Best new Android Action games!

What are the best new Android Action games?


 by WojWorks

Crazily creative platforming game! Just swipe to bounce your way to victory!

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truTV Impractical Jokers Wheel of Doom

 by truTVnetwork

Do you dare to spin the WHEEL OF DOOM?! 12 hilarious games of skill await you!

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Space Battle

 by GG99 Game Studio

Will you be a hero and defend the Earth from alien invasion and destruction?

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Mana N Quests

 by Darklord Game

A challenging brick and ball mixed with mini- rogue-like action game.

47.9% NaN

Ability Draft

 by Suga Studio

Equip yourself with any ability from MOBA & RPG games & start the PvP battles!

47.9% NaN

Destruction M

 by Rising Win Tech.

Commander of the combat squad and lead the team to challenge every mission.

46.8% NaN

Sacred Stones Mobile

 by λ…ΉμŠ€λΉ…μŠ€

Wellmade retro side-scrolling action and adventure greet you in Sacred Stones!

46.8% NaN

Preventive Strike

 by TocanaDev

Preventive Strike is a dynamic arcade helicopter shooter with survival element.

46.8% NaN

Universe Legends Pro (Dreamsky)

 by DreamSky Ltd

Dozens of Awesome Mecha Heroes incarnated into Mecha,Cutting Enemies Into Pieces

46.5% NaN

Konsui Fighter

 by Circean Studios

The premiere hand-drawn fighter from Circean Studios

46.3% NaN

Ammo Pigs: Armed and Delicious

 by Cascadia Games

In the future, there is no man. Only machine. And Pig.

46.3% NaN

Luft: Onward and Upward

 by Legion Works Games LLC

Platform game about escaping a poisonous planet.

46.3% NaN

Wild Tank

 by Komiker Media

Are you ready to fight? Download single-player tank games now.

46.3% NaN

Slightly Heroes

 by Hatrabbit

A casual multiplayer shooter for VR!

46.3% NaN


 by DevLab Studios

Swipe any direction to avoid random obstacles.

46.2% NaN

Jump Jolt

 by HotchPotch Games

Jump, Die, Repeat! Jump from wall to wall in this frantic parkour climbing game.

45.9% NaN


 by JokerDDZ

Become jellyfish ,dodge fish and beat your score.

45.5% NaN

Knight Of Days Exe

 by VaultOfTearsGames

Knight Of Days is a 8-bit 2D action platformer. Save the world from evil

45.5% NaN

Chrono Legend

 by Xhinobi Sdn. Bhd.

An amazing cross hybrid between the tower defense & action hack-slash game

45.3% NaN

Bouncing Hero

 by ZPink

Extreme auto jumping platformer game!

45.3% NaN

Street of West - Cowboys of Fight - Premium

 by Zeexs Game Studio

For those who like Western, Wild West or Cowboys Games, with Fights and Shoot .

45.3% NaN

Bad Asteroid

 by Big Scary Games

Steal dad's car and save the world in this challenging sci-fi flyer/shooter.

45.3% NaN


 by takenoko

Crash the world with easy control!
Fresh and stylish action!

45.3% NaN

2-player co-op Zombie Shoot Premium

 by Play Tested Games

2-player co-op zombie shoot premium version with NO ADS.

44.7% NaN

Till the End

 by LightTouchSoftware

Shoot and have fun with this apocalyptic installment

44.5% NaN

Jurassic Island

 by Won1

Let's go adventure to Jurassic Island!

44% NaN

Spoon Head

 by 1Time

Buying This App Will Show the Highest Value Of Your Richness As An Icon.

44% NaN

Trump vs Mob Craft PE (Paid)

 by Fraische Games

Physics and Puzzle Game where you get to control president Trump against mobs.

44% NaN

Stickman Bow Mastery: Flying Arrows

 by stickman games arena

Most skillful archer is back in business taking out enemies with archer skills

43.8% NaN

Pico the Flea

 by 2noodles llc

A little flea is determined to be free!

43.8% NaN

Captain Pepe: Archer Masters

 by CasualGameStudio

The struggle between the Captain Pepe and the turtle Lilly still continues.

42.5% NaN

Gleam of Fire

 by SG: Snow Games

Winner of Game of the Month Award Event - More than 60% Off Extended Sale!!!!

41.9% NaN

Terra Fighter 2 Pro

 by SMVD Games

Reveal your inner fighter in this head2head 3D deathwar game.

40.7% NaN


 by Wombatti

Can you beat it?

40.2% NaN

Tank Raid Online Premium

 by WolfFun

Fun online tank shooting game comes out 2018! Enter the arenas & play now!πŸ‘πŸ˜‰

39.6% NaN

Stardust Battle: MOBA Arena

 by PlayStack

Epic Anime Style 3v3 Battles!

38.9% NaN Beta