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Shuyan Saga™

 by Lofty Sky Entertainment Inc. / Adventure

Kung-fu visual graphic novel/comic book game with 3D action combat

56.8% NaN

New Romance of the Three Kingdoms

 by BBGame HK / Strategy

The ROTK is a 3D real-time multiplayer online strategy game.

56.4% NaN

A Better Clock Widget

 by Garcia Studios / Tools

A simple but beautiful digital clock widget.

53.6% NaN

Prism Live Wallpaper

 by Viktor Bohush / Personalization

Beautiful Prism Live Wallpaper, perfect for AMOLED screens!

52% NaN

Welcome To The Future

 by Ancient Awareness Entertainment / Adventure

Is it a Game? Is it an Album? Is it a Trip? Yes!

48.6% NaN

Shattered Plane: Turn-Based Strategy Game

 by Eremite Games / Strategy

Become a mighty demigod and crush your enemies in turn-based combat!

48.6% NaN

Revenant Knight

 by 6000Software / Action

No level, No Item, No Crystal.
The only thing you need is your skills.

48.3% NaN

Pangolin's Puzzle

 by Hero Factor Games, LLC / Puzzle

Help the world’s most trafficked animal in this new logic puzzle adventure game!

48.3% NaN

Dualshot Roguelike PRO

 by Mad Diamond / Action

Explore the dungeon with favorite guns and by ricochets in the roguelike action!

48.3% NaN

Game Reviewer Simulator

 by RHHgames / Simulation

Simulation game about reviewing games.

48.3% NaN

Wings of Virtus

 by Ragiva Games / Arcade

Shoot alien space ships while using phase barriers to your advantage!

48.3% NaN

iAssociate 3

 by Animoca Brands / Word

Pre-Order for bonus - Fun mind-teasing puzzles

46.8% NaN

Flashlight with music (steampunk-style)

 by Aleksei Valchuk / Entertainment

Flashlight with music for your cosplay!

46.3% NaN

Food POP : New puzzle gravity world (Food burst 2)

 by ENP Games / Puzzle

Food Pop! The journey to find the best recipe begins!

46.3% NaN

Best match 3 puzzle world : Candy Holic

 by ENP Games / Puzzle

Enjoy the sweetness of cute candies!

46.3% NaN

forma.8 GO

 by MixedBag Srl / Adventure

forma.8 is a unique take on the proven Metroidvania action-adventure formula.

46.3% NaN

Zero Escape

 by Pandco Ltd / Puzzle

Zero Escape... will you?

46.3% NaN

Miaomiao's Chinese For Kids

 by Lofty Sky Entertainment Inc. / Education

Helping little ones learn Mandarin through fun videos and activities

46.3% NaN

Demon of Justice

 by James Skinner (MorbidPandaUK) / Action

Save cities from invading demons using a variety of laser weaponry!

46.3% NaN

Not Without You

 by Burnout Game Ventures - Adventure Beard / Puzzle

An insanely clever 2D puzzle game, designed by mad scientists! Save the Pilcri!

46.3% NaN


 by Creative Pixel Stu / Puzzle

ready to test your mind and skill.

46.3% NaN

Catch Phrase Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show

 by Mayank Bhatnagar / Word

Enjoy the fun game CatchPhrase from Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show with your family

46.2% NaN

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

 by Beamdog / Role Playing

Discover magic and danger in 100+ hours of Dungeons & Dragons adventures!

46.2% NaN


 by iBoostUp / Tools

Logic to protect against sophisticated snoopers and secure your device.

46.2% NaN

Skitty for ANeko (ANeko Skin)

 by HH FED / Personalization

The cutest Pokemon in the world, now on your screen 24/7!

46.1% NaN

Pacific Theatre

 by BSV Software Studio / Action

Exciting dogfights and bombing runs! Fly with your forces to win the battle!

45.9% NaN

The Ethics Game

 by Dream Universe / App

Navigate challenging ethical dilemmas and make the right choices.

45.9% NaN

Evil Dungeon: Action 2D platformer

 by Xatari / Arcade

Platform adventure. Dungeon, goblin skeletons, old school nes, snes, sega.

