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Darts of Fury - Android Gameplay

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Cool multiplayer darts.

🎯 Let's play darts! Compete against real opponents in the stunning new multiplayer darts game from the creators of 'Table Tennis Touch'. 'Darts of Fury' is an action-packed, modern darts game designed for darts newcomers and fans alike.

Pick up your darts, join Sparrows League and face your first challenger. Take aim, swipe to throw and compete against real opponents from all over the world. Earn XP to climb up the Leagues and aim for League promotion to unlock better darts, faster flights, tougher challenges, and bigger rewards. Can you reach the legendary Eagles league?

Set in a stunning and crowd-packed arena, Darts of Fury is unlike any darts game you've ever seen before. Perfect for both darts newcomers and darts fans. Interactive dartboards will highlight your targets, freeing you to concentrate on achieving the perfect throw. Meet 'ShotBot' - your very own checkout guide drone. She'll guide you around the board, calculating the safest path to that winning checkout. Big screen action, explosive celebrations, interactive dartboards, and digital oches all come together to launch darts into the 21st century.

Customize your darts with endless combinations of barrels, shafts and flights. With 80 darts, hundreds of flight designs and shaft stickers, you can show off your unique personality to League challengers. Earn coins in League matches to upgrade to slimmer, faster darts and increase your chances of getting that elusive perfect '180'.

In League, play 'Tower X01' - an explosive take on the classic '01 game. Race to score the most points and be the first to checkout without going Bust! In Training, test your accuracy under pressure in the fast paced 'Round The Clock'. And stay tuned for more of your favorite darts games coming soon.

• Facebook and Google sign in so you can save progress across devices and play with your real name and photo
• Loads of achievements to collect
• Player stats
• Flag selection
• Language support

If you have any problems with Darts of Fury or you just want to tell us about a feature you want to see, then you can reach us at https://support.yaku.to

Note: Darts of Fury is free to download. However, some items are available to purchase with real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device settings.

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Chris 2
Got bored quickly. Was I if you are playing on a large tablet but hard and inconsistent on a mobile phone. Games clearly not players against real players. Play games where opponent is useless at the start then suddenly checks out with high scores and hitting doubles first time every time. Not for me.
Billy 5
Just logged on after the update and the game has told me I have 16 hours to wait for a token to play, that's just stupid. It also says I have no internet connection and can't connect to cloud (internet is fine.) Change it back to how it was and will happily change my review to 5 stars
kpa65 4
The longer you play the better this gets, upgrading your darts to stay in contention up through the leagues. Would like to have more free options in styling your darts e.g. flight shapes other than just the darts you've upgraded, more gems in achievements to help obtain premium darts as they cost so much almost £5 = 1000 for the first set, 2700 gems needed at £17.99 to get a set in the osprey league. A lot of coin over all the leagues.
Travis 1
Spent 10 dollars for premium darts.... never got anything. Sent a help desk request...no reply. Best darts per league take forever to get and by the time you can get them, you're I a different league and the stats drop. I wouldn't bother
Hatos 1
Brilliant game but.does your head in when it constantly cheats. 47 average "real" player magically beats you with perfect scores when you re at your last token so you have to watch a video to be able to continue....
Olavo 4
It's fun and addicting. However, it drains my battery very quickly on my OnePlus 5. When it comes an update to fix that. I will certainly give 5 star! And it would great to a competitor charts, and so we can compare among other players.
lucy 5
Im A 18 year masters dart player in real life. And I love the game. This one is super fun and addicting being able to play others online. P.S. ROBERT CROSS A.K.A. THE NEW POWER IS A DART PIMP.
piper 5
I loved this game the only downside is that if you don't have the right darts you might find it harder to win but if you don't win then you dont get money to buy the right dart
Fun game... hate you have to pay to play
Rain 5
I love Darts and this is BY FAR the most realistic gameplay I've ever found the rating system is good, reward system fair, and really no need to buy upgrades unless you need to buy your way to the top😂
Games aload of shite try to throw the dart and it starts shaking + wouldn't connect to any1, would not recommend this game to any1😨


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