Best new Android Arcade games!

What are the best new Android Arcade games?

Super Doggo Snack Time

 by Fiveamp

Less than 10% can score over 100. Can you be the top dog? 🐶

82% 4.69 Free

Intergalactic Zoo

 by RTK3 Games

Plat-former where you try to save Mama animals to rescue the baby animals

81.1% 5

iJuggle Pro

 by Tsouchlos Brothers

iJuggle, Only Better

77.2% 5

Spaceship Tilt

 by Leon Fook

Intense bullet-hell that have you fight against the rogue spaceship!

73.5% 5

Jerry the Polar Bear

 by Mike Lentini

Jerry the Polar Bear is a game about a polar bear by the name of Jerry.

70.6% 5

Vikings Treasure

 by FiveStar Apps

You are on a viking ship, destroy magic castles and seize the treasure!

65.8% 5

TV Games Cast

 by Mautilus,s.r.o.

The biggest Chromecast games portal.

65.5% 4.47


 by terarin

Vertical Scroll Shooting Game with Lock-on Missile

65.1% 4.33

Moon Games: Lunar Slalom

 by Inner Realm Studios

Fly, spin, and collect color altering orbs in this jet-pack fueled simulator!

61.1% 4.25

Cat Runner 2018

 by Deadly Goat Games LLC

Frisky felines pounce over pits in this retro style endless runner.

60.6% 5

Diggerman - Arcade Gold Mining Simulator

 by Digital Melody

Oldschool Retro Action Mining Simulator Full Of Treasures, Love And Money Digger

59% 4.84 Free

Mr Bean - Risky Ropes

 by Good Catch

Mr Bean is stuck up a cliff and needs your help to get to safety!

58.6% 4.58 Free

Explore Game Star

 by Kalite RimeS

Explore Game Star - Epxlore Your Limit

53.8% 5

Writer Simulator 2

 by Cat Games Studio

From an ordinary writer to a genuis businessman!

52.7% 4.6 Free

Donut Drop by ABCya

 by LLC

Donuts are falling from the sky and Molly and her friends need your help!

49% 5


 by Cubs Studio

Travel in space with your ship to go far !

47.6% 4.71 Beta

Rotten Escape

 by Idiocracy, Inc

Come help Little Tom and friends escape rotten death!

47.1% 5 Free

Volcano Tower

 by UglyCake Games

Climb the infinite volcano tower and fight your way through the dangers within!

46.9% 4.91 Beta

Angry Sonic Maze

 by Angry Ugandan Knuckles

Collect the rings and gems.

46.7% 4.5

Epic Skater 2

 by Your Daily Fill

Epic Skater is back! Go BIG and get Epic'r in Career & skate forever in Endless!

46.4% 4.88 Free

Clever AI: Arcade Universe

 by Clever AI

It will be an arcade space shooter with more intensity on AI related fights.

45.1% 0 Beta

Cake Roasting Mania PRO(No Ads)


Cake Roasting Mania is an addicting match 3 puzzle game.

44.8% 3.67

Super Mega Death Tank


The Ultimate Weapon of Destruction!

44.6% 4.67 Beta

Carpool Chaos

 by PhonePhreak Software

Guide your cars through the street maze in order to pick up the people in time!

44.2% 0 Beta

Hyper Thunder Run 198X

 by MassDiGI Games

An Endless Runner set in an Over-The-Top 80's Action Sci-Fi.

43.9% 5 Beta

The Last Galaxy (NO ADS)

 by nmnsud

Enjoy The Last Galaxy's Explosive Action WITHOUT ADS!

43.3% 0

Loony Tanks

 by Wooden Sword Games

Loony Tanks is a new cool survival tank battle.

43.2% 3.75 Beta


 by HERON Games

Train to get better, unlock gear and beat all your rivals, in BaseballOUT!

42.7% 4.44 Beta


 by Eremes Games

Travel in your spaceship through hyperspace at the Lightspeed.

42.7% 0 Beta

ROLLOBLOX : The Action Puzzle!

 by Mechanical Spiders

Challenging physical puzzle! There is no time to think - BUT YOU HAVE TO! Uh-oh!

42.6% 0

Bubble Bob

 by CIMAD games

80's Retro Platform bubble shooter game

41.8% 0 Beta

Discovery: Shark Strike

 by Discovery Communications

Take a bite out of summer with the first official Discovery Shark Week app!

41.3% 5


 by Crescent Moon Games

Fight against axe throwing knights, rogues and warriors on the battleground!

39.4% 4.68 Free

Cosmo Bounce - The craziest space rush ever!

 by WHAT (games)

Join the competition! With your jetpack, bounce into space as far as you can!

39.3% 4.42 Beta

The Epic Ancher

 by Diamond Dog

Shoot the birds and set highscores!

39.3% 0

Space Frontier 2

 by Ketchapp

Colonize the Galaxy!

39% 4.61 Free