45.9% NaN

Fire Guardian: Spirit Gates

 by Jeffrey Chhay / Action

Defend the Gate from Evil Spirits

45.9% NaN

Doomsday Comet C2006 P1

 by Chrome Chinchilla / Action

Can you escape the largest Comet known to man?

45.4% NaN

Auto Like Swipe Plus

 by Verve Logic / Productivity

Auto Like Swipe Plus for easy access.

45.2% NaN

Understand Korean Plus

 by Jenson M / Education

Korean language daily lesson and exercise. Virtual class.

44.7% NaN

Stick Shadow

 by Reed Been / Action

You can't be fight stickman Super Saiyan , at best Stick can become Shadow SSJ .

44% NaN


 by T2 Mobile Tech / Sports

Betting Tips VIP LIFETIME version.

44% NaN

Betting Tips LIVE

 by T2 Mobile Tech / Sports

Betting Tips LIVE

44% NaN


 by Arcula Tech / Action

New game of Modern WAR series

44% NaN

pretty Easy privacy p≡p

 by pEp Security S.A. / Communication

pretty Easy privacy (pEp) For everyone. Everywhere.

44% NaN

Argumentorium premium

 by Boykosoft / App

Application that changes opinions with arguments and facts. Premium version.

44% NaN

RAM & Game Booster by Augustro

 by Augustro / Tools

Super efficient RAM Booster and Game Booster, Works automatically!

44% NaN

Internet Speedometer Pro

 by Dream2Win / Tools

The most powerful data usage and tracking tool.

44% NaN

Sentencing Tools

 by Ambay Software Ltd / App

The Sentencing Tools App provides Court utilities for Magistrates' & Crown Court

44% NaN

BMI Calculator Pro

 by Appovo / Health & Fitness

This BMI Calculator helps you to find your ideal weight.

44% NaN

AppSearch Unlocker

 by Apz Lab / Productivity

Quickest way to open any app

44% NaN


 by Mingo Zhang / Puzzle

Puzzmem creating mysterious and tranquil time for you.

44% NaN

DOT - Dictionary Of Occupational Titles

 by Andreas Express / App

This is a searchable version of the last DOT issued by the U.S. Dept. of Labor

44% NaN

Advance Construction Calculators Pro

 by Turner Constructions / App

It includes all calculators for construction.

44% NaN

Comic Viewer Pro - Fast scanned image viewer

 by duongame / Comics

Comic Viewer supporting Images, ZIP, RAR, 7z, TXT, PDF

44% NaN

File Manager Pro - Simple and fast file explorer

 by duongame / Tools

File Manager - File managing including compressed files

44% NaN

Wedding Dress Design

 by AzaleasDolls / App

Create your dream wedding dress, uniquely rendered from elegant designs.

44% NaN

My_Business App

 by Hr Investing and Consulting / Business

Learn new routine practices and achieve your goals.

44% NaN

The Sherlock VIP Betting

 by The Sherlock Bet / Sports

The Best VIP Betting Tips and Football betting tips app with very high odds!

44% NaN

The Deluxe Elite

 by The Sherlock Bet / Sports

The Best VIP Betting Tips and Football betting tips app with very high odds!

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The Sherlock HT/FT Betting Tips

 by The Sherlock Bet / Sports

The Best HT/FT Betting Tips and Football betting tips app with very high odds!

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The Correct Score

 by The Sherlock Bet / Sports

The Best Correct Score Tips and Football betting tips app with very high odds!

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Beautiful Stickers for WhatsApp (WAStickerApps)

 by Nebulo Apps / Communication

Amazing sticker packs for WhatsApp.

44% NaN


 by Jaeder42 / Personalization

A watchface with a developer friendly, high contrast color scheme!

44% NaN

Jack Mallor MFBI

 by BadChuckGames / Casual

A Halloween themed match three game with spooky music & 100 levels of game play

44% NaN

Is it Worth It? - eBay Reselling Search Engine

 by Reseller Academy / Business

A reselling search engine. Find the value of items quickly while you thrift.

44% NaN


 by Sirius Cybernetics Corporation / Puzzle

Delve into the dungeon, kill monsters and solve puzzles!

44% NaN

Kill Time

 by Winterbolt Games / Action

Kill Time is a LAN multiplayer FPS shooter with singleplayer Zombies Mode!

44% NaN