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3D universe sandbox to simulate solar system with custom planets, star & gravity

If you had the power, how would you create the solar system? What would be the size of each planet or star? And how would you place them in orbit? If you are interested in Astronomy and looking for a powerful yet easy to use 3D universe sandbox app to create and simulate a whole new galaxy with realistic physics and gravity rules, then you’ve come to the right place. Pocket Universe, the 3D gravity sandbox game, provides you the ultimate power to explore the infinite space and simulate your own space full of different planets, gas giants, and stars.
In this gravity simulator app, you get to customize literally any aspect of these particles to simulate and design your very own pocket universe sandbox. Once you are satisfied with your customized solar system (or any other combination of particles, planets, and stars), you get to easily add it to your collection, take a screenshot and share it with the world.
Pocket Universe comes with a clean and neat design and the 3D simulation is so smooth that you won’t feel any difficulties or lags when bombarding your planets, or applying any condition to them. And make sure not to take the realistic gravity lensing effect as granted when looking at a black hole. It’s just fascinating.

Is Pocket Universe Easy to Use?
Is this 3D universe sandbox with realistic physics simulation powerful enough to create and design different planets, gas giants and stars? The answer is a BIG yes! But are the simulation tools easy to use? The answer is even a BIGGER yes! The user interface is so friendly, that you’ll get used to it after going through the step-by-step tutorial and trying available tools for a few times. After that, you just need to use your imagination and be creative to form some unique pocket universes with gravity simulator based on physics rules. If you are going to redesign our lovely solar system in our galaxy, you’ll have access to all the planets (mars, moon, earth, mercury etc …) and you have the power to unlock new worlds by meeting the right conditions, colliding with the right objects, and altering mass and sea level while keeping the temperature stable. To smash stuff together and create new planets, make sure to crash the right ones together.
Tip: To raise the sea level, hit a planet with ice meteors, and use rock meteors to lower the sea level.
Pocket Universe 3D Sandbox Main Features at a Glance:
• Wonderful 3D graphics with smooth universe simulator
• Super user-friendly interface with easy to learn gameplay
• Step-by-step and detailed tutorial
• Huge variety of particles, procedural planets, gas giants and stars
• Ultimate customization options for your creations
• 3D Gravity simulator with realistic physics rules
• Create Solar System with the tiniest details
• Take screenshots from your pocket universe and share it with family and friends
• Unlock new achievements
• Interactive journal to track your creations
• Save and Load simulated universes
So, Pocket Universe offers everything you should expect from such 3D gravity and Universe Sandbox games and it even sets the bar to a higher level by offering smooth particle simulator, realistic physics rules, user-friendly interface, a wide range of different particles, planets and stars, and a lot more.
No matter you are serious in Astronomy stuff or you just want to have fun creating some beautiful infinite universes, we’ve got you covered. You just need to take your time, select from wide range of stunning particles, stars, and planets, specify their positions and how they should rotate, and last but not the least decide which planets should collide to destroy and create new worlds.
Download Pocket Universe and let us know about any bugs, feature requests or any other suggestions. Stay tuned for whole new features, including repulsive gravity, fully 3D physics on different orbital planes, the option to view from the surface of the world and expanding on the life aspect of the game.

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Jaxon 5
I love this game, highly recommended. The only suggestions I have is an auto orbit feature where you can turn it on and just place a planet and it'll be automatically in a circular orbit, and I would also like to see (this is in no way needed, the fact that there is life is incredible) life on planets to spread to other planets. I am in no way discriminating the game in suggesting things so please don't take it that way. I love it and I wish that my feedback would help make the game even more awesome :D
L. 4
This game is pretty good for what it does, but after a few plays I have not yet been able to setup an orbit that has a path circling a star with stability. All my world's wind up on collision trajectories toward the star. It seems that an essential tool needed to achieve stable orbit is missing. I do like the concept behind this game, though it would be a top rate game if the missing tool was present.
Benjamin 4
The game is great! You can build multiple solar systems, you can have so many planets, etc. but, trying to control which direction your planets going is very difficult. For instance: once you placed your planet and the direction it is going, which you find out it is going too close to other planets or the star. When your trying correct it, it is almost too impossible. Either your close up and takes awhile to zoom it out or trying to find how to reset the direction of the planets. I'll give this five stars if y'all fix it.
The 4
I really like it, but I would really love you guys to instead of using arrows when launching planets, you could see the full cycle of the direction ahead of time. It would make planets being put in the right angle a whole lot easier. Same thing goes for the paid version too.
This game is very good! Although, the direction of putting planets into circular orbit is tricky. Whenever I try to put a planet into orbit (like a big, long way to orbit the star) it will either drift off to space or stay there. Please check it and make it look like Universe Sandbox 2 of putting a planet so that it will make the option easier. Thank you!
UltimateWarriorZBrony 4
I think this game is very fun as you have the freedom to make your own Universe and that you have to work to get more options. Can't wait for the asteroid belt and more life mechanics. One problem is that it's a bit hard to manuvre as I often end up flinging myself more than I intended. Otherwise a very fun game.
Robert 5
This game has the greatest astrophysics engine I've seen but it still has it's flaws. It's almost impossible to have a planet/moon to orbit without crashing eventually and it doesn't matter how big you make a gas giant, it won't become a brown dwarf star. Just one question: when will the intelligent life star to travel to other planets!? That would be an amazing addition!
Roland 5
Too cool. Great visuals and ambient music. Alot of fun! But I'm having trouble getting my planets to stay in an orbit. If you all can somehow make an auto-orbit type feature that would really help! But I love any game by Unity. Always fun games!!
Reavalias 4
Pretty good just a few issues. The habitable​ zones are not displaying properly when star mass is changed. Gravity also doesn't work entirely properly as a planet set to orbit in habitable area will sometimes fly into cold or hot areas can be seen in example solar system for earth as it goes between hot and cold and can't develop life. A better display of gravity effects of new planets on existing ones would be nice especially if orbits could be displayed.
Maindoor1 4
I really enjoy this game, however, there was one minor flaw in this game. Putting a Planet into the habitable zone in an attempt to create life on the is incredibly difficult, the planet will often drift off ever-so-slightly farther out or closer to the star causing an eradication of all life on the planet. I would greatly appreciate if this problem was looked into. Despite this, the game was enjoyable and I would recommend to anyone who has an interest in the universe.
Familia 4
I love the graphics. I wish you could make the camera movible, it feels like I'm on a 2d plane for the whole time. Could you guys could add solar systems like Trappist-1 and mess around with the solar systems. And could you guys put more types of planets? If you do I would be super happy with it.


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