Best new Android Adventure games!

What are the best new Android Adventure games?

The Mooseman

 by Vladimir Beletsky

An atmospheric adventure based on mysterious myths of Chud' tribes.

72.4% 4.82 Free

FlappyWalu Premium

 by Alerdy

Walu is late for his premium tennis match, so he must take the costly shortcut!

70.9% 5

Pie Hunter

 by Ospishchev Development

Help the cook to collect the ingredients for his culinary creation!

69.8% 5

Told God-The Legacy of Cthulhu

 by The Basara Studio

A risky game of Orthodox Cthulhu's world view,experiencing the unnameable horror

69.3% 4.4

Red Comrades 3

 by BUKA Development

You should help Pete and Vasily Ivanovich to save the world once again!

68.4% 4.5

Monster Adventure

 by SharpenPlay Entertainment

The latest monster battle RPG game,you are cast in the role of a monster trainer

58.1% 4.67

Colorblind - An Eye For An Eye

 by Nitrome

A platformer like you've never seen before!

56.5% 4.87 Free

Keep in Mind: Remastered

 by Akupara Games

Keep in Mind follows Jonas, a tormented alcoholic whose life is falling apart.

55.9% 5

Old Man's Guilt


My name is Wooji.

55.8% 3.7

Indiana: Temple Escape

 by rwdesenv

💟 Help Indiana. 🐉 🐲
Win coins by challenges. 🏆
No Ads!

47.1% 4.2

Wormster Dash

 by GAMELAB Zrt.

Fully hand-drawn runner game with hidden passages, deathly traps fantasy world.

46.4% 4.44 Beta

William and the Lands of Rage

 by HighRyse Gaming

A 2D Platformer for all agers

44.7% 0 Beta

Shadow Crusader

 by BetelGeuse Studios

A silhouette graphic based action game. Fight with medieval weapon set

44% 5 Beta

Paradox: the Novel

 by 2BeGames

Is it strange enough for you?

43.9% 3

7 Legends: Craft Adventure

 by Dazzle Rocks

Welcome to the fantastical world of 7 Legends! Explore, build and make friends!!

43.7% 0 Beta

The Eerie Inn

 by VDimension

The Eerie Inn is a mystery, puzzle-solving horror game.

43.7% 0



Let’s enjoy and get a lesson by Amazing Mission and Journey with FS21s

42.8% 4.4 Free

Rocky Superdog Adventures

 by Trackerteer

WIN $10,000!!

42.7% 5 Beta

Kakarot Warrior Mastered Ultrat Instinct 2

 by PieDieWorld

1 VS 1 final tournament battle of the limit breaker.

42% 4.55 Free

Coaster Town

 by Coaster Labs LLC

Build coasters and parkours with other people all over the world!

41.7% 0 Beta

The Legacy 2 (Full)


Release a prisoner from his ancient shackles!

41.4% 4.06

Colors of life

 by Pamaentertainment

The way you colorize

40.3% 0

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

 by Jam City, Inc.

Your Hogwarts letter has arrived! Explore, learn spells & more in a magical RPG!

39.9% Beta

This is RPG

 by Gamezol

this is rpg game, still in development feel free to try

39.9% 0 Beta

Lull Aby

 by Atomic horse

Platformer with unique gameplay. Place platforms to avoid obstacles.

39.7% 0 Beta

Steampunk Warrior

 by Daily Fun

Find your transformations and defeat the 12 bosses.

39.7% 0 Beta

The Adventures of HenryMcFang

 by Inner Child

A brave puppy, a hidden treasure and an Epic Adventure!

38.5% 0 Beta

Doodle Jump Galaxy

 by Lima Sky LLC

Experience an adventure in space and explore the galaxy like never before!

38.4% 0 Beta

Chotto Escape 009

 by かもの巣窟

This is an escape game that you can enjoy in a short time.

38.1% 4.52 Free


 by Kiuas Games

Physics-based platformer-adventure game with a healthy dose of puzzle solving

38% 0 Beta

Max Fantastic

 by Logic Engineers

An adventure game full of fun and puzzles.

38% 0

Upside Down Asylum

 by Selfdefiant

You were born to rid the world of evil. Tonight is when it all begins!

37.3% 0

The Secrets of Arabia Felix 2

 by Arabia Felix

Play, learn and have fun exploring our animated Yemen community

37.2% 4.54 Free

Hop Up

 by OHM Games

Drag... Release... and HOP! you are going UP!

37.1% 0 Beta

Love Cubed – AR

 by Big Immersive

A tale as old as time, a damsel in distress, a hero in the making.

37.1% 0

The Hog Rider PRO

 by Mab Planet

Enjoy the incredible adventures of Manolo and the Pig! Whithout ads

36.5% 4.6