Best new Android Casual games!

What are the best new Android Casual games?

Cat in the Woods VIP


Defence game with lovely characters!

53.6% NaN

HELP: Matching Games with Fun Puzzle Gameplay

 by PlayStack

Play puzzle games for charity! Meet Rupert the Elephant & other fun indie games

52.5% NaN

Gold Miner Vegas: Nostalgic Arcade Game


Premium version, you can play offline. Already top-up 2500 Ruby ~ Discount 5$

50.7% NaN

HexPair - Spot and match in time

 by MythicOwl

Find the pairs quickly and boost your brain - eye association!

47.6% NaN

Brain App - Daily Brain Training

 by Chris Mayer

Daily Brain Training - What's your Brain App IQ?

47.3% NaN

In or Out

 by Humais Studio

In or Out is about saving Cakes, Cups & Jellies in Bakery, Jelly House & other.

46.3% NaN

Baby's Magical Stars

 by Acceleroto

Peace & quiet! If your baby is learning to touch and play, this app is for you!

46.3% NaN

TANK TRAINER (VIP) - Casual Zombie Hunting Game


Full tank unit Training game. Fight the enemies!

46.3% NaN


 by Major Frank

Deliver the passengers and climb the tower! Can you get to the top?

46.3% NaN

Confused Christmas 2

 by Evolutionary Games

Hidden Object and Puzzle Game

46.3% NaN

Arduino Train Junior Lite

 by Steve Massikker

Arduino Junior Train™ Lite App train control system for your model railway

46.2% NaN

Cake Assembly Plant

 by Evolutionary Games

Assemble the cakes in this time management game

46.1% NaN

Sheepy Run - NO ADS

 by MeowingMammoth

You are a cute sheep trying to run away from scissors.

45.9% NaN

Babblarna Party

 by Hatten Education AB

Help the Babblarna friends to arrange a birthday party!

44% NaN

Baby Eggs

 by Democrat Entertainment

Baby Eggs is fun to play casual game where you have to prevent eggs from falling

44% NaN



Delivery packages and travel around world. Motion control.

44% NaN

Spooky Marbles

 by Jeeko

Fun bubble shooter with a Halloween theme

44% NaN

Skyscraper Caper

 by SGG

Build the tallest skyscraper in the world to reach the moon!

43.8% NaN

Jack Mallor MFBI

 by BadChuckGames

A Halloween themed match three game with spooky music & 100 levels of game play

42.6% NaN

Fruit Bubble Shooter 2019

 by Brightmoon Entertainments

Bubble Shooting Game - Paid Game On FREE SALE

41.6% NaN

Jewels Classic Pro 2019

 by Brightmoon Entertainments

Jewels Match 3 game, crush all the jewels in this jewels match 3 quest adventure

41.6% NaN

Cow Life - Animal Simulator

 by Mason Macbeth

Cow Life - Animal Simulator brings the Most Amazing, Action Packed Survival!

41.2% NaN

Jump Red World

 by Corenow UST Mobile

Race forever in a red world!

40.7% NaN

Let's count the blocks IQ brain game Kanno Nawoki


When counting, inputting correct answer will proceed to the next problem.

38.9% NaN

Grow Spaceship VIP - Galaxy Battle

 by PixelStar Games

Build the best fleet by craft battleship and turrets
Idle Shooting game

38.7% NaN

Pizza Toppings Drop

 by Evolutionary Games

Tap the pizza when the correct topping is over it.

38.5% NaN

Howl of the Boomerang

 by Edgeless Games Limited

Catch the rabbits with the boomerang.

38.4% NaN

Jewellust Platinum: match 3 SALE!

 by Smartpix Games

Go on a mysterious andventure to the crystal chime of jewels!

37.6% NaN

Devilry Huntress HD

 by Smartpix Games

Stylish and funny Halloween-style match 3 game with online score tables

37.6% NaN

Escape Dream:Ten degrees space


You get stuck in a dream and need to get away from it with a quick reaction.

37.4% NaN


 by ImanGame

A very fun game that should help the playful boy collect more stars.

37.4% NaN

Grow Zombie VIP - Merge Zombies

 by PixelStar Games

Become a Zombie Inc
Combine zombies and make zombie corps
Conquer infector!

37% NaN

Charge'Em Pro

 by Dino Studio's 123

Dodge different obstacles with the touch of a finger on the screen

36% NaN

AR Smart Creatures

 by Industrial Illusion Tech

Augmented Reality Game in which you can control creatures by your Voice

35.2% NaN

Crypto Warz - Become a Bitcoin Billionaire

 by SlapDat LLC

Bitcoin for beginners and pros alike! This bitcoin game is fun for all.

33.9% NaN Beta

Samurai&Ninja Smash! Katana,Throwing star games

 by H.Oda

You bounce a family crest and this is a game to smash a Samurai, a Ninja.

33.2% NaN