Let's count the blocks IQ brain game Kanno Nawoki

Let's count the blocks IQ brain game Kanno Nawoki








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Description & Details

When counting, inputting correct answer will proceed to the next problem.

It is a special algorithm to make sure that hidden blocks can be guessed.
In the case of 3 x 3 x 3 blocks in LEVEL 3, we are doing a question from 939 questions.

The first game of rawmy.tokyo Presents Application
Intelligence Quotient IQ "THE BRAIN BRAKER" Kanno Nawoki

Please contact us at Official Site rawmy.tokyo for your comments / bugs.

[How to play this game]
Please count the blocks that have been completed and enter the numerical values and press the OK button.
If you answer correctly, you will proceed to the next question. * Also supports external keyboard.
In the normal game mode, we clear the stage if correct answer exceeds a certain number.

With mental arithmetic such as addition and subtraction, anyone can easily play regardless of age.
I recommend it to the gymnastics of the head such as "Does mental arithmetic become dull?" "I try myself".
You can kill a little time for waiting time such as train / bus, hospital / bank etc.
Elementary school students, junior high school students, high school students, mothers, fathers, old ladies, grandfathers can also play.

[About the start screen]
It is a mode for kill time fighting by choosing the difficulty level of your choice and playing while contemplating.
There is no time limit, let's think slowly and calm down and answer.

In a fixed time limit, it is a mode competing how many questions you can answer correctly.

Difficulty selection BRONZE (Beginner) SILVER (Intermediate) GOLD (Advanced)

BRONZE ... LEVEL 1 to 3 random questions
SILVER ... LEVEL 3 to 5 random questions
GOLD ... LEVEL 5 to 7 random questions

You can choose the time limit from 1:00, 2:30, 5:00, 7:30, 10:00, 12:30.

You can see the results records of Android main body savings from 1st to 5th place at any time.
Each level, time attack, difficulty level, time required, etc are are in detail.

*** HOW TO PLAY ***
You can see the description of the game (page 6)

[Tips for this game]
(1) Method of subtracting from the maximum number by adding missing (decreasing) blocks
(2) a method of adding all in order while guessing blocks in the vertical direction
(3) a method of performing mental arithmetic by making use of multiplication, addition and addition, subtraction in order from the bottom row
There seem to be other efficient calculation methods.

[Game reference information]
Number of blocks at each level (maximum number, number of questions, estimate of beginner's required time)
LEVEL 1 ... 1 block ... 1 question ... 1.5 seconds
LEVEL 2 ... 8 blocks ... 4 questions ... 15 seconds
LEVEL 3 ... 27 blocks ... 8 questions ... 1 min 30 sec
LEVEL 4 ... 64 blocks ... 12 questions ... 3 min 30 sec
LEVEL 5 ... 125 blocks ... 12 questions ... 8 minutes
LEVEL 6 ... 216 blocks ... 12 questions ... 15 minutes
LEVEL 7 ... 343 blocks ... 12 questions ... 45 minutes
LEVEL 8 ... 512 blocks ... 12 questions ... 1 hour 30 minutes
LEVEL 9 ... 729 blocks ... 12 questions ... 4 hours

When recording and updating LEVEL 3, 6, 9 in normal game mode, I will do staff roll.

[External keyboard]
ENTER key ... matching to OK button
BS key ... correspond to clear button
Numeric keys ... correspond to numeric buttons
ESC key ... The game will end

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