Best new Android Arcade games!

What are the best new Android Arcade games?

iJuggle Pro

 by Tsouchlos Brothers

iJuggle: The first true mobile Juggling game

80.3% 4.19

Protostar Drift

 by Off Target Studios

Join the race to stardom, on your own or against friends. No ads! No IAPs!

77.2% 5

Combat rush: Premium edition

 by CreptsyStudio

The mercenary squad ready for combat missions!

77.2% 5

Zombie Excidium

 by Dvuemedia

You have one life, no health packs, and countless zombies trying to kill you.

77.2% 5

Galaxy Punch

 by Tangential Orbits LLC

Galactic Slug-Fest

76.3% 4.94

Blood Basket

 by Bluewaterstudios

Arcade basket with simple touch controls and its all packed in only 18MB.

75.6% 5

Under Birds : flapping birds fly

 by Puman Studio

See how long you can help your bird fly in the Under Birds Arena. Get hooked now

74.1% 4.8

Pocket war 2K (early access)

 by XcompanyGames

Pocket war 2K is a top down shooter game

73.8% 5

Herobrine vs. Mob Craft PE (Paid)

 by Fraische Games

Parody mobile game where you can help Herobrine defeat Mobs!

73.3% 5

Frenzy Invasion

 by Herrera Games

Invaders are coming . . . .

73.3% 5

The Gym Nasty Boys: Tumble, Tim, Tumble!

 by eyethree

Tumble around as everyone's favorite raunchy wrestling duo - The Gym Nasty Boys!

73.3% 5

Comedy City De Pere Cat Attack

 by B. P. Schmidt

Comedy City De Pere app for Comedy Cares

73.3% 5


 by WordsOnPlay

The world's first Massively Single Player mobile space flight adventure!

73.3% 5

Snake of Spheres

 by Steven Kaminsky

A fast-paced, 3D variation of the classic Snake Game.

72.6% 5

Fake News WARS

 by thebradfordfile

Help President Trump defeat #FakeNews today!

71.6% 4.64

Physics Cats in Space

 by App Jar LLC

Explore the Solar System

70.6% 5

Golem Rage

 by OutBox Games

An indie crazy tale about a lovable Golem.. With bad puns and good punches!

62.4% 5

Mighty Strike Team

 by 502 Studios

You are all that stands between the insects and total annihilation!

61.8% 4



A pretty girl hardcore shooting action begins!
Warning! The game is difficult.

61.8% 4

Martian Crossing

 by Half Burnt Biscuits

Help the friendly Martians escape the Alien Invasion… During Rush Hour!

58.7% 4

Abduct Me

 by ClairvoyantGames

Abduct Me is a psychedelic arcade UFO game.

53.1% 4.88 Free

Super Fancy Pants Adventure

 by Kongregate

Run. Jump. Slide. Be Fancy!

52.9% 4.21

NEON Spaceships

 by Black Temple

Collect crystals in space, deviate and destroy dangerous asteroids and comets.

49.9% 4.8 Free

Helix Jump: Spiral Ball


Helix Jump: Spiral Ball is super simple to learn yet insanely addictive to play.

48.6% 4.51 Free

PowBall Renaissance

 by POW Games

Classic brick breaking retro action hard-core Breakout fans will love.

48.3% 5

Blitz Ball!

 by Titan Flight Studios, LLC.

Catch the ball as many times in a row as possible for a high score

46.3% 5 Beta


 by August Junkala

Be a professional dish washer!

46.3% 4.75 Beta

Asteroid Attack

 by Red Pill

Casual asteroids game with two game modes.

46.3% 0


 by Chasebur Studios

Play as a trash destroying trash can in this instant arcade classic!

46.3% 0

Christmas Breakout

 by Alexandr Krasnokutskiy

New Year's breakout and great music will immerse you into the holiday spirit

46.3% 0

Portal Drop

 by ArmNomads LLC

Portals are everywhere!

46% 4.4 Free

SEEDS - The Magic Garden

 by Znavit

SEEDS is a puzzle game where players grow magical plants – and save real trees

45.5% 4.28 Free

MYSTIC DUNGEON - Old School Pinball

 by Choloco

An Hardcore Old School Pinball

45.4% 0


 by doodleblue

Draw your way through obstacles with simple controls and immersive environment.

45.3% 4.9 Free

Snake Line Dancing

 by Yoomi

Welcome To Dancing Snake Line Game Music.

45.2% 4.64 Free


 by HERON Games

Train to get better, unlock gear and beat all your rivals, in BaseballOUT!

44.7% 4.33 Beta