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Exercises Pro

 by The Happy Apps / Health & Fitness

Top daily routine exercises, at your fingertips without ads and pro features!

100% 4

VR Tomb's Secrets2

 by OVRTime / Puzzle

The most powerful Pharaonic virtual reality game

84.9% 4.23


 by apaxax / Sports

Today's Football Betting Tips - We promise you will win %100 tips

83.8% 4.85

Nobunaga's Shadow

 by Ultaan Games / Role Playing

Sent to spy on a samurai clan, Ryuuei becomes entangled in a conspiracy.

81.8% 4.86

One Deck Dungeon

 by Handelabra Games / Board

The hit roguelike with all the fun of a dungeon crawl in a single deck of cards!

81.1% 5

Intergalactic Zoo

 by RTK3 Games / Arcade

Plat-former where you try to save Mama animals to rescue the baby animals

80.3% 5

Secret of Harrow Manor VR

 by Only Human Studios / Adventure

You find yourself in an abandoned manor and need to search for weapons to live!

79.3% 5

Elevating Experience: The Game

 by Kurokitsukami / Casual

A unique schizophrenic experience

77% 5

The Vigil Files: Case 1

 by Lowkey Fun / Simulation

Hack servers, send messages, make calls, and crack codes to uncover the truth.

77% 5

CASE: Animatronics - Horror game!

 by Azur Interactive Games Limited / Adventure

Get ready to experience a real HORROR in first person!

74.8% 4.89 Free


 by SZ Interactive / Puzzle

Solve platform puzzles with tiny robots!

73.2% 5

Navigation Gestures

 by XDA / Personalization

Navigate without the buttons

72.1% 4.04 Free


 by AP Tech™ / Tools

Help manage your daily tasks and don't forget about important things

71.8% 5

Minesweeper Genius

 by mgaia studio / Puzzle

Modern take on the classic minefield game!
Tons of randomly generated levels!

71.6% 4.93 Beta

Betting Bio Pro

 by Scout Mobile Tech. / Sports

It is a revolutionary application in the world of betting tips.

70.5% 5

BOLT Icon Pack

 by JustNewDesigns / Personalization

3500+ Clean Beautiful Round icons with unique gradients.

70% 4.94

Amoled Launcher

 by Akshay Katariya / Personalization

Amoled Launcher gives you a complete Dark-Theme experience on your device

68.9% 4.92

Package Disabler Pro + (Samsung)

 by policedeveloper / Business

Package disabler pro + original for samsung devices

68.6% 4.4

Magic Icons Designer

 by bruenor / App

Use your imagination and make awesome icons :)

60.2% 5


 by apaxax / Sports

Welcome to the world of sports matches and predictions fixed.

59.9% 4.69

Hungry See

 by GMEP OBD Tools / App

Transform see animals by feeding them - for 2-5 years old children

58.2% 5

Faraway 3: Arctic Escape

 by Snapbreak / Puzzle

Faraway 3 is a relaxing adventure escape game full of new puzzles to solve.

58% 4.79 Free


 by Triple Topping Games / Arcade

Spitkiss is a story of boundless love, told through precision platforming.

57.9% 0

Kindly - Ingredient database & label scan

 by Francisco Barroso / App

Ingredient database & label scanner

57.9% 0

Pendlare C

 by EGHNA / Travel & Local

The Station App For train commuters in Sweden. Real time train data with filters

56.5% 4.83

Popsicle / Icon Pack

 by Fraom Design / Personalization

A new world for your eyes

56.3% 4.93

8 Ball - Billiards Game

 by Music Avengers / Sports

Welcome to the 8 Ball Billiards Game! Great fun ! 🎱🏆💯

55.6% 4.48 Beta

Sea of memories

 by Ivanovich Games / Puzzle

Optical illusions reach Virtual Reality! Rotate the pieces to clean up the chaos

54.4% 0

Death Coming

 by NEXTStudio / Strategy

Help the Reaper harvest souls

54% 4.23 Free

Designer City 2: city building game

 by Sphere Game Studios / Simulation

Sculpt the land, build your perfect city, evolve it into a sprawling metropolis

53.8% 4.54 Beta

Poker Online: Free Texas Holdem Casino Card Games

 by T-Bull / Card


53.1% 4.28 Beta

Epic Skater 2

 by Your Daily Fill / Arcade

Epic Skater is back! Go BIG and get Epic'r in Career & skate forever in Endless!

