Best new Android Adventure games!

What are the best new Android Adventure games?


 by Dynamic Zero

Explore, discover and survive in an action packed, open world RPG adventure!

100% 4.8

Watch Me Jump

 by Jeremy Gable

An different kind of basketball game. A story-driven tale told in four quarters.

92.3% 5

Honey Jump

 by Concepts Redefined

Help Jayce the Bee save his home colony “Beetopia “

77.2% 5

Hextus - Cardboard

 by Coeur LLC

Transport yourself to a quiet island forest meant just for you.

73.8% 5

Escape Lala - A Magical Point & Click Escape Room

 by Duckbear Lab

You wake up inside a magical cave, can you escape? A nostalgic adventure game <3

73.5% 4.76

Demon Tuner

 by Gravity Infosoft

Demon Tuner a new action game

73.3% 5

The Cross 3d horror game Full version

 by Next Generation Gaming

The Cross is the most Scary 3d horror game with creepy witch monster and ghosts

72.6% 4.63

Flitter Inc.

 by Dead Electron Studios

See what the world is saying.

71% 5

Hotel Transylvania Crazy Cruise

 by Biba Ventures

Island-hopping fun on the Playground!

69.5% 0

NeuroReal VR

 by VRience

A short 80's inspired retrofuturistic VR experience.

67.8% 5

Deep Space | Space-Platformer

 by Crescent Moon Games

Get ready for hardcore adventures in Deep Space!

61.8% 4.33

Fossil Hunters

 by Reptoid Games

A game about digging for fossils and building your own dinosaurs

60.2% 4.33


 by Plug in Digital

Magibot combines the principles of a platform game and those of a strategy game.

57.9% 0

57° North for Merge Cube

 by Mighty Coconut

an augmented reality (AR) Adventure Game set in the wilds of Alaska

57.9% 0


 by Apps by Charles Debczak

Traverse into the stars with the ultimate space exploration and adventure game!

56.8% 4

Tower Power - Cute Flick 'em Up Tower Defense

 by LemonChili Games

⭐ A kawaii flick em up shooter of epic proportions! ⭐

56.5% 0

Nicky - The Home alone Golf Ball

 by MinimalLab

A poor and home alone golf ball needs your help to find his home

54.3% 5

3D Classic Flappy Ball

 by JKSOL - Step To Forward

3D Flappy Ball is a new exciting journey of difficult and interesting mazes.

51.3% 4.96 Free

Blade Runner: Revelations

 by Alcon Interactive

Experience the world of Blade Runner in VR!

50.5% 4.65

Alto's Odyssey

 by Noodlecake Studios Inc

Discover the endless desert


ESCAPE - Secret of the Hidden Room: Collaborator

 by PuzzleSpace

a room escape adventure game that will touch your heart

47.1% 4.83 Free

Terasene - Tower defence & Novel game

 by SleepingMuseum

She is the girl becomes ash by sunlight, but you(the Sun) must defend her.

46.6% 4.74 Free


 by 3DA

Epic underworld adventure on various planets. Reunite the Minaur Nation!

46% 5

Wormster Dash

 by GAMELAB Zrt.

Fully hand-drawn runner game with hidden passages, deathly traps fantasy world.

45.2% 4.41 Beta

Dinosaur Rampage Simulator

 by NMistry

Dinosaur Rampage Simulator

44% 0

Hunter Lion Simulator

 by NMistry

Hunter Lion Simulator

44% 0

The balls world (Full)

 by camilo arcila

Test your skills by overcoming the challenges that arise at levels of the game.

44% 0

Steampunk Warrior

 by Daily Fun

Find your transformations and defeat the 12 bosses.

43.8% 0 Beta

Room Escape Game: The starry night and fireflies


Let's escape from the room by solving the mystery.

43.7% 4.26 Free

DERE EVIL EXE 🌖 Meta Horror Pixel Platformer

 by AppSir, Inc.

2D side-scrolling pixel art platformer meta horror game with 16-bit aesthetics

43.6% 4.83 Free

Lull Aby

 by Atomic horse

Platformer with unique gameplay. Place platforms to avoid obstacles.

43.5% 0 Beta

Coaster Town

 by Coaster Labs LLC

Build coasters and parkours with other people all over the world!

43.4% 0 Beta

Hop Up

 by OHM Games

Drag... Release... and HOP! you are going UP!

43.3% 0 Beta

Westland Survival

 by Helio ltd

Gather resources, build a shelter, hunt for bounty and discover gold, cowboy!

43.2% 4.17 Free

Ball's Adventure Pro

 by Antonio Mancuso

Guide your sphere between dangerous and enigmatic mazes

42.8% 0

7 Legends: Craft Adventure

 by Dazzle Rocks

Welcome to the fantastical world of 7 Legends! Explore, build and make friends!!

42.8% 0 Beta