and family.

iCare Tracker– An Investment towards a safe world!!
"Let your loved ones ensure your safety while you ensure their safety” - with iCare Tracker!!!!"
iCare Tracker is an android based application, endowing safety features to silently follow your loved ones and help them in case of any exigency. It's now re-designed to allow your personal safety, along with your loved ones safety.
The tracking feature of iCare Tracker provides you the below imperative facets - all on a single dashboard!!!
- Call history – Last 10 calls
- Precise Current location with live Map
- Access to phone camera (front / rear) to capture their surrounding images.
- Access to microphone to record the background speech.
The ability to follow your loved one requires the application to be installed on your mobile as well as your loved ones mobile.
The app makes use of below terminologies:
Tracker (YOU): The current logged on user, who is tracking.
Trackee (YOUR LOVED ONE): The user who is being tracked – Listed on “Track others” tab.
Below are the new distinctive features of the app to allow the tracker (person who is tracking) track the trackee (person who is being tracked):
- Single logon to allow you to track your loved ones and register the ones you wish to be tracked by.
- Simple PIN based logon.
- Laconic user interface - With the new-fangled screens, you are just a click away from your loved ones status.
- Non-Invasive tracking - You will be able to track your loved ones only if they authorize you to do so. Conversely, only the people you authorize to, would be able to track you.
- Multi user tracking - You could be tracked by or track multiple users. It could be used as a family app to track each other!!
- Notifications to alert on various events as in – trackee authorizations, profile updates, preference changes, iCare uninstallations.
- User preferences to control the scope of tracking parameters thus ensuring the trackee’s privacy objectives.
Follow the below simple steps and keep your family and friends safe!!!
- Install the app on your mobile.
-- Register by providing name, email id and a PIN. This PIN would be used for subsequent logins.
“Track others” tab
-- Under this tab, you would be able to see your loved one's id - you are authorized to track. You can also add additional id’s (trackee) whom who wish to track.
-- Once you add an additional trackee, a notification would be sent to your loved one, prompting their consent / authorization.
-- Select the id to be tracked, to get his current location / call history / capture his surrounding voice and image just by clicking over the respective tabs.

“My Trackers” tab
-- Under this tab you can add the emails ids of people you wish to be tracked by. Thus ensuring your safety!!!

- Install the app on your loved ones mobile.
-- Register by providing name, email id and a PIN. This PIN would be used for subsequent logins.
-- Under the “My Trackers” tab, add the email ids. These emails ids would be able to be track your loved ones.
-- Subsequently, he could also accept the requests of the trackers under the notifications menu.
Note: On subsequent user logons using PIN:
"Track others" tab shows the list of email ids you are permitted to track.
"My trackers" tab shows the list of ids, who can track you.

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