Best new Android Action/Adventure games!

What are the best new Android Action/Adventure games?



The ball is round and a game takes 180 seconds. If you liked Space Invaders or Breakout, definetly g ...

1% 5

Pico Bytes

 by Titan Xi Inc.

A malicious virus has been uploaded into the cyber world of the Pico Bytes and has infected its citi ...

1% 5

Loose Strands

 by Darned Sock Productions

Discover the mystery of the barbershop.

1% 5

Charlotte and the Sphinx

 by Flipbook Studio

Charlotte Holmes is a great detective of 8 years old! Today, she goes visiting the pyramids with her ...

1% 5

Little Pony Maze Adventure

 by Zealous Dream

Fun and exciting Pony adventure game! Play as a pony while adventuring and collecting all the apples ...

1% 5


 by Itzy Interactive

Join Itzy in his first, quirky, indie adventure! A meteor has crashed, unleashing delicious fireflie ...

0.9% 4.8

Island Dash

 by XybrLab

Help your friendly ace Jack navigate the treacherous skies as you dash from island to island while d ...

0.9% 5

Koala's Christmas

 by Yulabook

How Koala was looking for Polar Bear - Interactive story for children

0.9% 5

Amazing Brok

 by Sketchy Ventures

"I think there’s a lot of fun to be had here..." - *** About the game *** Amazing Br ...

0.9% 4.7

Tiger Story: ABC of Ecology

 by The Dust

Cute and engaging interactive story for pre-school and elementary school kids. Download right meow! ...

0.9% 5


 by LeverLabs

A fun game for two players. Spaceships appear, you shoot them. Every hit is a point, when you are fi ...

0.9% 4.5

Uplift Chronicles

 by Starchaser Studios

The newest Uplift title features both the original version of Uplift and a whole new set of challeng ...

0.8% 4.2

FlyingChick! (Platformer Game)

 by 2wstudio

- You can enjoy our game without commercials and get more coins than the free version.- The WORLD`s ...

0.8% 4.5

Baby Fireworks NoAds

 by BlackDevelopers

This is "Baby Fireworks" paid version with no advertisement. This app have 2 modes: Initial mode: Fi ...

0.7% 5

Little Birdies - For Kids

 by McPeppergames

This is probably the best bird flying game for kids! The app for kids and toddlers contains a cool a ...

0.7% 5

Herme : Adventure for Kids

 by Sonar Systems

A combination of a point-and-click game and an adventure platform, Herme will take your children to ...

0.7% 4.2

Whack a Monster!

 by d14studios

You just landed on a foreign planet and decided to go for a little walk to explore the surroundings. ...

0.7% 5

Space Adventure: Board Game

 by Tipitap

Nothing says ‘quality time’ like playing a family board game with your kids. It's fun for children — ...

0.7% 5

Air race for babies

 by App Dev Team

Air race for babies: customize your plane and fly!Entertain your toddlers with this funny app, perfe ...

0.7% 4.5

Brick Breaker Premium 3


The Final Brick Breaker In The Trilogy Has Arrived!** NO Ads, NO In-App Purchases!This is the classi ...

0.7% 5

Peter Rabbit Fun and Games

 by Penguin Books

Authorised Peter Rabbit games app featuring four entertaining and educational games for children age ...

0.7% 4.5

Candy Cave

 by Yazar Media Group LLC

Don your cloak, and wield your sword as you fight your way through the cavernous levels of Candy Cav ...

0.7% 4.5 Free

Space Taxi

 by Ravensburger Digital GmbH

Immerse yourself in this fast-paced Space-Taxi adventure with a twist: manoeuvre through the galaxy ...

0.6% 3.6

Thirty Days & Seven Seas

 by Cartoon Network

Ahoy, mateys! Join Clarence and friends on a swashbuckling quest for pirate treasure in Thirty Days ...

0.6% 4.2



Meet Tory, a nine-year-old girl who has extraordinary red hair and an equally remarkable heart. Howe ...

0.6% 4.8

Cute Fish Adventures FULL

 by TutoTOONS Kids Games

Play and take care of a super cute fish and learn in the middle of the ocean!

0.6% 5


 by Gray Fin Studios

Experience frantic battles in the air with MiniSquadron!

0.6% 4.6

Sago Mini Boats: Free Edition

 by Sago Mini

No third party ads or in-app purchases!

0.6% 4.2 Free


 by Tiny Lab Productions

Welcome to the DexLand! Fly in a challenging DexLand world full of the sharp edges, avoid them and e ...

0.6% 4.1 Free

1000 Adventures

 by DADA Company Edutainment

Quite possibly the most entertaining interactive adventure in the world!A gamebook featuring pirates ...

0.6% 4

Codemon (Barcode Monsters)

 by Platty Soft

Codemon is a game that combines the concepts of Barcode Battler, Pet collection and Pokemon.Scan bar ...

0.6% 3.9 Free

My Little Unicorn Runner Pro

 by Girl Games - Vasco Games

My Little Unicorn Runner Pro - How far can you get in this endless runner?

0.6% 5

Earl's Mine Cart Adventures

 by TreeNuts Games

Race through dark adventurous mines in : Earl's Mine Cart Adventures

0.6% 3.9

LEGO® Star Wars™ Microfighters

 by Warner Bros. International Enterprises

LEGO® Star Wars™: Microfighters featuring the brand new LEGO toy range. Get ready to step into the ...

0.6% 3.9

Super Puppies (Top Kids App)

 by Narlix Entertainment

Play as a pug, chihuahua, bulldog and more to defend against the Blob Empire!PUPPY STORYThe Super Pu ...

0.6% 0

Fluffy Bears - The Adventure

 by Rober Rollin

Enjoy the adventures of Phil, the little red panda and his funny friends. Collect gold stars, discov ...

0.6% 0