Best new Android Card games!

What are the best new Android Card games?


 by FeST Application

Entertaining card game

73.3% 5

Klondike Solitaire

 by coppercod

Klondike Solitaire is the world's favorite classic solitaire game!

71.1% 5

Five Hundred (500)

 by Jackson Sargeant

The classic 500 card game. Play against the computer or against your friends!

66.3% 5

MARVEL Battle Lines

 by NEXON Company

Battle with over 100 Marvel Super Heroes and Villains to save the universe!

65.9% NaN

The Horus Heresy: Legions – TCG card battle game

 by Everguild Ltd.

Epic strategy card game in Warhammer 40,000 universe. Online PvP card battle TCG

52.2% 0 Beta


 by Skytree Digital Limited

《Trillionia》is a brand new multiplayer card and table combined strategy game.

44.5% NaN

CCStudPoker - Cowboy Cardsharks Stud Poker Games

 by Useful Software, Inc.

Five Card Stud, Seven Card Stud, Murder!, Canadian Stud/Soko, 1-3-1

44% 0

Freedom or union

 by NR Studio

Collectible-card game about the events of the Civil War in the USA 1861-1865.

44% 0

Real Stack Manager

 by MallaPGV85

To play poker when you have friends,cards but chips are missing.

44% 0

game of chaloupe

 by jmr

game of chaloupe ^^

43.6% 0

FreeCell Pro+

 by Crazy Game Developer

FreeCell Pro No-Ads is classic solitaire free card game on mobility device!

43.6% 0

Spider Solitaire Pro+

 by Crazy Game Developer

Spider Solitaire Pro is #1 classic spider solitaire of free klondike card game!

43.6% 0

Valor Arena 2 - Card Battle from League of Legends

 by sugart

Super easy to play but hard to master epic League of Legends Card Battle Game

43.1% 4.04 Beta

Big 2 Offline - Chinese Poker


Big Two Offline - Play Big 2 Chinese Poker without the Internet Connection.

41.2% 4.27 Beta


 by gLab - Funny games lab

Fantastic cards game for your brain!

40.5% 4.86


 by Joshua Balfour

The Puzzle Game

40.1% 0 Beta


 by flappydevs

The most popular Solitaire card game in the world.

38.9% 0 Beta

House Of Cards

 by Reactive Force Games, LLC

Build a house of cards without the wind knocking it down! Save and publish too!

38.6% 5

Bridge Diary

 by Blue Starships

Bridge Bidding Box tracking vulnerability & dealer. Score and save hands.

37.8% 5

Latest Texas Hold'em

 by ZuoBox

Texas hold 'em is a variation of the card game of poker.

37.6% 0 Beta


 by Whyphy Games

Fun and Challenging Spades Card Game!

37.5% 4.51 Free

Spades (No Ads:)

 by tencardgame

Spades with challenging AI players, settings, unlockables, and statistics!

37.1% 0

Super Solitaire 2018 (No Ads)


Guesture Control, Random beautifull game background and cards. No Ads

36.9% 0

Gin Rummy Gold

 by Games and Applications

Score Big with Gin Bonus Big Gin and Undercut while knocking with deadwood point

36.9% 4.68 Free

Kings Cup - Prison Poker

 by Red Bat

Are you thirsty enough to complete a round of Prison Poker?

36.7% 5

Minhato Pro

 by Randy L Pearson

Play against other people anywhere in the world.

36.7% 5

My Bridge Score

 by Lance Clifford


36.7% 5

Pairs (Paid)

 by MancWeb Design

Simple to play memory game

36.7% 5


 by Bolt S/W

Have fun while drinking any kind of drinks.Whoever gives up first is GRIPSIFIED!

36.7% 5


 by Super Free Games.

Best FREE CLASSIC SOLITAIRE (or Klondike Solitaire / Patience) game on Android!

36.7% 4.47 Free

Solitaire - Space Baby

 by Xu Solitaire Games

Play classic solitaire game for free!

36.2% 4.68 Free

Solitaire Baby

 by Xu Solitaire Games

Solitaire-Train your brain with the fun & challenging classic card game!

36.2% 4.72 Free

Hearts Magic - Hearts Game App 2018 New and Latest

 by Mad Games Boyz

Hearts Magic - The Best App for Hearts Card Game

35.5% 5 Free

Adecke - Free card games

 by Philippe Pelchat

Cribbage, Military Whist, Bull, President, Hockey, Speed

35.2% 5 Free


 by Lucard, LLC

Play Snarples! Snarples is a classic card game popular among ice hockey players.

34.8% 5

Spellbound: Solitaire Realms 2

 by Coldwired Games Limited

A magical journey of Solitaire & Spells!

34.6% 4.71 Free