Best new Android games and apps

What are the best Android games and apps right now?

Bendy in Nightmare Run

 by Joey Drew Studios / Arcade

An Action Packed Boss Runner

100% 4.8 Free

Dust and Salt: Battle for Murk Gamebook

 by Prime Games Bulgaria / Role Playing

The Battle for Murk Gamebook is a text adventure in which YOU ARE THE HERO!

100% 5

Fairy Knights

 by WID STUDIO / Role Playing

An Puzzle-RPG with unique characters and original battling system!

98.7% 4.66

Amethlion - open world RPG adventure!

 by Dynamic Zero / Adventure

Explore, discover and survive in an action packed, open world RPG adventure!

98.4% 4.66

One More Button

 by Tommy Søreide Kjær / Puzzle

A hand-drawn puzzle game where the buttons are part of the world itself.

96.4% 4.67

Hot Guns

 by Quantized Bit / Action

Your conventional methods of operation are "shoot first then shoot again!"

96% 5

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 by Neelam Bhanushali / Tools

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92.9% 4.71

Pixel Pie Icon Pack

 by JustNewDesigns / Personalization

Best Pixel Style Icon Pack Inspired by Pixel + Android Pie + Flat Material Color

90.3% 4.81

Duplicate File Remover(No Ads) - Duplicate Finder

 by WiFi Booster - WiFi Signal Booster / Tools

Duplicate File Remover & Finder help you Easily Find and Delete Duplicate Files!

88.6% 4.82

Discovering the Dinosaurs

 by Sidereal Ark / App

Play and learn facts about all dinosaurs from Jurassic Park and Jurassic World.

88% 4.74

Car Puzzler

 by Boris Zápotocký / Puzzle

Drag all cars to their destination in levels with varying game mechanics.

86.5% 5


 by Rock Path Collective / Puzzle

Turn-based logic game tuning the traditional Snake gameplay concept upside down!

86.5% 5


 by grapefrukt games / Arcade

A Ball Bouncer With Depth

85.2% 4.65


 by Parallel Studio / Adventure

A new poetic adventure in virtual reality

83.9% 4.5

Audit Assistant - Site Auditing, Snagging, Inspect

 by Saroj Vadekar / Productivity

Tools for tracking construction site fault, snagging, punch list.

81.5% 5

Royal Adviser

 by Happy Hobgoblin Oy / Strategy

Royal Adviser is a hotseat multiplayer court intrigue game.

81.3% 5

Return to Planet X

 by Butterflyware Studios / Action

Singleplayer first-person shooter with high-quality graphics.

81.1% 5

OneClock Pro

 by De Millennial / Lifestyle

Set multiple alarms with One click! (No Ads)

80.1% 4.83

Zed Shot

 by James Howard / Action

Fight to survive the onslaught of the zombie horde in ZED SHOT!

80.1% 5


 by Plug in Digital / Adventure

Magibot combines the principles of a platform game and those of a strategy game.

79.7% 5

Luca: The Dreamer

 by Creasaur / Adventure

A challenging puzzle platformer about a football called Luca.

79.5% 4.96

Gonimo Baby Monitor

 by Gonimo Software / App

Android version of the free web-based baby monitor on

79.4% 5

Quick Reminders - Notes In Your Notification Shade

 by LeeDrOiD / Productivity

A lightweight app to pin notes & reminders in your notification shade/pull-down.

79.3% 4.78

Dr. Splorchy Presents Space Heroes

 by Squanch Games / Adventure

You're a Space Hero. With the help of Dr. Splorchy you choose what happens next.

78.6% 4.62

Pic cam (The ultimate editor)

 by Universal developer / Photography

Pic cam is a photo beauty editor.. photo editor on mobile..

78.6% 5

57° North for Merge Cube

 by Mighty Coconut / Adventure

an augmented reality (AR) Adventure Game set in the wilds of Alaska

77.9% 5

Dream City Life: Urban Survival Edition

 by Inspire Games Nexus / Role Playing

Urban text-based role-playing game with life simulation gameplay.

77.4% 5

Blossom Pink Icon Pack

 by TH 2050 / Personalization

Newly launched!
Blossom Icon Pack - Pink colored icons for Android customization

77.3% 4.6

Intergalactic Zoo

 by RTK3 Games / Arcade

Plat-former where you try to save Mama animals to rescue the baby animals

77.2% 5

Secrets from the basement

 by Realidade Aumentada Apps / Entertainment

Watch this award-winning thriller full of romance and excitement

77.2% 5

Rollie Panda Hat Edition

 by NaCl Studios / Arcade

Overjoyed, Rollie celebrates his new hat by rolling down the hill

77.2% 5

Neat Weather

 by Diesel Puppet / Weather

Enjoy clear and simple design in the newest animated weather app.

77.2% 5

Wavy-Cool Icon Pack

 by Ignition Thoughts / Personalization

UNIQUE Texture,MODERN Design,CRISP look,VISUALLY appealing.

77.2% 5



Virtual visit to the theater of Cartagena to see it as it was 2000 years ago

77.2% 5

Imageen Merida VR - Museum


Virtual visit to the theater and amphitheater of Mérida to see them as they were

77.2% 5

Pixel Forest - Full Version

 by mindnaut games / Arcade

Get the scrolls and unravel the secrets of Pixel Forest!

77.2% 5