51.8% 4.41 Free

Galaxy Defense: Lost Planet

 by iKameStudio / Strategy

Galaxy Defense - Lost Planet is a fascinating and amazing tower defense game

50.4% 4.12 Beta

VERSUS: Epic Battle


VERSUS: Epic Battle is Real-time strategy game

49.5% 4.5 Free

Draw Brain Lines Physics Puzzle

 by Team Progomania / Puzzle

A physics based game. Draw lines and fill glass with balls

49.2% 5 Beta

The Mack Daddy: Office Lover

 by Dark Humor Games / Role Playing

Mack is back and is nastier than ever!

48.8% 5

The Injected Mixture

 by Darryl Dillon / Personalization

Injected is the third, design in "The Mixture" family.

48.1% 5


 by Cubs Studio / Arcade

Travel in space with your ship to go far !

48% 4.8 Beta

Volcano Tower

 by UglyCake Games / Arcade

Climb the infinite volcano tower and fight your way through the dangers within!

47.5% 4.91 Beta

Ultimate Farm Simulator

 by Gluten Free Games / Simulation

Live the life of your favorite farm animal!

46.8% 4.49


 by Sean O'Connor / Word

A fun word puzzle game where you figure out the scrambled quotation

46.3% 0

Empire Warriors TD Premium

 by Zitga Studios / Strategy

Grow heroes, build towers to defend your kingdom. Enjoy our best strategy game!

46.3% 0

Cheap Sheep 🐶🦊 🐑

 by JBits Games / Puzzle

Steal Sheeps from the Dog 🐶!
Solve Puzzles, use the items to help you! And Run

46.2% 0 Beta

SecureBox Pro

 by Roumen Petrov / Tools

Secure shell and auxiliary commands with user interface and integrated terminal.

45.2% 5

Karaz's Conquest

 by Lek Chan / Simulation

A Galaxy Invasion SLG.

45.1% 4.82 Free

Galaxy Conquest Phoenix Awaken

 by Genesis Gaming LLC / Strategy

A game of intergalactic war and commerce

44.6% 4.5 Beta

Clever AI: Arcade Universe

 by Clever AI / Arcade

It will be an arcade space shooter with more intensity on AI related fights.

44.5% 0 Beta

Helipad Defender

 by yanmania / Action

Defend your helicopter and your life in this fun, action shooter!

44.1% 5 Beta


 by Logic Energy Ltd / Weather

Version 2 of WINDCRANE App with push notifications

44% 0 Beta

lasers! support

 by mtizim / Arcade

Lasers!: a hard bullet hell game with joystick controls

44% 0

Solo-Catch your match

 by Cagey Developers / App

India's Best Dating App.

44% 5 Beta

Niggle (Oh Hell!)

 by Sean O'Connor / Card

A card game, more commonly known as "Oh Hell!"

44% 0

World's Most Expensive App

 by The Aviral Sharma / Entertainment

The world's most expensive time. Prove to friends that you are a real baller!

44% 0

Music Video Maker Pro

 by Music video maker / App

Music video maker help you make amazing slideshow video and photo video.

44% 0

CCS Carnet 4 Mobile

 by CCS Česká společnost pro platební karty, s.r.o. / App

CCS Carnet 4 mobile application (

44% 0 Beta

Carpool Chaos

 by PhonePhreak Software / Arcade

Guide your cars through the street maze in order to pick up the people in time!

44% 0 Beta

Jurassic World™ Alive

 by Ludia Inc. / Simulation

They’re ALIVE in our world and roaming free in your cities and neighborhoods

43.9% Beta

Loony Tanks

 by Wooden Sword Games / Arcade

Loony Tanks is a new cool survival tank battle.

43.8% 4.4 Beta

Knights VS Zombies

 by Volcanic Pig / Action

2D Horde based survival game. How long can you survive the horde?

43.7% 5 Beta


 by apaxax / Sports

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43.7% 0