Best new Android Action games!

What are the best new Android Action games?

Moshpit - Heavy Metal is war

 by SinSquid Games

Mosh to the hardest rock. Death Metal, Grindcore, Hardcore punk and more.

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Stickman Ninja 2: Ultimate ninja warrior

 by Studio NoGame - NoLife

Stickman Ninja 2: Ultimate ninja warrior will bring you to endless adventures !

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Escape Pod Gravity Run

 by James Lombard Studios

Use gravity generators to steer your escape pod thru obstacles to reach the exit

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Gyro Buster HD

 by PT. MAENTRUS Digital Lab

PvE or PvP? Choose your Gyro Battle with your Giga Rank!

46.3% NaN

Shadow Love

 by ストロベリーごはん

Everything is made of shadows!

46.3% NaN

Squatbot Pro

 by ILD Games LLC

Guide Squatbot to the goal in this uniquely responsive mobile platformer!

46.3% NaN


 by Stian Remvik

GumGun is a super frantic and insanely rewarding 2D shoot ‘em up game

46.3% NaN

Riptale Mobile

 by Super God Ltd

Challenging action platformer where samurai defeats dragons with a sword.

46.3% NaN


 by T.F & E.E

Afterlife A.U.S inspired by Mexico City

46.3% NaN

Heat 2082

 by Christian Prepula

Classic top-down space shooter game

45.2% NaN

The Gardener Collection

 by Dark Light Games UK

The Gardener returns in this brand new horror collection

45% NaN

Hang Line

 by Yodo1 Games

Extreme mountain climbing with a grappling hook

44.9% NaN

Sniper Duel

 by Square Drop Games

The most entertaining sniper game. Play with bots or friends on LAN or Online!

44.4% NaN

Lost In Dungeon - Rogue like Dungeon Crawller


This game is a randomly generated endless shooter with Rogue-like elements.

44.4% NaN

Demon of Justice

 by James Skinner (MorbidPandaUK)

Save cities from invading demons using a variety of laser weaponry!

44.3% NaN

Cubes Battlegrounds

 by Coden Games Inc

Become the winner of the royal battle!

44% NaN

Air Combat VR

 by Picat Studio

The most realistic Air Combat VR using simulation flight and 3D cockpit

44% NaN

Highway Racer 3D

 by Coden Games Inc

Highway Racer 3D will change your perception of the racing genre.

44% NaN

Last Survivor: Day X

 by Coden Games Inc

Survival on the island. Can you survive? ...

44% NaN

Cube Survivor

 by Coden Games Inc

Survival on the island. Are you ready for this ...

44% NaN

Snowball Strike TPS

 by Square Drop Games

Defend your Christmas! Play in Single and Multiplayer! (The multi is now down!)

44% NaN

Prison Online PRO

 by Craft&Build Survival

Time to run, shoot and escape from prison!

44% NaN

I Want To Live

 by DJCat

The infection and the army both want you dead. You're the survivor.

43.9% NaN

The Floor Is Lava AR!

 by ThePaulAdams

You better be ready when THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

43.3% NaN

Frog for kids and adults


Game for free time. Catch insects, butterflies, flies, mosquitoes.

43.1% NaN

Revenant Knight

 by 6000Software

Hardcore action game where you fight for life and death.

43% NaN

Assassin Lord : Idle RPG (VIP)

 by Honeydew Games

Leaving-alone farming RPG which everyone wanted,
Earn pouring items!

42.9% NaN

Dualshot Roguelike PRO

 by Mad Diamond

Explore the dungeon with favorite guns and by ricochets in the roguelike action!

42.9% NaN

Stick Shadow: War Fight

 by Reed Been

You can't be fight stickman Super Saiyan , at best Stick can become Shadow SSJ .

42.1% NaN

Zombie Survival 3D

 by Mada Games

Modern zombie shooter in 3D

42.1% NaN


 by Studio Melusine

Fly and fight through waves of pirates!

41.9% NaN


 by Karem Amin


41.7% NaN

Infinity Racer - Extreme Race


Fast, simple, colorful. Master your reflexes in a satisfying flight experience.

41.4% NaN

Kill Time

 by Winterbolt Games

Kill Time is a LAN multiplayer FPS shooter with singleplayer Zombies Mode!

41.2% NaN


 by Arcula Tech

New game of Modern WAR series

41.2% NaN

Z.O.N.A Shadow of Lemansk

 by AGaming+

Post-apocalyptic shooter...

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