Best new Android Action games!

What are the best new Android Action games?

Hot Guns

 by Quantized Bit

Your conventional methods of operation are "shoot first then shoot again!"

96% 5

Return to Planet X

 by Butterflyware Studios

Singleplayer first-person shooter with high-quality graphics.

81.1% 5

Zed Shot

 by James Howard

Fight to survive the onslaught of the zombie horde in ZED SHOT!

80.1% 5

Fragment of Marine

 by Shiosai Sirens

Circle Action Game

75.6% 5


 by Blazes

A mystical first-person action

75.5% 4.72

Space Ship Combat

 by Michel morais

New levels are coming!

73.3% 5

The Essence of Speed 2020

 by Revel Notion

Currently In Development...

72.2% 5


 by Tencent Games

The original Battle Royale game is now available on your device!

70.4% 4.06 Free

Bunny Jumper Full

 by Caffeinated Marmot Studio

Start flying and fight against raccoons with the crazy Bunny Jumper!

69.8% 5


 by Lucky Kat Studios

Online battles in the skies

69.5% 4.47 Free

Hags Castle

 by Switchpilot

Real-time 3D Action Adventure in the depths of an old Scottish Castle!

68.6% 4.42

Death Horizon VR

 by Dream Dev Studio VR

The T12 virus has broken containment at the Horizon research station...

67.5% 4.67

Battle of Vicksburg

 by Thorium Game Lab

Lead your troops to victory!

62.7% 4.43

Planet X: Space Shooter VR

 by Sylvester Sean Masango

Zimbabwe’s 1st Ever Virtual Reality Game! A Space Combat Simulator!

61.8% 4

Hags Castle!

 by Switchpilot

Challenge the armored denizens of Hag's Castle to combat!

61.3% 4.75 Free

MF Mobile Fantasy -1HandAction

 by OrionArts Pte Ltd

~~ Epic 3D Action with One Hand ~~

55.7% 5


 by XGen Studios Inc

Fishy is XGen Studios’ most popular undersea adventure game!

55.7% 4.2


 by Bits Icon

“Hold and Swipe”, Do this all the day!

52.1% 3.65


 by PNCgames

tanks war, many missions, and multiplayer matches

52.1% 5

Candy Patrol: Lollipop Defense

 by Orbital Knight

Fight monsters, defend lollipops and upgrade your gear. Join Candy Patrol now!

52% 5 Beta

Tower of The Wizard: Retro Adventure

 by esayitch

Explore a wizard's tower and upgrade your character! Can you defeat the wizard?

51.8% 0


 by NAF Studio

Challenging auto-run sci-fi platformer.

50.7% 5

Wizards 2: Better Dead Than Red

 by Terrasect Mobile llc

Pilot a defense turret and hold off waves of deadly enemies in VR!

48.8% 0

World Of Ender

 by MC Jams

Psycho Girl, Hacker and Little Square Face battle in the world of Ender

48.8% 4.25

Crashy Bash Boom - Toy Tank Smash 'Em Up for Kids

 by Molber Games

It's time to play, have fun and make a mess in this action game for children!

48.7% 5

Burger Splat

 by Hamster House Studios

Splat the sauces on the delicious diner food!

48.6% 0

Feral Fury

 by Skandivania Games

Feral Fury is a fast-paced twin stick shooter rogue-lite action dungeon crawler

48.6% 4.67 - Battle Royale multiplayer maze!

 by Moletag

Battle with 100 players from all over the world in a unique Battle Royale maze!

47.6% 4.68 Beta

Worm Jim Adventures

 by OldSkool Games

The old arcade action from childhood

47.2% 3.13

Shrunken Ship


A bullet hell games in VR 3D.

46.3% 0

Ralf Explosive

 by Entertaiment Games Studio

Official launch!!

46.3% 0

Flying Fetus

 by André Taono

Stupid game inspired by one of the greatest death metal band names.

46.3% 0

Target Party

 by Pinwheel Games

Multiplayer Target Game

46.3% 0

VR Training Game - THE EYE

 by Hachi Lab

-Can you keep wathing?-
This is a VR game keeps watching from moving target.

46.3% 0

SSR - Super Speed Runner

 by Jambav, Inc

Super Speed Runner is a brutally hard platformer with unique player mechanics!

45.9% 4.77 Free

Stardust Battle: MOBA Arena

 by PlayStack

Epic Anime Style 3v3 Battles!

44.3% 0 Beta