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Scan virus, antivirus free, remove malware, security and protector for mobile

Antivirus Free & Security for mobile is the world's most reliable all-in-one device optimization and protection application, free virus cleaner for android. Use Antivirus Free & Security for mobile to protect your phone optimally in your daily life.

Antivirus Free & Security and Protector for mobile is an FULL-FEATURED antivirus & security app which can scan viruses, malware, spyware, trojans, phishing attempts, unsafe web browsing and any threats on your devices. Based on next-generation behavior detection technology, Security and Protector for Mobile LLC delivers one of the fastest virus scan in Security and Protector for mobile industry.

Why you need Antivirus App?

With cyberattacks and malicious apps targeting Android smartphones increasing in frequency, everyone may be at risk of financial loss or information disclosure. Antivirus Free Security and Protector for mobile can help to warn discovered potential risks, clear existed threats, provide a comprehensive protection to enhance your phone security safer.

What you can do with Antivirus Free Security and Protector for mobile?
✓ Antivirus Cleaner & Security Protection for mobile - Provide real-time malware/virus protection to ensure phone safety, antivirus security
✓ Scan - 1-click to Scan Virus, Junk, Web, Apps, Media, Settings and resolve all
✓ Boost Cleaner - Clean cache/junk/memory, Optimize battery & storage to Boost phone speed
✓ Web Protection - Scan website URLs to prevent phishing and inappropriate websites to kids
✓ Payment Security - Detect payment environment before purchasing online

★AppLock: Worried about girlfriend or boyfriend snooping on your social applications? Frightened about parents/friends checking your photo gallery? Lock them all right now with AppLock

The best antivirus and protection for mobile:
► Smart & Secure – World’s No.1 antivirus engine, which will protect your mobile from 24/7. No a single virus can get into your mobile;
► Light & Powerful - The smallest installer size will save the storage space of your phone for your needs;
► Fast & Accurate - After antivirus scanner will complete the first scan, it will only take 30 milliseconds to scan an app;
► Simple & Convenient – The user interface of CY Security Antivirus is very easy to use, which will provide you a nice experience using our android antivirus;

✔ Virus Scan & Alert: not only detects and removes any virus on your Android phone or tablet, but also restores your safety settings and checks for virus, malware, spyware, scams, and security risks before you download apps - the first ever!

Antivirus, scan virus, remove virus, virus malware detector.

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Latest Ratings

I have been a free anti-virus user for many nearly - first free then premium. With a child living with autism who is quite my devices literate (he's had a my devices since he was 2) I trust free anti-virus to take care of protecting him while he surfs (even some child sites have viruses unfortunately). We have been Trojan and malware free for nearly! thanks for being consistent and dedicated to providing excellent protection regardless of what level you install - free or premium - you get excellence!
Carrie 5
Seems that in today's society we need more protection sadly! I have always found free anti-virus to be reliable, this was recommended by a my devices friend of mine. Give it a try folks, too many snoopers out there checkingmyprivate messages and image's.
This app has always been great and so far it appears to be even better for my new note 7. Swapped out my note 7 and went to s7 edge, app. appears a little slow on the uptake, but once it gets it's bearings it tops out the scale. Excellent work folks and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all and Thank you...
You have to download a few apps to get the most out of it, but free anti-virus has outdone themselves with this one. I would have rated it 1 star right off the bat, it doesn't do anything different than all the other security apps but when you integrate the other apps free anti-virus to offer it becomes a powerful security feature that I will be recommending to all my friends and family!
MyStuff 1
The only thing this app is good for is pushing the "DFNDR" app. The protection is a joke as 2 viruses slipped past this app's supposed protection. As for the booster, don't bother. It will just freeze your phone causing you perform a hard reset. One more thing, don't bother responding to this valid rating with your "cookie cutter" replies. They are just as big of a joke as this app!
Cynthia 5
Well done free anti-virus!!!!! Another amazing app. You have protected me for nearly from terrible viruses, hackers e.t.c. without fail. I recommend that everyone should get this fabulous virus-protecting app as this app has served its purpose for me and I hope it does for you. I guarantee that free anti-virus will last you a life time without worries of viruses, hackers e.t.c. onmyelectronic device. Overall excellent app free anti-virus and Keep up the good work
Nancy 5
Keep it guys...the features are so cool like change lock pattern every time.. And scan and remove junk that's all r awesome. Its like bomb in small packet.. It tells the accurate speed of WiFi connection..go for it
Best feature ever!! I'm so impressed by free anti-virus. Been using it for more than 10 mon on my other devices and now rocking it on android. Loving the call block feature.. it send the busy tone to the caller. How awesome is that!!! Only app I've awarded 5 stars. Way to go free anti-virus.
Colin 5
I couldn't ask for a more useful app in the whole play store. Impressive results and protection. I recommend this as the first app you download when you get a new phone. AND IT'S FREE!!!!!!! free anti-virus HAS NAILED THE CYBER SECURITY GAME TO THE GROUND!
I have this downloaded on my my cell phone so it was a no-brainer to install on my phone. It found the apps with malware on them that my phones pre-installed Antivirus app could not find. Thanks free anti-virus!
Because it wouldn't stop bothering me to rate it (annoying). free anti-virus is my choice for device antivirus also, and on Android it is also reliable. You could do a lot worse.

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