Best new Android Business apps!

What are the best new Android Business apps?


 by Len Heard

Feedlot app to plan feed sessions, calculate feed mixes and optimize delivery

44.8% NaN

Action-Packed Marketing

 by Inspired 2 Design, LLC

Action-Packed Marketing is a very powerful Marketing tool for any small business

44% NaN

Shopify Winning Products

 by MadVenture Studio

Only for the USA based Shopify dropshipping business.

44% NaN

3dCart DB SQL Client

 by cmcSoftware

Connect directly to your 3dCart database from your smartphone or tablet.

44% NaN

Employee Time Clock

 by cmcSoftware

Employee Time Clock is intended to replace a physical time clock and paper time.

44% NaN

Salary Withholding Calculator

 by AutoFax

Calculate paycheck withholdings for small business,self-employed and contractors

44% NaN

RAP Value

 by Dipen Shah

Get the RAP price of Diamond along with you in your pocket. Anywhere. Anytime.

44% NaN

Limited Company Accounts

 by Academy of Practical Accounts

Point of Sale, Cash Register, Stock Taking & Management, Wages, Profit & Loss

44% NaN

Auphan Scheduler

 by Auphan Software

View your schedule, book time off, trade shifts and send messages.

44% NaN

Life By The Drop

 by Life By The Drop

Ditch the price-per-drop spreadsheets & simplify calculating your YL oil costs.

43.5% NaN


 by policedeveloper

Boot / Shutdown your device when connected to power

41.6% NaN

Lone Worker SAFETY | SmartWatch or SmartPhone

 by ConnectUs Life Pty Ltd

PATENT PENDING SmartWatch/Phone FALL DETECTION for Lone Workers with GPS.

41.4% NaN

I am Rich Really

 by Ngô Huỳnh Ngọc Khánh

If you buy this app. You are the richest man ever!

40.2% NaN

iPay Merchant

 by iPay Limited

iPay Merchant is a revolution in digital payments for iPayafrica Merchants.

39.1% NaN Beta

MICHELIN Track Connect

 by Manufacture Française des Pneumatiques Michelin

MICHELIN Track Connect is coachin you before, during and a driving session

38.3% NaN Beta

KW Control Panel

 by Real Estate Platform

KW Control Panel Agent Mobile App

37.9% NaN


 by Evgheni Obrucicov

Remote monitoring alarm app for iLandGuard remote security

37.8% NaN Beta


 by CreativeSphereStudios

Your General Santos City Online and Mobile Guide

37.7% NaN Beta

Swishex Point of Sale

 by Tesark Tech

Swishex Point of sale is a best order management app for Restaurant and Retail

37.5% NaN Beta

Appraiser Dashboard

 by VonExpy Softech LLC

Appraiser Dashboard is a cloud based real estate appraisal management software.

37.4% NaN

Doc Scanner App


Doc Scanner App Pro - The little app that scans everything

37.4% NaN

 by Discus Business Solutions is an document management system.

37% NaN Beta

Company Seals

 by Kalees

Creates digital Company Seals.User can stamp the seal on pdf and save it.

36.9% NaN


 by Discus Business Solutions

kriya is one complete business process management(BPM)

36.8% NaN Beta


 by Imaginnovate

Exapption is a mobile commerce platform for exceptional customer experience.

36.7% NaN Beta



An application for managing raw material delivery.

36.7% NaN Beta

Odin Live

 by Discus Business Solutions

This application is currently available for the Beta environment.

36.7% NaN Beta


 by OMICRON electronics GmbH

Primary Test Manager Companion

36.7% NaN Beta

National Edging

 by Seth Jones

National Edging is the largest suppliers of all Edgebanding material.

36.6% NaN Beta

Invoice Maker - Invoice and Estimate PRO

 by Rishi Kapoor

Invoice and estimate generator is an app for creating invoices and estimates.

36.4% NaN

Lotto Winner for South Africa (SA) Powerball

 by Spataru Dragos George

Two-dimensional and Even/Odd numbers generator!

36.2% NaN

iDrive Mileage

 by NextWave Mobile Apps Ltd

Track your mileage for tax deductions and expense reports!

36% NaN Beta

API 510 Full Exams

 by HarryApps.1984

This is mobile app that help people to practice prior to taking API 510 Exam

36% NaN


 by Unlitech Solutions

Unified Products &Services provides eLoading,BillsPayment & Remittance Services.

35.9% NaN Beta

Initial Response

 by The Response Group, Inc.

Initial Response enhances the sharing of critical information.

35.9% NaN Beta

Excitel Heroes


Workflow management application

35.6% NaN Beta