Best new Android Brain games!

What are the best new Android Brain games?

Raining Colors - Addicting Color Switch Game

 by DADA games

Raining Colors - Color Switch Game

12.2% 5 Free


 by CRYsoft Development

Help Pauly to get rid the mess of his room before his mother Loretta comes home, but be careful beca ...

12.2% 5 Free

Загадки для малышей

 by ArsAnimaGames

Educational puzzle with the voice acting. Find hidden answer on the screen! Early access.

12.2% 0

Midnight Delivery

 by Not Even Entertainment

During a cold, snowy winter night, it is your job to figure out how to get a wooden crate to its pic ...

12.2% 3.8 Free

Math Karts Racing Pro

 by POTG Apps

Race to win and learn basic math skills! Tune your brain for math performance!

12.2% 0

Galaxy Crush

 by CB2 Game Company

Galaxy Crush is completely free to play

12.2% 5 Free

Fold & Cut

 by EksiKalori

Make folds like real paper and cut when you’re ready to match to the target shape. Challenge part is ...

12.2% 4.4

Frozen Tic Tac Toe

 by Baca Baca Games

Frozen Tic Tac Toe is very simple free casual game. Download Frozen Tic Tac Toe to start having fun ...

12.2% 4.4 Free

Parcheesi - Star Board Game

 by Bitx Games

Parcheesi ! The Mother of Ludo

12.2% 4.3 Free

Christmas Games for Kids

 by Weather Forecast Radar Channel

Christmas Games for Kids

12.2% 5 Free

Number Puzzle Classic

 by Binary Ray Games

Classic game where we should accommodate the numbers in ascending order to win the round.Compete aga ...

12.2% 4.3 Free

Jewels Challenge – Swipe Game

 by IT One

Looking for a challenging and a simple game? Take the “Jewels Challenge – Swipe Game” now. This simp ...

12.2% 3.9 Free

Unbeatable 2D Game

 by SRL Develop

Unbeatable 2D Game is an endless and enjoyable arcade game. There is a unbeatable circle and a ball, ...

12.2% 0 Free

Kids Animal Jigsaw Puzzles

 by Espace Software

Complete jigsaw puzzles while learning about wild animals, farm animals and identifying the sounds t ...

12.2% 3.7 Free

Fishing Color Sea

 by Kids, memory training, puzzles, and casual games.

Fishing Color Sea - free game about fishing at sea

12.2% 4.1 Free

Mentalism Mind Reader

 by Prismatecs Web Solutions

Mentalism Mind Reader is a fun application with five dynamic mind reading games. The application is ...

12.2% 4.1 Free

Family Fun Coloring Pages: 2017 New

 by Color Book Master & painting and drawing

Open a happy tour of coloring with family coloring pages. Enjoy family fun!

12.2% 3.7 Free

Dots and Boxes - Classic Squares


Hurray! its for you and your kids. Play and Rate Us!

12.2% 4.2 Free

Hidden Objects Frozen Winter

 by Best Free Hidden Object Mystery Games

When everything is frozen in winters it is ideal time for playing hidden object games. This is a poi ...

12.2% 3.6 Free

Match Breakfast Kitchen

 by Volatile Ant

Match Breakfast Kitchen is as beautiful puzzle solving match game designed to help kids and improvin ...

12.2% 4.2 Free

Kids ABC and Counting Puzzles

 by Espace Software

Complete jigsaw puzzles of cute cartoon pictures while learning the English alphabet and counting. N ...

12.2% 3.7 Free

Sorting Baby Blocks

 by iPrado

This is a fun, educational learning game for toddlers. Little boys and girls will define on which sh ...

12.2% 4.6 Free


 by A12

Game Programming Logic and Language - Devotees Mirins

12.2% 4.3 Free

Princess Agnes Preschool Games

 by Magic Bit

Join Princess Agnes and her friends, as they play and practice basic skills on a fantasy scenario. ...

12.2% 4.6 Free

Larry's Fun Pack


Larry's Fun Pack is fun for all the family and is part of the 'Larry the London Bus and Friends' bra ...

12.2% 0

Kody Kapow Village Defender

 by NBCUniversal Media, LLC

Help Kody save the Village Lantern Festival in this digital board game.

12.2% 4.4 Free

Piggy Game: Kids - FREE!

 by EpicGameApps

If you and your kids like pretty pigs then the Piggy Game: Kids - FREE! is just right for you! See t ...

12.2% 4.5 Free

Frozen Chicken Scream

 by Bitx Games

Blow mouth wistle to Handle frozen chiken

12.2% 3.7 Free


 by SeableApps

Simple dice to use on any occasion! You can use 1 or 2 dice, and your phone tells you the result. Sh ...

12.2% 5 Free

Educational Puzzle for Kids - Free

 by Bigwalt Games

Best, easy, fun & learning for children & toddlers with educational puzzle tools

12.2% 0 Free

Bubble Giant

 by Bubble Shooter Games by Ilyon

Play and Enjoy the Bubble Shooting Fairy Tale.

12.2% 4.5 Free

Kids Coloring Painting Pages

 by HDuo Fun Games

Amazing kids coloring book full of paint joyGreat doodle buddy for your babies

12.2% 4.4 Free

Unite: squares puzzle (ELITE)

 by MicroLink

Unite puzzle bring you amazing feeling with simple and bright design. There are four squares with di ...

12.2% 4.6

Animal Zoo - Free Toddler Apps

 by Jochen Heizmann

"Animal Zoo Puzzle" is a fun puzzle game intended for kids between ages 2 and 6. "Animal Zoo Puzzle" ...

12.2% 3.8 Free

Baby Panda Learns Pairs

 by BabyBus Kids Games

Let's increase observational ability, and improve logical thinking skills!

12.2% 4.5 Free

Circular Logic

 by Gecko Design Group

Circular Logic is a fun and exciting puzzle game for all ages. The object is simple - align the gear ...

12.2% 4.9