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saragram new telegram

saragram Informal Telegram: Sarah Gram

The features and features of the Sara Gram are fully available to you

Beautify text, attractive fonts
Popular channels list
View the online plugin
View contact changes as a notification
Advanced Finder
Delete contact group
advanced settings
Charming templates with new telegram system
Tabs and categories of messages
Unread tab

Quick access bar for conversations
Two-way message can be deleted
Multiple Forward
Ability to jump to the first message
Advanced Forward
Forward without quotation
Send to myself
View exact channel members
Separating media

Advanced functionality for messaging

Now that you're familiar with the advanced features of Sarah Gram, you will not be able to recognize the special features of messaging. At the top of each conversation page, there's a strip for quick access to recent chats. In addition, you can enjoy the following features by touching each message:

Forward message without sender name (quote)

Edit the text of the message before the forward (advanced)

Instant message forward to multiple conversations (multiple)

Tip: To skip to the first message in groups or channels, you must use the option in the three-point menu.

Notes on the application interface

The appearance of Sarah Gram is largely similar to the original version of the telegram and is attractive enough. The only difference is the separation tabs that they are designed with high precision. In terms of experience working with the above program, there is also no problem and the use of this app will be easy for all strata.

If you need special features for messaging, Sarah Gram is a great option as an advanced telegram. This Android app is available free of charge from the market cafe.

Features available on special occasions

In the sidebar, Sarah Gram has some options that you can use on special occasions. These options include:

Adding and changing an account: With the help of this feature you do not need to install multiple messengers for each of your phone numbers. Just add other numbers from the Add Account section and easily switch between them using the account switching option. Do not hurt that the settings for each account are stored for it.

Sound management: There are 5 cool filters available for changing your voice, which, if any, is selected in voice messages.

File Management: By using this option, you can access the file by date and type of file. Even shared links are available individually.

Customizing the Text: To select the desired font from among the 10 beautiful Persian Fonts, you should mention this option.

Online contacts: If you want to know which of your friends are online now, you should go to this section. In this list, only people can see that their profile is not hidden.

Contact changes: Each of your contacts who are interested in changing their photo, telegram number or ID will appear in the list of this page. There is also a possibility to filter the list by type of change.

Advanced Finder: This tool helps you find them by searching for people's names.

Special contacts: On the conversation page with any of the contacts, you can touch the Add to specific contacts option to view or change the profile of the person on this page or notify them with notifications.

Sara Settings: Here are options for displaying the users' online status, displaying the separation tabs, disabling the tabs, and confirming the voice and stick submission before sending.

Features and strengths of the program

Correct and error-free operation in all sections

Useful side features

Sleek and elegant interface

Easy to use for all strata

A new scramble has arrived

Super advanced telegram with the latest available features

The list of unofficial telegram facilities
Multi-User Account (One-Click Switching)
Manage sound changes
Secret conversation
File management (View all media one at a time)
Change the font
New Telegram is just Sara Gram

Install the new Farsi Telegram from the market cafe

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4.1 and up
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