Best new Android Brain games!

What are the best new Android Brain games?

The Christmas Spirit - 3D book

 by AIA Media

Fabulous Christmas tale with a full 3D interactive pop-up book to play and read.

1% 5


 by InsGames

MATCHINE, from the creators of AntiSquad Tactics!Move around and join up similar elements. How long ...

1% 5

Brainstorm - a party game

 by Sly Trunk

Keep the party going after the big game with Brainstorm. You've played the "one note" party games; n ...

1% 5

Duddels Trump

 by WFP-Audio-Video-Productions

Here they are again! The Duddels! And this time, they reshuffled the cards! There are 32 cards in to ...

1% 5

Jelly Chef

 by Double Dare Games

Help the Chef push all the jello onto the plates. There’s 200+ levels to try!

1% 5

Color Move: Logic Puzzle

 by The Digital Spell (ES)

Discover an authentic design accompanied by a peaceful and stunning environment. Are you ready to co ...

0.9% 4.9

The Maze %SALE%

 by Dan+Jess Apps

The Maze Ball Game on % Sale % for a limited time! No Ads! No In-App purchases! Can you find the exi ...

0.9% 5

Bingo Kids

 by Peter Gravell

Kids aged 2 to 10 or even older will enjoy playing these bingo games and learning with you - the onl ...

0.9% 5

Popup Pairs

 by Code Dads

Popup Pairs is a delightful memory game specially designed for young kids, featuring cute popup char ...

0.9% 5

Find My Home : Incentive

 by App Hub 365

Find My Home : Incentive is the first of its series and a state of the art 2D cinematic game designe ...

0.9% 5


 by Way Wicked Apps

The newest, best app in a new genre of leisure games! ** Special introductory pricing! Includes all ...

0.9% 5

The PiedPiper by StackingBooks

 by Stacking Books

Welcome to The Pied Piper App – A Timeless Folk Lore! Brought to you by Stacking Books. Our Pied Pip ...

0.9% 5

Nelly Fairy: Minigames

 by KORION Games

This games collection continues the fun with the little fairy

0.9% 5

Otto's Toy Chest

 by XdebugX

Otto's moved to a new house and the movers didn't do a very good job! Otto's toys have fallen apart ...

0.9% 5

Masha`s Puzzle Game Pro

 by KB Pro

Pro version: • Masha helper and Rabbit helper available at start • Every new puzzle opens as soon as ...

0.9% 5

Funny Forest Family - Kids 3+


Visit us on Facebook If you live in a forest, you’re always bu ...

0.9% 4.8

Puzzles on the farm (full)

 by ANGames

Develop logic and intelligence along with ten of our funny animals! GAME FEATURES: . - Simple operat ...

0.9% 5

Child Learn Numbers & Time HD


Learning Counting & Time - a game from the Kind Friends series. More than 10 mini-games will teach y ...

0.9% 5

Child Learns Colors + Drawing


Child learns colors & drawing - a game from the Kind Friends series. A set of educational games for ...

0.9% 4.9

Kygu Animal Puzzle

 by Kyguworks

Kygu Animal Puzzle is a game designed for toddlers. It contains the sound of each animal that can be ...

0.9% 4.7

Mammoth Gravity Battles

 by Mammoth Thoughts

Gravity wars in 3D -Turn-based strategy/physics game about mammoth wars in space

0.8% 4.4

Roxie's Puzzle Adventure

 by OCG Studios

Finally the beautiful illustrations of Roxie Munro playable as a jigsaw puzzle. The amazing artwork ...

0.8% 4.5

Sudoku for Kids

 by Hedgehog Academy

In the Sudoku game (more precisely, the "Latin square" game) you need to drag the correct objects in ...

0.8% 4.9

Well-fed farm. Winter (full)

 by ANGames

Exciting educational game for kids from 3 to 6 years! - Develops logic and ingenuity! - A child lear ...

0.8% 4.7

Learn ABC (English for Kids)

 by Upfront Applications

Teach your kids to speak and understand English by downloading “Learn ABC (English for Kids)”.Learn ...

0.8% 5

Learn 123 (Numbers for Kids)

 by Upfront Applications

Teach your kids to speak and understand Numbers in English by downloading “Learn 123 (Numbers for Ki ...

0.8% 5


 by Acetone Designs

StackO - A Scrabble-like Word Game of Skill, Strategy and Speed StackO is a unique, smooth, quirky, ...

0.8% 4 Free

Evolution Planet Gold Edition

 by Play Wireless

An adventure with dinosaurs that is at the same time a brain teaser, a strategy and puzzle game in w ...

0.8% 4.7

Kids Peg Puzzle Pro

 by App Family

The App Family is proud to introduce the PRO version of "Peg Puzzle", bringing you laughter and fun ...

0.8% 4.2

Well-fed farm 2 (full version)

 by ANGames

Our exciting educational game with funny animals and their babies: - Expand your child's representat ...

0.8% 4.6

Unite: squares puzzle (ELITE)

 by MicroLink

Unite puzzle bring you amazing feeling with simple and bright design. There are four squares with di ...

0.8% 4.6

Well-fed farm (full)

 by ANGames

Exciting educational game for kids from 3 to 6 years! - Develops logic and ingenuity! - A child lear ...

0.7% 4.1

Baby Farm NoAds

 by BlackDevelopers

-- Special version of "Baby Farm" with no advertisements at all -- Train your memory every day with ...

0.7% 5

Baby Where Is - NoAds

 by BlackDevelopers

Babies know a lot more than the words they can say! You will see it with this simple game. The game ...

0.7% 5

Quiz of the World 2

 by Jason Sidwell

A multiple-choice quiz in English to test and strengthen your global knowledge. Answer questions on ...

0.7% 4.5

Supermarket Scramble

 by Rebel Box LLC

Join Samantha on her quest to create the perfect grocery shopping experience. As an aspiring manager ...

0.7% 4