Best new Android Action games!

What are the best new Android Action games?

Tower Fortress

 by Nitrome

Roguelite Run and Gun

100% 4.7 Free

Beat Street

 by Lucky Kat Studios

Side-scrolling beat 'em up with single touch controls

100% 4.6 Free

The Final Power Level Warrior

 by BOOLit entertainment

Choose your warrior and crush your competition with ultimate transformations!

100% 4.6 Free

Army Commando :War Against Terror

 by CoveTech Games

Lead Army Commando War against terror, Clear village from terrorists,Be survivor

99.7% 4.4 Free

The Grand Wars: San Andreas

 by 5FPS

The Grand Wars San Andreas is the best simulator of criminal wars in San Andreas

99.5% 4.3 Free


 by NetEase Games

Welcome to the arena of RULES OF SURVIVAL.

99.3% 4.1 Free

Overkill Strike: Best Shooting Games

 by Neon Games - Counter Strike FPS Shooter 4 Free Fun

Best counter terrorist shooting games revived on mobile device!

96.4% 4.3 Free

Tasty Planet Lite

 by Dingo Games

Eat Everything in the World!

95.3% 4.5 Free

Unknown Royal Battle

 by Super Games Studio

Unknown Royal Battle is a mp online action with battle royale game-mode

91.5% 4.6 Free

Saiyan Ultimate : Xenoverse Warriors

 by health carez lab

Battle of saiyan fighting in goku ultimate ultra Z fusion

91.5% 4.4 Free



In 1964, an agent, "Snake", must rescue a scientist building a powerful weapon.

90.9% 4


 by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

The NARUTO X BORUTO app has finally arrived!

89.5% 4.4 Free

 by Wondersquad

1vs100 Online Robot Battle!

88.9% 4.2 Free


 by OyunStudyosu Interaktif Teknolojiler

Söz Dizisi Resmi Oyunu - The Oath tv series Official Game

86.8% 4.9 Free

Jurassic Survival

 by Mishka Production

Hunt or die!

86.3% 4.4 Free

World War 2 : WW2 Secret Agent FPS

 by DGStudios

WW2 secret agent is a First Person Shooting(FPS) World War 2 action game.

86.2% 4.3 Free

Slaughter 2: Prison Assault

 by Ray Spark

Exciting third person shooter with console level of graphics.

85% 4.8

2 Star Resort

 by Hyperflow Labs

Squash bugs to earn tips, stars and upgrade your swatter.

84% 5

Watermelon Shooting 2018

 by Solou

Load your pistol to shoot the watermelon in this watermelon shooting game.

83.6% 4.3 Free


 by Lowscope

Roguelike dungeon crawler with procedrual generation

83.2% 4.5 Free

Pixel Gun Strike: Combat Block

 by Dio Alias Games

Pixel game! Shoot, strike, build blocks during the battle, create maps!

80.6% 4.4 Free

Guns Royale - Multiplayer Blocky Battle Royale

 by Wizard Games Incorporated

Survive the PvP pixel battlegrounds! The ultimate online shooting arena game!

80.4% 4.6 Free

GET HER BACK: A Journey To The Creature Island

 by D PASAHAN Game Studio

Bring back your girlfriend home. ALIVE. Cool 8-bit Graphics. DEADLY DARK QUEST.

80.2% 4.5 Free

Zombie War Z : Hero Dead Battle

 by GunBattle&ZombieShooters Games Inc

Survial in this last battleground and fend off all the zombies!

79.8% 4.1 Free

island demolition ops : call of infinite war FPS

 by DragonFire Free Games

Enjoy War fighting games with modern warfare fast-paced FPS action shooter

78.9% 4.2 Free

City Vandal - Spray & Run

 by Crazy Labs by TabTale

Help Cheating Tom avoid the cops while spray painting graffiti all over NYC!

78.6% 4.5 Free

Brutal Fighter Street

 by DragonFire Free Games

★ Street Fighting need Brutal Fighter To beat the so called bosses! ★

77.5% 4.1 Free

Dead Rain : New zombie virus

 by Tiny Devbox

The best platform game of 2017--a story of survivors in a zombified world

76.5% 4.5

Strain Tactics

 by Touch Dimensions

Action-packed sci-fi in a real-time, squad-based tactical shooter!

75.5% 4.4

BoomCat - Battle of Zion

 by Ouzzgame

A new super hero!

75.4% 5


 by Imperiamus

An Imperiamus soldier, Jiulius 133, needs to free Pacemihi from unknown enemies.

74.9% 5

Real Gangster City Theft

 by мinato

Real gangster auto theft game

74.1% 4.5 Free

Kabaddi Fighting 2018: Pro League Raiders Knockout

 by Fighting Arena

Play as Kabaddi league super star athlete raider to defeat all world fighters.

73.3% 4.2 Free

Block Aircraft-PVP (Real-time) Ad-free version

 by CWGames Co.,Ltd

real-time online airplane game SandBox Game , PVP battle , 3D Online Game

73.2% 5

Modern Counter Shot 3D V2

 by Best Free Games 2017

Ready for the grand battle & complete the challenging missions in action game

73% 4.1 Free

Black Friday: zombie shops

 by vivex

Continuation of the game Black Friday. Now we have to fight even with zombies!

73% 5