Best new Android Casual games!

What are the best new Android Casual games?

Only When Howling

 by Kim Savory

An interactive art experience!

95% 5

Feel Sex Appeal


Renew, and get out of the rut with the new game with more than 50 types of cards

73.3% 5

2048 Building Breaker

 by Devil & Angel Studio

Classic 2048 Puzzle Game + Building Breaker!

73.3% 5

Donate me your money

 by King Software

This is a test 80 character description of exactly 80 characters to upload to th

73.3% 5

Dream Walker

 by Playlab

Guide Anna through fantastic dream world in this slow paced puzzle runner game.

64.2% 4.33 Beta

Ditching Work2 -room escape game

 by 株式会社ワークス

I'm not done ditching work yet!

59.6% 4.78 Free

Pandarama: The Lost Toys

 by TeslaGames

Help the Brave panda Get His Favorite toys Back!

50.5% 3.17

Hatch Cloud Gaming: Free Premium Games on Demand

 by Hatch Entertainment Ltd

Free Cloud Gaming on Demand: Play Action, RPG, Strategy, Racing & Puzzle Games

46.7% 5 Beta

Careless Carts

 by Pulse Games

Deliver our three adorable characters safely by cable cart

46.3% 5 Beta

Crypto Warz - A Bitcoin Trading Game

 by SlapDat LLC

Avoid the fake news and hackers to make Bitcoin profit & earn the high score!

46.3% 0 Beta

Augmented Reality Egg Hunt

 by GeisterGlow

Hide & find the Easter Eggs in Augmented Reality!

45.9% 0

Hide And Seek

 by GeisterGlow

Hide and seek in Augmented Reality!

45.9% 0

Wrestle Tiger

 by Ricetime

A wrestling game with Tiger! Exercise your own luck and skill!

44.9% 5 Free

Freebird with Flapping Wings – Fun Arcade Game

 by Fete Apps

Help the fluffy bird evade aggressive flying birds that try to take him down!

44% 5 Beta

Break Wall 8bit

 by Asylum Bound Games LLC

Break Wall is a fun ball and paddle game with a retro feel.

44% 0

Bring me UP !

 by CroEntertainment

Try and make it to the top!

44% 5 Beta

Penguin Pachinko

 by Spheroid Studio

Win BIG in this cute, modern, mobile friendly twist on the Japanese classic!

44% 0 Beta

NETTWORTH: Life Simulation Game

 by Gameka

Build the life you want in this life simulator!

44% 0 Beta

Edge Escape

 by LostVision

Hang on the wall and make so many zigzag as possible! How far are you?

44% 0


 by TRIZ Studio

Run, jump and Say "Yaaap!"

44% 0

Rock Paper Scissors AI

 by A. Spens

Play Rock Paper Scissors against an ever evolving algorithm

43.9% 0 Beta

Russian Roulette Advanced

 by TheWallGames

Luck 'n’ load, who’s the luckiest? Play with friends this roulette ruled by Tom!

43.9% 0 Beta

My Dream Empire

 by Weyn LLC

Navigate daily life struggles to build your DREAM EMPIRE Play MY DREAM EMPIRE

43.9% 0 Beta

Gravity Shots

 by Funonium

Use gravity to your advantage to shoot down incoming orbs.

43.7% 5 Beta

Mine Jewels

 by AID Studio™

Classic Match3 games in Google Play.

43.1% 0

Wild Fishing

 by Creation Game Studio

🐟 Wild fishing is a brand new 3D fishing simulation game!

42.1% 4.53 Free

Troll Patrol

 by Philippe Schober

Stand your Ground - Repel the Invaders - Defeat the Heroes

42.1% 0 Beta

Bounce & Roll

 by Mint Arcade

Turn left and right, don't let the ball to leave inner circle

41.6% 0 Beta


 by practicing01

Casual, mini RTS.

41.1% 0

Farm Harvest Pop

 by LET'S FUN - publisher of match 3 puzzle game

Farm Harvest Pop is a latest bubble shooter game. Let's play causal bubble game!

40.8% 0 Beta

Just Skate

 by Canvas Games

Choose your favorite Justin Bieber and just skate!

39.7% 4.93 Free

Clover Sense

 by Nutech Apps

Increase your luck by finding four-leaf clovers. Trust your Clover Sense!

38.6% 5

A Round of Zolf

 by Bearshotgun Software Ltd

De-limb zombies as you golf the way it was intended. With zombies. And grenades.

38.6% 5

The Lumees

 by Preanima Ltd


38.6% 5

Arcade Math Game Pro


Challenge your friends to perform simple calculations with the best arcade style

38.6% 5

Sword Man - Monster Hunter

 by GMS Adventure

Sword Man - Monster Hunter is the most addictive 2D side-scrolling RPG

38.3% 0 Beta